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My sharp curve wye switch DIY short turnout
My XMOS XTC Tools notepad Getting real (in work, at a pause for now)
My album of model railway photos The Märklin 37063 steam loco
Keeping a closet door open Plus “Making a door getting closed”
My Krokis notes E71 delivery “end of May” → “June”
My IKEA “Alex” desk’s new table top Five years’ wear update
C plus lib_xcore black-boxes xC Time to get real?
IEEE-COPA 2021 fringe IEEE-COPA 2021: “Torus heat equations to get dizzy from. Hooping with xC” fringe by Dickson & me
Older blog notes Moved from old Blogspot
Go(-lang) forums matters golang-nuts: Still “missing” priority or ordered select in go?
My XC softblinking PWM notes Using xC to explore PWM pulsing for softblinking LEDs
My processor-to-analogue audio equaliser notes Now bass/treble etc. per input channel
My XC code downloads page All code downloads from the same page
My XC combined combinable notes Soon 90% finished?
Lucky Strikes with Missing Bytes In IEEE life members newsletter (Dec2020)
XC is C plus X sync, barrier and XMOS libraries
Fault injection detection See [14] and [15] there
Towards a taxonomy(?) of CSP-based systems Elixir, Erlang stuff
My button presses vs bounce vs EMI notes 214: Extract from 208 plus added text
Pike & Sutter: Concurrency vs. Concurrency Search for 13Dec2020
My “Day’s End” by Jane Hart reflection
Some macOS / OSX notes Time Machine disk with Big Sur and the older macOS
My aquarium’s data radioed through the shelf The xC code now downloadable
Nondeterminism A pattern for deterministic select in Go, commented
Cooperative scheduling in ANSI-C and process body software quality metrics Mail from TIOBE recently published
Go(-lang) forums matters Concurrency safety
XMOS FreeRTOS port AIoT SDK announced
Wishes for a folding editor The F manual from 1991 is included
Et strippet og ombygd voltmeter In Norwegian, about an alien instrument made for a play. Summary in English, here
My BRAWA 0571 BLS Te 2/3 Pictures of it as BLS CFe 2/6 added
My aquarium notes 2020.11: plant box not in undergravel filter’s circuit
My leaf of comfort – SW / HW that cannot turn against us? Aside: CRC16, CRC32 and the Birthday Paradox named a chapter
Notes from the vault – 0x02 Why are you disposing of all this hardware?
Transputer TRAM (was: boards for sale) Some transputer history, there I guess
My canal house miniatures Nice miniatures from Amsterdam
My XMOS pages
Notes from the vault – 0x01 Trying to jot down som old stuff.. In work.
SBB Historic: Schaltplan – two circuit diagrams Finished for now. Awaiting your comment!
My SIGLENT scope log See Q&A
My “Im taking an early holiday cos i know summer comes soonest in the south” note My version of a beautiful poster
Railway modelling scratchpad Märklin/Hübner track ref to My krokis notes
My XMOS notes xcore.ai explorer board
Not so blocking after all User forums, and a post to Rust
My single-board boards and why notes xcore.ai Explorer Board
My IceCore notes Minor
My Fleischmann 396071 DR-Baureihe E 60 Detail, plus a comment
E-FUN (Electronics fun) Group page
WordPress Some of my ways
Katedralen Rescanned and moved to WordPress. In Norwegian (from Elektronikk #4 2008)
En museumssamlings 125-årsjubileum. Kuratert av 125 personer Spelling
Adapting without a button battery Now my lighthouse flashes 24/7!
I am “aclassifier” and OVERVIEW Minor
Wikipedia user: Aclassifier New page
My materials science notes Diffuser, screws
www.kode24.no article about XC (NO). Resource page kode24 (E) Added code
My XMOS notes 14.4.1
CSP on Node.js and ClojureScript by JavaScript Minor
SBB Ae 3/6 II (H0) Icons for books
XC code examples Code examples
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