My Beep-BRRR notes (movies)

Back: My Beep-BRRR notes – Updated 9Jan2023. Mail me if you are interested in porting this into a product. I may be, too!-)

2023 01 09 – Detecting a sound amid noise

The movie is about 29 MB and shows the state of this box as of 09Jan2023.

“B” = Fire alarm
Detected in the presence of ambient “noise”. Spectrum output from Beep-BRRR seen on the scope, but removed by button before the fire alarm was started at the computer (waiting for a more “noisy” part from the radio).
Design, algorithms and coding by Øyvind Teig, Trondheim, Norway

2022 12 01 – Detecting two sounds

The movie is about 41 MB and shows the state of this box as of 01Dec2022.

“B” = Fire alarm
“R” = Piano “Aldrig” @ 2:09 by Benny Andersson
Max 6 sounds recorded in the box and then their meta-data is stored in non-volatile FRAM memory
Design and algorithms by Øyvind Teig, Trondheim, Norway