My some leftover furniture notes

New 28Mar2023. Updated 8Apr2023 (Curtain stuff). This not is in group HOBBY. Yes, the title has some pun in it.

All of a sudden I discovered that I had forgotten to present these, well… kind of leftovers on my hobby plate. I think I must have thought, why present these. At least individually. But for the sum of them they probably display some of what has happened between the other stuff in my shop.

My mother’s guard rails

My mother Edel walked in these stairs on her dying day in 1998. She was 83, and the stairs made her live, not die. My father Hans-Jacob climbed them after that, almost to his final day at 89. They never stumbled on their way up. They stopped and rested when they had to. And they never fell on their way down. I think the hand-rails were about 4 cm in diameter. The flat is now sold, but one day I might ring the bell should I pass by, and query about them.

Wardrobe 1

We changed the entrance around 2003, for the two of us, remaining in the house. Mari had brought with her this nice bench. I made the wardrobe reflect the attributes of the bench. Like the twin or triple thin vertical list. Made from knotless pine.

Drawer 1 and 2

Along the other wall in the entrance we kept this drawer (dresser). The drawers are unpainted wood, but the body I painted white. Should we think that the drawers slide heavily, careful spraying with silicon spray does it. I said careful, because just a micro-layer on the floor is not nice. The other drawer has drawers from a building, containing an electrical shop, that they tore down from Innherredsveien here in Trondheim around 1969. Not this house, but one further down street. We didn’t like it, but we still were somewhat opportunistic. The houses they didn’t demolish are nice quarters today. The shop simply was open (not «open» for shopping, but «open» as forever), for anyone curious to investigate, with much fun stuff left. Like these drawers and some  ceramic stuff. The excavator’s bucket removed it all the day after. I made the frame around the drawers, for this one and another drawer. I still have a few of these drawers left over. The left dresser I glued from knotless pine lists, and the right from ready-made «hobby-plank», which is glued laminated pine.

Wardrobe 2

One of my daughters needed a renewed entrance. So I did the floor and then the wardrobe. It’s inspired by the earlier wardrobe (above). Of course the steel stuff is from some IKEA product. It costs «nothing» and is really nice. Made from knotless pine.


In very narrow spaces it’s possible to squeeze in an equally narrow shelf. Here are two. The one to the right also held a sink on my other daughter’s kitchen. The center shelf is made from some plastic bent into 90° from the waste container behind a super market (where else would I find such a nice piece of material? Answer, search»90°» for IKEA at My materials science notes) and chopping boards from IKEA. Plus some POM plastic for the fastening brackets. Same document for both materials.

Book shelves

Some times it’s nice to have book shelves made for the site. The left I made from large enough knotless pine, so I didn’t need to glue list together. But gluing the shelves was a nightmare. They cross the vertical planks, and with glue that «bites» (is that the right word), I have to be fast and forceful. The right shelf is made from hobby-plank again, quite nice material if it’s going to painted. Even some times without paint. The shelf shown is one of three, for Anna, a grandchild. I wanted the top to be showing up, so I made an ornament there.

Curtain stuff

I love contrasts. But it’s not a decorating tool per se. Our curtain rods from pine had become rather brown. So I painted some of them white. Or was it grey. It was grey. I then used masking tape to paint white stripes on some of them. But the topmost I kept grey only. Here you also see  my newest curtain rod bracket attachments. I used to make curved ones, but the square stuff contrasts better with the round wooden sticks. I think I like it better. I think my wife does, too. (I placed some black fabric behind the rods on the top photo, to make the photo possible.)

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