My lexical attempt at xC

Started 2Apr2021. Updated 20Sep2021 This is note is in group Technology and Just started refs.

My lexical attempt at xC

[[TODO]] 21Jun2021 – especially after C plus lib_xcore black-boxes xC.


  1. «To program an XMOS device you can used C, C++ or xC (C with multicore extensions).» 141:[1] p6


Start here: Missing article on the xC programming language at Wikipedia Teahouse. (Initial entry here.)

Since its deletion the XC (Programming language)  page has been redirected to This is not fortunate for the Tiobe programming languages index, see Maybe it should have been redirected to Concurrent computing – where it in fact is listed? Quoted here on 7Apr2021:

Programming Language

In this section it is clarified what counts as a programming language for the TIOBE index. There are 3 requirements that should all hold:

  • The language should have an own entry on Wikipedia and Wikipedia should clearly state that it concerns a programming language. This is the reason why (Ruby on) Rails, Excel, Android, Boost, Cocoa, ASP and AJAX are not considered programming languages for the index.
  • The programming language should be Turing complete. As a consequence, HTML and XML are not considered programming languages.
  • The programming language should have at least 5,000 hits for +» programming» for Google.

Programming languages that are very similar are grouped together. Currently the maximum of the hits of the individual languages is taken into account when calculating the ratings of groupings. In the future we will do a better job and take the union (from mathematical set theory) of all the hits.

The definition of what languages are grouped has been formalized according to the following rules:

  • If a language has its own Wikipedia entry it will not be grouped with another language.
  • If a language A automatically redirects to another Wikipedia entry B, A will be grouped together with B.
  • If a language A has no separate Wikipedia entry but is mentioned as part of another Wikipedia entry B, A will be grouped together with B.

In order to filter out false positives, two mechanisms are used. First of all a confidence is defined for a language. By default the confidence is 100%, but for some difficult search queries such as «Basic Programming», the confidence will be lower. Apart from the confidence, sometimes also exceptions or mandatory additions are used to weed out false positives..

The following table contains all programming languages tracked including its groupings, confidences and exceptions.

  • XC

Readable xC articles

  1. – The original XC article on the English Wikipedia (the one that got removed). Read on 5Sep2021
  2. – Campus Africa (I think this is a copy of the removed XC article on the English Wikipedia). Read on 5Sep2021
  3.编程语言) – Chinese. (Translated by Google: here). Seen on 5Sep2021
  4. 219:[Simon Gapp]

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