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  • Updated 11May2021
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  • Some of these notes are outdated and will not be updated (or even removed)
  • 19May2021: this page was moved from 013 Overview.
  1. 046 – and up at https://www.teigfam.net/oyvind/home/ (technology overview there)
  2. A nodeterministic note about nondeterminsm – Moved to: 049 «Nondeterminism»
  3. Is (x < (x+1)) really always true?
  4. Scratching my head with their HATS
  5. Other Swiss electrial locomotive SBB Ae 3/6 II H0 models – Moved to: 048 «SBB Ae 3/6 II (Scale models)»
  6. Know your timer’s types – Moved to: 109
  7. Amateur publishing for real
  8. Adding real-time processes to on/when programming?
  9. Concurrent programming paradigms all created equal to IEC 61508 functional safety standard? – Moved to: 065 «IEC 61508 and programming paradigms»
  10. Märklin Swiss electrial locomotive SBB Ae 3/6 II H0 models – Moved to: 046 «SBB Ae 3/6 II H0)»
  11. WYSIWYG semantics – Moved to: 079
  12. Channels and rendezvous vs. safety-critical systems – Moved to: 035
  13. Output guard vs. «channel ready» channel
  14. A TV rack that isn’t
  15. Pull-up/lift-up curtain
  16. Wooden window trickle air vent cover
  17. Burning an mp3 music CD from iTunes
  18. From ceramic vase to cutlery drainer
  19. DIY prototype of an iPad 2 holder for car glove compartment
  20. Experiencing Apple AirPlay
  21. iOS picture sorting and file system do not tango
  22. iPad2 on vacation, ups and downs
  23. 16:9 video aspect ratio with width 720 uses height 404 instead of 405
  24. Concurrency: one writer and one reader is bad enough
  25. C1X and C++0x concurrency in C and C++ Working Drafts
  26. The problems with threads
  27. Mac OS X network disk partially seen
  28. Play (with) network-disk based iTunes library?
  29. From concrete CDs to abstract iTunes files. And now the old amp broke
  30. Safari and Opera Mini on iPhone/iPad
  31. Cooperative scheduling in ANSI-C and process body software quality metrics – Moved to: 016
  32. n search of Go! programming language rendezvous (Go! is not Go)
  33. Notes about iPhone
  34. Wishes for a folding editor (2) – Moved to: 060
  35. When is my mail really outgoing?
  36. A running Promela model
  37. The «knock-come» deadlock free pattern
  38. Safari oblivion – Firefox to the rescue
  39. Synchronous and asynchronous
  40. Preferential programming versus me
  41. Press ‘?’ for help, press ‘!’ for new idea
  42. Living with a network disk in the house
  43. Shared iTunes library on a network disk
  44. Hjemmeruter og CanalDigital (in Norwegian)
  45. iPhone Notes asymmetry (case closed)
    Disclaimer: Most of these posts are related to private technology use and computer science, along my line of interest and experience. Some notes refer to papers published in my name at the named company I work for. These are approved and public papers.