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Notes from the vault – 0x03 “Two early Autronica VLSI chips” (also some early traces of Nordic Semiconductor)
Notes from the vault – 0x04 “Δ tillegg til norsk ultralydhistorie” (in Norwegian).
“Δ addition to Norwegian ultrasound history”: Translate
My Beep-BRRR notes – very much “in work” A flavour of audio in/out AN00219 soon to be added
Små krokodille-historier “Small crocodile stories” (the Swiss locomotive SBB Ce 6/8 etc.) in the Norwegian hobby magazine “Modell & Elektronikk”
My SIGLENT scope log A freeze!
CSP on Node.js and ClojureScript by JavaScript PyCSP
En museumssamlings 125-årsjubileum Foto av verkstedsbygningen til Edvard Røhmen
My XC softblinking PWM notes New: Simulating the buttoms at startup. Bilt with my xTIMEcomposer 222:[14.4.1 machine]
My sharp curve wye switch DIY short turnout
My XC code downloads page All code downloads from the same page. Newest 31Aug2021
My XMOS XTC Tools notepad 14.4.1 on a reserved machine!
My album of model railway photos The Märklin 37063 steam loco
My Krokis notes E71 delivery “end of May” → “June”
MC/DC is not either a rock band nor a current type Updated about the XMOS XTA tool
C plus lib_xcore black-boxes xC Time to get real?
My FPGA notes Avalon interface
Keeping a closet door open Plus “Making a door getting closed”
SBB Historic: Schaltplan – two circuit diagrams BEMF
My IKEA “Alex” desk’s new table top Five years’ wear update
IEEE-COPA 2021 fringe IEEE-COPA 2021: “Torus heat equations to get dizzy from. Hooping with xC” fringe by Dickson & me
My IceCore notes Some more on Chisel
My single-board boards and why notes Microphone board
Go(-lang) forums matters golang-nuts: Still “missing” priority or ordered select in go?
Towards a taxonomy(?) of CSP-based systems PyCSP
Older blog notes Moved from old Blogspot
My processor-to-analogue audio equaliser notes Now bass/treble etc. per input channel
My XC combined combinable notes Soon 90% finished?
Lucky Strikes with Missing Bytes In IEEE life members newsletter (Dec2020)
XC is C plus X sync, barrier and XMOS libraries
Fault injection detection See [14] and [15] there
My button presses vs bounce vs EMI notes 214: Extract from 208 plus added text
Pike & Sutter: Concurrency vs. Concurrency Search for 13Dec2020
My “Day’s End” by Jane Hart reflection
Some macOS / OSX notes Time Machine disk with Big Sur and the older macOS
My aquarium’s data radioed through the shelf The xC code now downloadable
Nondeterminism A pattern for deterministic select in Go, commented
Cooperative scheduling in ANSI-C and process body software quality metrics Mail from TIOBE recently published
Go(-lang) forums matters Concurrency safety
XMOS FreeRTOS port AIoT SDK announced
Wishes for a folding editor The F manual from 1991 is included
Et strippet og ombygd voltmeter In Norwegian, about an alien instrument made for a play. Summary in English, here
My BRAWA 0571 BLS Te 2/3 Pictures of it as BLS CFe 2/6 added
My aquarium notes 2020.11: plant box not in undergravel filter’s circuit
My leaf of comfort – SW / HW that cannot turn against us? Aside: CRC16, CRC32 and the Birthday Paradox named a chapter
Notes from the vault – 0x02 Why are you disposing of all this hardware?
Transputer TRAM (was: boards for sale) Some transputer history, there I guess
My canal house miniatures Nice miniatures from Amsterdam
My XMOS pages
Notes from the vault – 0x01 Trying to jot down som old stuff.. In work.
My “Im taking an early holiday cos i know summer comes soonest in the south” note My version of a beautiful poster
Railway modelling scratchpad Märklin/Hübner track ref to My krokis notes
My XMOS notes xcore.ai explorer board
Not so blocking after all User forums, and a post to Rust
My Fleischmann 396071 DR-Baureihe E 60 Detail, plus a comment
E-FUN (Electronics fun) Group page
WordPress Some of my ways
Katedralen Rescanned and moved to WordPress. In Norwegian (from Elektronikk #4 2008)
Adapting without a button battery Now my lighthouse flashes 24/7!
I am “aclassifier” and OVERVIEW Minor
Wikipedia user: Aclassifier New page
My materials science notes Diffuser, screws
www.kode24.no article about XC (NO). Resource page kode24 (E) Added code
My XMOS notes 14.4.1
SBB Ae 3/6 II (H0) Icons for books
XC code examples Code examples
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