My Beep-BRRR pages

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255 My missing smart home connection
253 My audio automatic gain control sw driver (AGC) notes – Is a little about the Beep-BRR2 in general, and how I implemented AGC on the mic input, in order to try to “hear” better through a closed door
243 My MEMS microphones notes etc. – Is about how to find a proper microphone when moving from Beep-BRRR-proto to Beep-BRR2
Also 219 My Beep-BRRR notes movies – The unit is able to “hear” a recorded sound (a “beep”) and trigger an output. This is connected via an audio cable to a clock and alarm unit, consisting of that clock with sound and light plus a separate bed shaker (which “BRRR”s)
219 My Beep-BRRR notes – Photo: the unit has a small display and four buttons
151 My single-board boards and why notes – Photo: my aquarium controller (2017) has run flawlessly since then, with an older XMOS processor

Updated 20Apr2024