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255 My missing smart home connection
In work, not yet any proper place in a row below

253 My audio automatic gain control sw driver (AGC) notes – Is a little about the Beep-BRR2 in general, and how I implemented AGC on the mic input, in order to try to “hear” better through a closed door
151 My single-board boards and why notes – Update Mar2024: Efficient Computer Corp. || Older stuff: Corp.xCORE-200 explorer board end-of-life. “xCore ai.evaluation kit” is available. Photo: my aquarium controller (2017) has run flawlessly since then, with an older XMOS processor (*)
194 My FPGA notes – Clash (HDL). Tiny Tapeout (TinyTapeout) FPGA → ASIC
1983 1988 Trademark occam and occam 2 INMOS Limited 249 occam programming language – the “proto occam” 1983 book scanned again and now the PDF is also searchable
248 Notes from the vault 0x06 – The lives of a Wang 700 calculator
243 My MEMS microphones notes etc. – (09Jan2024: Stack Exchange DSP). What is a 5th order sigma-delta (Σ‑Δ) modulator? Plus stuff about sw library or libraries (***)
250 XCHANs: Notes on a New Channel Type (some additions and a brushing up of the CPA 2012 article reference. Also some from CPA 2013)
065 IEC 61508 and programming paradigms – PX5 RTOS mentioned
221 C plus lib_xcore black-boxes xC – XTA to reappear? Lingua Franca mentioned (***)
222 My XMOS XTC Tools notepad – XC is still supported!  (***)
241 XMOS xcore RISC-V – Samples by the end of 2023! (***)
190 My Zephyr RTOS notes (**) (VirtuosoNext)
246 My Pokit scope(s) (**)
219 My Beep-BRRR notes – 22Oct2022 Beep-BRRR blogging (not complete) hiatus – but still some log & movies and testing prototype in the field – and the occasional trivial edit in the base note (***)
169 My subwoofer notes – A DALI subwoofer with hum – removed (***)
228 Δ tillegg til norsk ultralydhistorie – “Δ addition to Norwegian ultrasound history”. In Norwegian: auto-translated to English. Nytt: “Nyere forskning” (**)
100A scope to fulfill – Pokit added (**)
141 xC is C plus x – xTIMEcomposer libraries even if xC is obsoleted. (Therefore the photo’s url goes to that beautful code, taken from the note) (***)
235 My Lisbon tram 28 diorama (*) (New: “Aside: a tram kit from Rolife”)
201My Krokis notes – About SBB Ce 6/8 II and Ce 6/8 III “Crocodile” locomotives. Jan2024 Dead Man’s Switch on 55683. Dec2023 Märklin 1936 prototype mentioned (***)
229 My Fine Models E71 scale 1 – Nice printout on A4 of base of driver. I caused a vertical bar to fall off, but fixed it (**)
208 My processor-to-analogue audio equaliser notes Now bass/treble etc. per input channel
203 SBB Historic: Schaltplan: two circuit diagrams of the Ce 6/8 III crocodile – Ref. [36]
 237 Office desk, shelves and folding doors – Kontorpult, hyller og foldedører (***)
247 My Lego 12077 crocodile notes ()
239 Fully charging hearing aids from power banks – Hvordan lade et høreapparet fra en powerbank som slipper for tidlig? (**)
224 My sharp curve wye switch – DIY short turnout. Update 08Apr2023: Too narrow for some loco-wagon combinations (**)
245 My Stelton EM77 vacuum jug cap ball hack ()
077 A reactive manifest – The Reactive Manifesto, Lingua Franca and Rebeca Modeling Language
083 Modelljernbanesider – Addresses to Norwegian model railway club pages (some scale 1/1!?) (*)
132 Railway modelling scratchpad – My new Märklin 39771 (E71) was finally registered on the MS2
244 My some leftover furniture notes – Some daily stuff that I discovered wasn’t here ()
HOBBY – A textual summary.  Et sammendrag på norsk
My XMOS pages 098 – 31May2023 (XCORE-200-EXPLORER.xn file update for 14.4.1)
