Transputer TRAM (was: boards for sale)

New 3Sep2020, updated 19Nov2020 (Transtech (*1) – posters at

«Øyvind Takk» seen, thanks to you,!

– NONE LEFT, ALL SOLD, ALL SHIPPED! I will not answer «first name» signed mails from «no-name-in» mail addresses of any form of query. Sorry.
– 18Oct: I have shipped to all
We’ll do the money matters when you have received the units and agreed on the sum (deduction if any of the units should not work). The free «wire» (transputer link cable) is for all but one unlucky, since there was one left on the floor when I had finished packing! Also, I once promised an extra TRAM for those who bought >= 5 TRAMs – I think and hope it was conditionally: since there was indeed a buyer for all, no free TRAMs were left!
– Legend example: (3,5,8) means that 3 gets it and (5,8) that 5 gets it and 8 gets nothing.
– I have received info from the Post that there is no export toll on anything below 5000 NOK = 456€, so we don’t have that problem.

  • This started as a query on comp.sys.transputer (Old TRAM boards)
  • Please answer there, make a comment below, or mail me
  • At this stage I will not add any more names on my queue type of list. Should the present 8 interested people not empty my web based pop-up store I’ll reopen it some time later
  • When I have nothing more to sell this note will be kept for documentation of some TRAM boards

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All these boards were «rescued» some 20+ years ago from becoming e-waste. We had used TRAMs in several products, but as the company went through a series of ownerships, those products kind of faded out. Plus, we had earlier gone to signal processors and SPoC (Southampton Portable occam Compiler) to replace transputers, which had years before been discontinued. Or rather: Inmos itself went in. These TRAMs had, for the company, zero value. Thinking about it now I assume they were extras, as related to spare parts. I must have known that they were, at the time. It then felt ethically the only right thing to do: grasp them as they fell.

The usage and products are somewhat described in the lectures I did for the local university here (NTNU). But I assume it’s only the NTNU: From hard microseconds to speedy years. Real time in the industry (2016) version that’s in English. Search for «transputer» and «occam» in [3]. Plus, there should be some in Notes from the vault – 0x01 – plus the Why sell? chapter (below).

Still, even if nobody here is ever going to use them, and if I do mean that they should come into use, some way or another, I struggle with how to depart with them the correct way. I guess, because I didn’t acquire them any formal way, which I don’t think the company had for things of zero value. Not like for discarded books from libraries: they stamp them. We had nothing like this. Do I keep, give away or sell? Update 2Oct2020: The boards are indeed mine, and I can do with them whatever I want to.

Why sell?

Notes from the vault – 0x02

That’s why.


Press to download 17 MB zip of all pictures

  • (Wanted by)
  • M1: SMT-004M, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology 27-4-94. 4 TRAM positions. 8 bits ISA BUS.
    This is mine, used a lot, I will keep it
  • M2: [3] SMT-004M, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology 16-11-93. 4 TRAM positions. 8 bits ISA BUS
  • M3: [4] SMT-004M, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology 16-11-93. 4 TRAM positions. 8 bits ISA BUS
  • M4: [5] SMT-004A Issue A, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology. 1993. 4 TRAM positions. 8 bits ISA BUS
  • M5: [5] SMT-004A Issue A, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology. 1993. 4 TRAM positions. 8 bits ISA BUS. This has a red label «Stopped»
  • M6: [5] Transtech TMB03. 1991. 5 TRAM positions. 8 bits ISA-bus
  • M7: [3,5,8] Transtech TMB16, 1991. 10 TRAM positions. 16 bits ISA-bus
  • M8: [5,8] Inmos IMSB008, 10 TRAM positions. 16 bits ISA-bus. 1990. Seems to have a fixed soldering. Used a lot. I could still sell it

TRAM candy bag

There is a perhaps more detailed picture here (3.4 MB) that also shows the my position nomenclature. If you need individual pictures, and also the other side, please tell. All pins are fine, most have an extra pin row connector on them. Some of the T805 TRAMs are seen from below, since I prioritised showing the transputer.

