Early notes

I have moved some of my home pages and blogs to this site. However, as time went by and I blog here only, there was less time to move the old blog notes. So some of them have stayed!

Here are the early notes:

http://www.teigfam.net/oyvind/ (which is my «official» home page)

Overview of all Blogspot notes (a detailed list at Older blog notes):

Here’s the rationale for my move (in 2012): I  want a home page that I can edit anywhere. I don’t want to rely on my favourite HTML editor and then having to update manually. And such editor apps haven’t really made it to the iPad or iPhone – and using browser-side tools seems more than difficult. Sad to say, the Google blogspot (blogger) browser-based editor was a mess before, and haven’t become any better with their updated version (2012). And it produces terrible HTML, where getting rid of even as simple a thing as (not asked for) extra lines in some cases seems not possible. I do hope that trying out WordPress will be a success, even if I will miss being indexed the same day!

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