My Go (golang) notes

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Some aspects of Go are also discussed throughout some other notes. But those in the below list are more to the point. I have tried to learn about how the Go designers built concurrency on the ideas of CSP. The notes are mostly «paper discussion»s, leaving me with having too few dirty fingers, since I didn’t find an ambedded board that could run Go in a real-time manner.

(YEAR) is when started – but most are updated:

  1. Go code examples (2018)
  2. «The Go Programming Language» by Donovan & Kernighan (2016)
  3. Go(-lang) forums matters (2015)
  4. Go-style concurrency (2014) (at Embedded.TRD) («1» since not numbered)
  5. Pike & Sutter: Concurrency vs. Concurrency (2013)
  6. Nondeterminism (2012) (some Go: nondeterministic select)
  7. Priority select in Go (2012)
  8. Channels and rendezvous vs. safety-critical systems (2011) (some Go: queues)
  9. In search of Go! programming language rendezvous (2010) (Go! is not Go)