Fig.001 – All the TRAM modules I have (press for more detail)

TRAM table

For any discrepancies, please mail me. The pictures constitute the facit in case the table shows anything other. I have not removed any of the original labels, only added my own. This way, any «prequal» may not be seen. If this is interesting, I’ll remove the labels and have a look.
These have active components like RAM on both sides: T1:[01-08], T2:[01], T3:[01, 03, 04, 07, 08, 09, 12-14]. I had to name them with a leading zero 01-09 instead of 1-9 since the TablePress plugin doesn’t sort semantically.

With a little help from my friends.

TRAM table fold

NUMTypeTransputerkBytesDateBrandCommentWanted by
T1.01SMT210-H-04-03 issue 2T805-F25S40961994.03.17Inmos2,3,4,5
T1.02SMT211-G-01-3 issue 2T805-F20S10241993.12.11Inmos5
T1.03SMT211-G-01-3 issue 2T805-F20S10241995.02.20Inmos5
T1.04SMT211-G-01-3 issue 2T805-F20S10241993.11.29Inmos8
T1.05SMT211-I-08-4 issue 1T805-F30S20481995.10.16Inmos3,4,5
T1.06SMT211-G-01-3 issue 2T805-F20S10241993.09.12Inmos3
T1.07IMSB411-3B A-A6409T800-G20S1024Inmos3,4,
T1.09IMSB430-10AT222C-G20S321990InmosSize=4. Prototyping board. Not used3,4,6
T1.10IMSB430-10AT222C-G20S321990InmosSize=4. Prototyping board. Not used3
T2.02TTM2-42 128KT425-G20S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)1
T2.03TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)1
T2.04TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)1
T2.05TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)1
T2.06TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)5
T2.07TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)5
T2.08TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)5
T2.09TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)5
T2.10TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)5
T2.11TTM2-42 128KT425-G20S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1) "128 K BYTE" label by me. Probably used a lot.5
T2.12TTM2-42 128KT425-G20S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1) No label, assuming type5
T2.13TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)5
T2.14TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)5
T2.15TTM2-42 128KT425-G20S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1) No label, assuming typeMine
T2.16TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)1
T2.17TTM2-42 128KT425-G25S 1281990 W33 (CCQ9033)?Transtech 8781-017.(*1)3
T3.01IMSB418-10A S0057T222C-J20S prequal2561989InmosSize=2. Flash ROM1,3,5,6
T3.02SMT222 issue 2 ST952210None1995.09.28Inmos?EPROM LOADER, 2*16 pin originally, no hand soldering1,3,8
T3.03?None1989AG ELEC (Inmos?)EPROM LOADER, extended with a 2*16 socket (from original 27256 2*14 pin) hand soldered underneath3
T3.04?None1989AG ELEC (Inmos?)EPROM LOADER, with 2*14 pin EPROM plugged in5
T3.05SMT222 issue 2 ST952209None1995.09.28Inmos?EPROM LOADER, with 2*16 pin EPROM plugged in1,4,5
T3.06SMT223 issue 3 SC962348None1996.01.30Inmos?I/O3
T3.07SMT223None1993 (C)Sundance Multiprocessor technologyDifferential TRAM
TMC1D1F2 rev A, AIKI Parallel Systems. Bottom seen on pictures
T3.08SMT223None1993 (C)Sundance Multiprocessor technologyDifferential TRAM
TMC1D1F2 rev A, AIKI Parallel Systems
T3.09SMT223None1993 (C)Sundance Multiprocessor technologyDifferential TRAM
TMC1D1F2 rev A, AIKI Parallel Systems
T3.12TM264K1 rev BT222C-J20S prequal64MarkWare5
T3.13TTM21T222C-J20S prequal?Transtech(*1) Software UART with 8K EPROM. RS232 or RS4221
T3.14TTM21T222C-J20S prequal?Transtech(*1) Software UART with 8K EPROM. RS232 or RS4221,3

Transtech (*1)

Observe that the link speed settings are different on the Transtech TRAMs than on Inmos TRAMs. From a mail:

The standard inmos TRAMs have the LinkSpeedA (TRAM pin6) connected with Linkspecial0 pin of the transputer and LinkSpeedB (TRAM pin7) connected with Linkspecial123 pin of the transputer. But on the Transtech trams it’s reversed. The TRAM description/standard (here) makes no specifications about the internal routing/connections, other than stating that «When LinkSpeedA and LinkSpeedB are both low, the TRAM links operate at 10Mbits/s. When they are both high, the links operate at 20Mbits/s. Other states of these pins are reserved for future enhancements.» I think this is the reason for the different interpretations.


