My XMOS pages

  1. My audio automatic gain control sw driver (AGC) notes – Feb2024
  2. My MEMS microphones notes – Feb2023
  3. XMOS xcore RISC-V – Dec2022
  4. My Beep-BRRR notes – blogging hiatus at the moment, but new movies (Jan2023)
  5. My XMOS XTC Tools notepad – Version «XTC 15.x.y»..or XTC 0.5 (?)
  6. C plus lib_xcore black-boxes xC (13May2021) Paradigm shift: C plus lib_xcore for xC!
  7. My lexical attempt at xC (April 2021) Just some loose thoughts
  8. IEEE-COPA 2021 fringe (April 2021)
  9. My xC combined combinable notes
  10. My xC code downloads page My xC sources
  11. My button presses vs bounce vs EMI notes (migrated from 208)
  12. My xC softblinking PWM notes. In-depth analysis of par

  1. My processor to analogue audio equaliser notes. Using an XMOS xCORE-XA Core Module startKIT board (some migrated to 214)
  2. Fault injection detection, chapter «XMOS»
  3. kode24 – In Norwegian (but Google translate url exists). A long and comprehensive article about xC in Norwegian coder’s web magazine Also announced at User case article about xC at xCORE Exchange
  4. XMOS FreeRTOS port
    • What me worrying about the role of xC? (here)
  5. My USB watchdog (and relay output) box

  1. CPA 2018 fringe – Unravelling xC concepts [[combine]], [[combinable]], [[distribute]], [[distributable]] and [[distributed(..)]] plus par and on..
  2. My aquarium notes – using an XMOS startKIT
  3. xC code examples
  4. My aquarium’s data radioed through the shelf
  5. Me relying on relaying BLE?
  6. My WiFi101 library port
  7. My Git/GitHub notes
  8. My Piggyback WiFi1500 sliceCARD
  9. My single-board boards and why notes
  10. My xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT notes (WiFi) – using an XMOS eXplorerKIT board
  11. xC is C plus x
  12. My XMOS notes (including My gut feeling right now and XMOS series of processors)
  13. 049:[xC by XMOS] – in note Nondeterminism


These notes are about my interest in safety-critical, embedded and concurrent systems – and how I have used the xC language and xTIMEcomposer development system, the startKIT board (obsoleted, but certainly working, top picture) and the xCORE-200 Explorer Kit dev. board (bottom picture, right). Those themes are more or less mentioned in the above notes. I have both been praising what I saw (xC, xCORE, support, ..) and burning my fingers (AD on the startKIT’s processor, awaiting next xTIMEcomposer, ..) – and tried to fill in some holes (processor overview, some xC docs, ..) left by XMOS. I now hope that it won’t be all audio. Standard disclaimer.

Text updated 10Apr2023