Notes from the vault 0x07 – occam programming language

Started 25Sep2023. Updated 26Sep2023. This is in group NOTES FROM THE VAULT and Technology

1983 1988 Trademark occam and occam 2 INMOS LimitedThis note will contain some mixed occam programming language stuff.

There is of course more about occam at Wikipedia:

(Aside: not really “of course”, since the xC programming language page was deleted because of lack of external references. More here.)

1983 manual

This book is 204 mm wide and 209 mm high. It is not bound, but type loose leaf with a spiral. Copyright 1983 INMOS Limited. OPS-002 000 7/83. It is designed by HSAG Limited. Printed in England by Syon Print Limited.

It is not paginated but has 50 inner leafs, 100 pages if blank pages are counted. It is printed with black text and figures, and some blue colour text and a green cover. Some introducery pages are very light gray. The top of the occam “logo” (above, Wikipedia) I made from the front of this 1983 book and the 1988 book from INMOS for Wikipedia Commons.

It describes “proto occam“. I have seen it nowhere on the internet. I have not tried to get permission from anywhere to publish this book. I do this publication exactly 40 years after its publication.

My goal is to make a good scan for, and also finally send the book itself to This publication was also inspired by a query on comp.sys.transputer, see Occam evaluation kit user manual?, which I think it perhaps only partially answers.

1983 manual, beta scan

This is scanned at 600 dpi on two different scanners. When I see what this came ended up as, use this to read but not to file. Sources for both are 80% jpg files. No OCR done. There will be a new (alpha) scan.

600 dpi, 160 MB

Downscaled the above to max 1800 pixels in any direction, 26 MB

1983 manual, alpha scan

I will come with a new scan done with the book unbound, for individual pages to be scanned with a black piece of paper behind, trying to avoid seeing the next page or the back of the paper through the paper. I will also do some editing to erase the front label from a Norwegian company as well as some few inside comments done by me. My plan is to also present a searchable OCR version.

It will probably be the end of October 2023 before I get this done.

Me and occam

Since occam changed my life there are of course much about it in these blog notes: search here.

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