In these corona times I start the day by looking at something beautiful like My “Day’s End” by Jane Hart reflection.
Find your beautiful thing!

Update Date Note
0 Started 6Apr2020 My leaf of comfort – SW / HW that cannot turn against us?
1 Minor 27Mar2020 www.kode24.no – Slik styrer han akvariet sitt med XC. Øyvind Teig gir deg full gjennomgang av hvordan han bygde XMOS-systemet. In Norwegian. (This is how he controls his aquarium with XC. Øyvind Teig gives you a full overview of how he built the XMOS system). Kode24 is a Norwegian wb magazine for coders. Try the Google translation of it (here). Resource page is my kode24
2 Minor 3Apr2020 CSP on Node.js and ClojureScript by JavaScript
3 Major 2Apr2020 SBB Historic: Schaltplan – two circuit diagrams of the Ce 6/8 III crocodile
4 Minor 24Mar2020 My aquarium notes
5 Minor 10Mar2020 My XMOS notes
6 Major 10Feb2020 My Krokis notes
7 3Feb2020 My “Day’s End” by Jane Hart reflection