Notes from the vault 0x07 – occam programming language

Started 25Sep2023. Updated 15Feb2024. This is in group NOTES FROM THE VAULT and Technology This note will contain some mixed occam programming language stuff. There is of course more about occam at Wikipedia: (Aside: not really «of course», since the xC programming language page was deleted because of lack of external references. More here.) 1983 […]

My Rust programming language notes

New: New 29Apr2024. Updated 09May2024. In work. This page is in group Technology That Rust doesn’t, but this Rust won’t rust, right? «Rust has been said to be named after a particularly robust type of fungi that is “over-engineered for survival” according to Hoare.» from [1]. «Rust began as a personal project in 2006 by […]

My technological aside digressions

Started 21Feb2024 (with som moved from other notes). Updated 03Mar2024. This note is in group Technology. Observe Standard disclaimer. Intro: ..should not have been here These aside digressions are here because I don’t know where else to put them. They are all worthy of their own blog notes. But since their contents is not my speciality […]

Embedded threads in par for you?

Started 25Oct2023, updated 30Oct2023. This will be is in group Technology if I think it would be might be worth it. At first I will try to list up relevant other blog notes or lectures I have done or presented over the years, those may have filled in the same points that I initially thought […]

XCHANs: Notes on a New Channel Type

New 05Oct2023 – updated 09Oct2023. This paper is in group Publications. This note is a restoration and update of XCHANs: Notes on a New Channel Type. See the still existing CPA 2012 page. XCHANs: Notes on a New Channel Type Øyvind Teig. Autronica Fire and Security (AFS) (A UTC Fire and Security company) – […]

My Pokit scope(s)

New 02Aug2023. Updated 19Jun2024 (where some doubt is cast). This note is about some individual scope channel devices which send their curves to a mobile app. This app runs on several platforms. «My Pokit scopes» as in plural, is this correct? Or should it be called «My Pokit scope»? So I changed it to «My […]


New 19Dec2022, updated 27Sep2023 (readability, I didn’t understand my own phrases, [2], [1], ChatGPT). In work. Read first but I suggest, don’t press the links. On any second read, you’re allowed to press the links. This note is my first reaction to the surprising and bold switch by XMOS, to let the xcore architecture run […]


 CHRONOLOGICALLY Newest here: 249 occam programming language – the «proto occam» 1983 book scanned (published before 248) 248 Notes from the vault 0x06 – The lives of a Wang 700 calculator (published as newer than 249) 233 RTX-51, an embedded scheduler 228 Δ tillegg til norsk ultralydhistorie – «Δ addition to Norwegian ultrasound history». In Norwegian: auto-translated […]

My XMOS XTC Tools notepad

← → Started 14May2021. Updated 27Sep2023 (Search for that date. «Big Sur» and «RISC-V») xTIMEcomposer + new machine = ok is in group Technology and My XMOS pages This is structured as a log: newest at the bottom. Install on macOS Documentation of 15.0.6: System requirements Aside: OS X / macOS: Yosemite, El Capitan (OS X 10.11), […]