Ask if you need any. If not, most of it will end up at and become scanned there.

[1] gets all if not marked by [-] (has it) or [-1] (later). Which means most non-books. [c3] means [3] would like a copy, but I don’t know how to handle this.. Update: I send them to [3] and he well scan or chop and scan and the pass on what [1] wants. Lucky (or well done!) for Michael Brüstle (Mike Bruestle) at he was the first who contacted me! buyers[1] = Mike;

Leaflets etc.

  1. Dual Inline Transputer Modules (TRAMs). Technical note 29. Inmos. 10 Dec 87. By Paul Walker.
  2. IMS B404 TRAM. Inmos, January 1988. 42-1256-00. Referenced in Transputer Development and iq Systems Databook, see (but I don’t think they are scanned)
  3. IMS B418 Flash ROM TRAM, size 2. Same ref as above
  4. IMS B418 User Guide. Inmos SGS-Thomson, 72-DIT-011-00, Nov 29, 1989. Not completely equal to [c3]
  5. IMS B418 Errata, 72-5292-01. 4 Dec 1989 [c3]
  6. Transtech TRAMs TTM1 and TTM2. TTMINST0989. 1989
  7. Transtech TTM12 EPROM loader module. Received autumn 1990
  8. Transtech TRAMs TTM12, EEPROM loader / Bootstrap TRAM. TTM12FLY0789. 1989
  9. Mark Ware Associates TM264K1
  10. Mark Ware Associates transputer products, 22 June 1990
  11. Inmos prototyping TRAM IMSB430, leaflet
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  13. IMS B411 TRAM, from systems book, Dec. 1990
  14. Sundance SMT211 (and SMT210), Aug 1992
  15. Transtech TTM21 RS232 & TTM23 RS422 TRAM, 23 Nov 1992 (none here) (now at
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  21. Blue Inmos IMS A100 poster (about A2) (now at (other posters here)
  22. Nexis Technology, Windows 3.1 File Server. Leaflet
  23. Transputer Education Kit. CSA Computer System Architecture, 1990. Folder
  24. The Virtual Channel Router (VCR). Debbage, Hill, Nicole. 4Jan1991. TTS Transputer Technology Solutions. Printout [-1] [c3] (See (*VCR))
    • VCR 1.8c release notes, user guide, technical notes. Printouts. (See (*VCR))
    • Virtual channels: The Next Generation of Transputers. Dick Pountain. BYTE April 1990. Printout
  25. VCR 2.0 Release notes. Debbage, Hill, Nicole. June 27 1991. + User Guide + VCR 2.0 RPC Support and Run-Time Library, University of Southampton, 19June1991. Printouts [c3]. (See (*VCR))
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  32. T9000 Development Tools. Preliminary Datasheets. SGS-Thomson, Inmos is a member.. 106 pages. 1993 [c3]
  33. Several kilos of books that I think would already have. Extra copies for tearing and scanning could perhaps then be supplied. See below
  34. Toolset manuals (Inmos, SGS-Thomson). See below
  35. WoTUG and CPA proceedings that I myself published in (IOS)
  36. Several red, empty Toolset boxes
  37. occam 2 Toolset. Language and libraries. Reference Manual. SGS-Thomson. Inmos a member. D7305. March 1993. In red binder and box [-]
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    7. INQUEST User and Reference Manual. Oct. 1995
    8. occam 2.1 Reference Manual. Aug. 1995

(*VCR): I found all the VCR documentation mentioned here and much more at 


I assume these are already at

  1. Transputer instruction set. A compiler writer’s guide. Inmos. 1988 [-]
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  7. Networks, routers & transputers. Function, performance and applications. Edited by M.D. May, P.W. Thomson and P.H. Welch. SGS-Thomson, Inmos a member. IOS Press. 1993 [-]
  8. Should any more appear, I’ll make an appendix here. Here:

