My Beep-BRRR notes (some log & movies)

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2023 02 12 – Prototype in field test

I connected the prototype Beep-BRRR (Beep-BRRR-proto) in the bedroom where the final version is going to reside. I had recorded the sounds from the building’s central fire alarm and one from the door bell. At first I tested with the sounds coming from my iPhone. I had recorded them at my place, with sound from proper speakers.

The door bell sound gave an iPhone alarm nearby. The real door bell, some 10 meters away, also gave an alarm. But not with the door to the sleeping room closed.

However, the fire alarm sound was detected, also through a closed bedroom door, when I moved outside it with my iPhone, into the living room where several people were playing a game, with no message from me for them to keep quiet. Beep-BRRR! I assume the real sound from the real sounder would be decades of dB louder, hopefully giving a good margin.

The photo shows how I connected the Beep-BRRR to a Bellman & Symphon BE1370 Alarm clock. It’s actually two merged photos indicating that it certainly behaves 🙂 (Standard disclaimer)

So, I’m on my way!

2023 01 09 – Detecting a sound amid noise

The movie is about 29 MB and shows the state of this box as of 09Jan2023.

«B» = Fire alarm
Detected in the presence of ambient «noise». Spectrum output from Beep-BRRR seen on the scope, but removed by button before the fire alarm was started at the computer (waiting for a more «noisy» part from the radio).
Design, algorithms and coding by Øyvind Teig, Trondheim, Norway

2022 12 01 – Detecting two sounds

The movie is about 41 MB and shows the state of this box as of 01Dec2022.

«B» = Fire alarm
«R» = Piano «Aldrig» @ 2:09 by Benny Andersson
Max 6 sounds recorded in the box and then their meta-data is stored in non-volatile FRAM memory
Design and algorithms by Øyvind Teig, Trondheim, Norway