IEEE-COPA 2021 fringe

This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages) but may be considered a kind of follow-up of the CPA 2018 fringe. Updated 27Jul2021 For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: “xC programming”. Also permanently stored stored at Breaking news 13May2021. No comment here. Press the drawing. Update 27Jul2021. According to 221:[1] then [[combinable]] and interface are not available […]

Øyvind Teig

Myself To TOP. Standard disclaimer, valid for all notes – and other disclaimers. My name is Øyvind Teig, but my “user name” is always “aclassifier” (or “Aclassifier“). It is a pun that originates from my experience with collecting and describing (“classifying”) my first-generation short-and-tall Mercedes-Benz A-Class scale models. The result of this attempt is still to be […]

My xC combined combinable notes

Started 16Feb2021 – updated 20Apr2021 – about finished. This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages). For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: “xC programming”. Observe that [[combinable]], as well as [[combine]] are xC keywords. Combined, as in the title, is not. I assume that much of xC’s terms are known. Fold handling with Collapse-O-Matic […]

Notes from the vault – 0x02 – Transputers

Part of group NOTES FROM THE VAULT. Started 3Oct2020. Updated 16Aug2022 Transputers – Why are you disposing of all this hardware? 6Oct2020, V1.5 Which hardware? This. One of the prospective buyers asked me that question. Why am I disposing of all this hardware? I had saved these transputer TRAM boards from becoming e-waste some twenty years […]


Mirror from Publications stopped Oct2023. Now only updated here. In English Updated 05Oct2023. Newest on top of the lists: Publications & lectures IEEE-COPA 2021 joint fringe presentation with Dr. Lawrence John Dickson (Larry): Torus heat equations to get dizzy from. Hooping with xC Dec.2020 IEEE life members newsletter: “Lucky Strike with Missing Bytes“ CPA-2018 CPA […]

Transputer TRAM (was: boards for sale)

New 3Sep2020, updated 19Nov2020 (Transtech (*1) – posters at – NONE LEFT, ALL SOLD, ALL SHIPPED! I will not answer “first name” signed mails from “no-name-in” mail addresses of any form of query. Sorry. – 18Oct: I have shipped to all. We’ll do the money matters when you have received the units and agreed on […]

My xC softblinking PWM notes

Started 28Jun2020. 11Jul2023 (typo). 26Feb2022 (Looking through a fidget spinner) This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages). Standard disclaimer. Even if my writing style is stream of consciousness I hope that it’s possible to read this note from the top. There also is a PWM-related page at Et strippet og ombygd voltmeter (Summary […]

My leaf of comfort – SW / HW that cannot turn against us?

New 3Apr2020. Updated 3Dec2020. Standard disclaimer. My (n-1)th attempt of a preamble: I stumbled across the book “The Huawei and Snowden Questions” by Olav Lysne. It let me realise that the technology forests contain trees of systems and solutions of hardware and software, and I sit on a leaf. However, I was astonished to feel that this […]