Aux documents

  1. Seem Audio (Norway) digital broadcast mixer SEELECT, brochure and folder (1995). One of their range of mixers was transputer based [4 gets this]
  2. ST20 Micro core family. Brochure and data sheet of ST20450 (almost like this), May 1995
  3. ETI Electronics Sept 1994 (like this). Pp24-28 has «Transputer Based Single Board Computer – An introduction» by Papageorgiou and Robinson
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  5. transputing, issue 4, Nov. 1994
  6. IEEE Parallel & Distributed Technology. Winter 1994. Magazine with two transputer and occam articles
  7. OCCAM by David May, part of SIGPLAN Notices, V18 #4 April 1983. Bad copies. Original is here, with the same bad copy
  8. Parsytec brochure. Two articles reprinted from Electronics magazine, 1988 [4 gets this]
  9. Transputer guide, folder by SGS-Thomsom containing several brochures.
    1. iq systems, Inmos Spectrum with overview of all chips and boards, March 1987 (front page with a small cut-out)
    2. Inventing the future, 1988 (now at
      Transputer development, Aug 1989
    3. The Transputer Family, Aug 1989 and March 1989
    4. The IMS T400 Transputer, Jan 1990
    5. Transputer Development Kits (P.C. based), Aug 1989 and June 1992
    6. iq Systems product overview, June 1992 (now at
      Developing with the transputer, Oct 1992.  (now at
    7. List of customers who have publicly announced transputer based products, Jan 1990 (copy)
    8. Software development tools for C, Fortran, Pascal, occam and Ada, Aug 1989
    9. Transputer Developent Tools for the IBM and NEC P.C.’s, undated, received 4.1989
    10. ANSI C Toolset for the Transputer Family, undated
  10. Computing Surface Overview. Meiko, with some inlays, 1990 [c3]
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  13. Letter from Michael D. Poole at Inmos about supporting standardisation of occam. Signed February 21, 1991 (copy)
  14. Parsytec, Parallel Products, 48 pages, 1989 [4 gets this]
  15. The Transputer Compilers, 3L, brochure, undated
  16. Perihelion Software, Making it work, brochure, undated [c3]
  17. The PARSYS SuperNode 1000 Series, brochure, undated
  18. helios brochure, by Distributed Software Limited, 1991 [c3]
  19. Parallax, Parallel processing power, brochure by Sension, undated
  20. Several copies and printouts of several articles
  21. Transputing ’91,22-26 April 1991, Sunnyvale, California, brochure
  22. I guess this finalised this list (11Oct2020)

Dot matrix TRAM

Dot matrix TRAM. All pixels on, in situ (top left), just in situ (bottom left) and both sides (right)

I also have some alphanumeric LED dot-matrix TRAMs that I and R.O. designed. I would be able to test them, since I have a board that uses them, that works. I also may have circuit diagram (I did!) and occam driver (not yet!).

Update 4Nov2020: [1] ( wrote his own driver, and the result is clearly seen as the top picture in this blog note! «Øyvind Takk» («.. Thanks»). Thanks to you, Mike!

Each size 1 TRAM has two lines of 8 red chars 5*5 LEDs (two Siemens SCD 5582). Plus one light sensor (read by occam and then used to control the intensity) and a button (also read by occam). One IMS C011, one HC132 and one HC02.

The circuit diagram is below. I had to do three A4 scans and then merge them, as my rather worn paper original was an A3 sheet.

GLU-75 Dot matrix display TRAM (Autronica, 1995) (Added here 12Oct2020)

Wanted by:
[3 gets one], [5 gets one], [6 gets one], [1 gets the rest]



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  1. Damien

    IHi, I can also be interested in 2 or 3 TRam if you have some things based on T400 or T800 with at least 1Mo of ram

  2. Nigel Williams

    Hi, I’m interested in TRAMs- I have a B008 that needs populating
    Thanks, Nigel


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