242 My soft pill holder – Pilleboks (*) (Yes, I am serious!)
207 My “Im taking an early holiday cos i know summer comes soonest in the south” note – A brutally modified poster. New url for the large poster download
061 WordPress Some pics some times sporadically show the frame only (*)
174 My aquarium notes – Algae and LED problem goodbye! (**)
128Timing out design by contract with a stopwatch (**)
240 Jewelry box (#5, for a grandchild) Smykkeskrin (***)
225 Two early Autronica VLSI chips
196 My materials science notes – Added about carbon fibre composites (*)
238 A bluish cupboard – Et blåaktig veggskap  (***)
236 A shelf unit from stacked IKEA “Nissafors” utility carts – (IKEA hack) – Tynn og høy hylle fra tre IKEA “Nissefors” trillebord (**)
HOBBY – Woodwork etc. New overview page with thumbnails, just like this page (***)
052 SBB Ae 3/6 II differences Added som detail about Roco 78293
046 SBB Ae 3/6 II (Scale models) Added som detail about Roco 78293
189 My IoT box(?) Added the RISC-V for ESP32-C
143 My xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT notes (WiFi) Added the RISC-V for ESP32-C and the coming X4 chip architecture from XMOS
060 Wishes for a folding editor. Update triggered by use of VSCode and the extension “Explicit Folding” for it (**)
233 RTX-51, an embedded scheduler
062 “Waiting faster” A note from 2013 brushed up. About Hoare’s “Concurrent programs wait faster” ()
VindustankerNY BOK! Denne gang med 81 mikrotekster. Også denne kan du lese helt gratis! (New book, in Norwegian) (***)
059 Some macOS / OSX notes Visual Studio Code as HTML editor on old html files started on Windows (*)
228 Δ tillegg til norsk ultralydhistorie – “Δ addition to Norwegian ultrasound history”. In Norwegian: auto-translated to English
213 Et strippet og ombygd voltmeter – In Norwegian, about an alien instrument made for a play. Summary in English, here (*)
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212 Transputers 
My album of model railway photos  loco from 1961 and an oiling man
My fritzing notesMy KiCad notesMy iCircuit notes Some tools
Go code examples Fixed a broken golang code layout
My Go (golang) notes A list of them all
My aquarium holiday automatic fish feeder (for granules) Named the solenoid
My XC softblinking PWM notes Looking through a fidget spinner
Notes from the vault – 0x03 “Two early Autronica VLSI chips” (also some early traces of Nordic Semiconductor)
Fault injection detection See 26Jan2022 there
My SIGLENT scope log Updated the scope
Små krokodille-historier “Small crocodile stories” (the Swiss locomotive SBB Ce 6/8 etc.) in the Norwegian hobby magazine “Modell & Elektronikk”. Now readable! Google Translate tip included
NTNU About me: I am presently not an “affiliated”, but an external examiner only
My embedded RTOS notes Timed C
CSP on Node.js and ClojureScript by JavaScript PyCSP
Technical debt vs. technical deposit An idea?
En museumssamlings 125-årsjubileum Foto av verkstedsbygningen til Edvard Røhmen
How much concurrency? Added some words to be hit by search
My XC code downloads page All code downloads from the same page. Newest 31Aug2021
MC/DC is not either a rock band nor a current type Updated about the XMOS XTA tool
Keeping a closet door open Plus “Making a door getting closed”
My IKEA “Alex” desk’s new table top Five years’ wear update
IEEE-COPA 2021 fringe IEEE-COPA 2021: “Torus heat equations to get dizzy from. Hooping with xC” fringe by Dickson & me
My IceCore notes Some more on Chisel
Go(-lang) forums matters golang-nuts: Still “missing” priority or ordered select in go?
Towards a taxonomy(?) of CSP-based systems PyCSP
Older blog notes Moved from old Blogspot
My XC combined combinable notes Soon 90% finished?
Lucky strike with missing bytes – IEEE life members newsletter 12.2020
214 My button presses vs bounce vs EMI notes Extract from 208 plus added text
Pike & Sutter: Concurrency vs. Concurrency Search for 13Dec2020
My “Day’s End” by Jane Hart reflection
My aquarium’s data radioed through the shelf The xC code now downloadable
Nondeterminism A pattern for deterministic select in Go, commented
Cooperative scheduling in ANSI-C and process body software quality metrics Mail from TIOBE recently published
XMOS FreeRTOS port AIoT SDK announced
My BRAWA 0571 BLS Te 2/3 Pictures of it as BLS CFe 2/6 added
My leaf of comfort – SW / HW that cannot turn against us? Aside: CRC16, CRC32 and the Birthday Paradox named a chapter
Notes from the vault – 0x02 Why are you disposing of all this hardware?
Transputer TRAM (was: boards for sale) Some transputer history, there I guess
My canal house miniatures Nice miniatures from Amsterdam
210 Analog-to-digital converters (ADC) 
My XMOS notes xcore.ai explorer board
Not so blocking after all User forums, and a post to Rust
My Fleischmann 396071 DR-Baureihe E 60 Detail, plus a comment
E-FUN (Electronics fun) Group page
Katedralen Rescanned and moved to WordPress. In Norwegian (from Elektronikk #4 2008)
Adapting without a button battery Now my lighthouse flashes 24/7!
I am “aclassifier” and OVERVIEW Minor
Wikipedia user: Aclassifier New page
www.kode24.no article about XC (NO). Resource page kode24 (E) Added code
My XMOS notes 14.4.1
SBB Ae 3/6 II (H0) Icons for books
XC code examples Code examples
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