Suggested reading: ProXC++ – A CSP-inspired Concurrency Library for Modern C++ with Dynamic Multithreading for Multi-Core Architectures, Edvard Severin Pettersen’s Master of Science (2017) (& here)

Seq.TitleRelevance 01 to max 10
194My FPGA notes08 (In work)
190My Zephyr RTOS notes07
189My IoT box(?)06
187My USB watchdog (and relay output) box07 (Pulses USB 5V out if not talked to over I2C)
185My SIGLENT scope log05
184My embedded RTOS notes08
182Aquarium02 (just some testing)
175CPA 2018 fringe: Unravelling XC concepts [[combine]], [[combinable]], [[distribute]], [[distributable]] and [[distributed(..)]] plus par and on..
08 (a lecture)
174My aquarium notes06 ("hobby" but still much tech)
169My subwoofer notes04
166Go code examples06
165XC code examples08
164My aquarium’s data radioed through the shelf08
162Me relying on relaying BLE?08
157My WiFi101 library port08
156My Git/GitHub notes04
154My Piggyback WiFi1500 sliceCARD07
153My PicoScope notes05
151My single-board boards and why notes05
143My xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT notes (WiFi)07
141XC is C plus X06 (forever in work)
140MC/DC is not either a rock band nor current type05
139Swift concurrency(?)05
138Determined about buffers and bit arrays?07
136if ret val 0 is ok then -1 is error else if ret val 0 is error then 1 is ok05
135Towards a taxonomy of CSP-based systems08 (forever in work)
134Dampening iMac fan noise02 (but good for a 10?)
133Including an OS07 (about IncludeOS)
128Timing out design by contract with a stopwatch07
126Technical debt vs. technical deposit06
125Timeouts and antiresonance stop07
122My SafeRTOS notes06
120“The Go Programming Language” by Donovan & Kernighan06
114JavaScript tree becoming concurrent?06 (discussion only)
113Go(-lang) forums matters, golang-nuts and golang-dev matters06
109Know your timer's type07
108Two CPA 2015 fringe presentations06
107Hard real-time07
105Perturbing concurrent processes07
102Spin-and-burn loop leveling05
101My BitScope notes03
100A scope to fulfill05
099ExtraPuTTY's extras01
098My XMOS notes06
097Connecting protocols06
096What, a square hole in the hull! None round? (About RRCA etc.)07
095Churchills elektroniske hemmelighet (reprint of a 1996 article about Alan Turing)03 (in Norwegian)
093How much concurrency? 06
092Not so blocking after all (and a conditional admission)07
091 To reset a plane
090Atomic for all?06
Go-style concurrency (at embedded.TRD 26March2014)
084CSP on Node.js and ClojureScript by JavaScript07
081Rich interface component modeling
079WYSIWYG semantics06
078HTML5 and concurrency05
rtx-51 (1988) and JavaScript(?)04
077A reactive manifest
076Radiobyggboken, about a book from 1965
03 (in Norwegian)
075Eventual concurrency05
074Block play for blockers
072Pike & Sutter: Concurrency vs. Concurrency07
066IEC 61508 and concurrency04
065IEC 61508 and programming paradigms
063Lecture NTNU03
062Waiting faster06
060Wishes for a folding editor
059Some macOS / OSX notes03 (macOS, Apple, Parallels, Windows, Microsoft)
058Trust me, it's safe
057FDR2 notes03
056Some questions about SDL 07
050Sound on sound and picture?
049Nondeterminism or non-determinism05
Designer's notes - 18 notesAverage 05?
Older blog notesAverage 05?
035Channels and rendezvous vs. safety-critical systems - about the Ada Ravenscar Profile (The Jorvik Profile is also mentioned)07
021The problems with threads - about Edward A. Lee's paper07
018A scheduler is not as transparent as I thought07
016Cooperative scheduling in ANSI-C and process body software quality metrics
When STPTH Static Path Count and STCYC Cyclomatic Complexity are no good metrics
009The "knock-come" deadlock free pattern09
Publications, lectures, articles etc.10

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