Notes from the vault – 0x02 – Transputers

Part of group NOTES FROM THE VAULT. Started 3Oct2020. Updated 16Aug2022 Transputers – Why are you disposing of all this hardware? 6Oct2020, V1.5 Which hardware? This. One of the prospective buyers asked me that question. Why am I disposing of all this hardware? I had saved these transputer TRAM boards from becoming e-waste some twenty years […]

Transputer TRAM (was: boards for sale)

New 3Sep2020, updated 23Jun2024 (T800 poster, see p.74 and the poster here. Transtech (*1) – posters at – NONE LEFT, ALL SOLD, ALL SHIPPED! I will not answer «first name» signed mails from «no-name-in» mail addresses of any form of query. Sorry. – 18Oct: I have shipped to all. We’ll do the money matters when […]

Embedded threads in par for you?

Started 25Oct2023, updated 30Oct2023. This will be is in group Technology if I think it would be might be worth it. At first I will try to list up relevant other blog notes or lectures I have done or presented over the years, those may have filled in the same points that I initially thought […]

Notes from the vault 0x07 – occam programming language

Started 25Sep2023. Updated 10Jul2024. This is in group NOTES FROM THE VAULT and Technology This note will contain some mixed occam programming language stuff. There is of course more about occam at Wikipedia: (Aside: not really «of course», since the xC programming language page was deleted because of lack of external references. More here.) 1983 […]

My Pokit scope(s)

New 02Aug2023. Updated 19Jun2024 (where some doubt is cast). This note is about some individual scope channel devices which send their curves to a mobile app. This app runs on several platforms. «My Pokit scopes» as in plural, is this correct? Or should it be called «My Pokit scope»? So I changed it to «My […]

My MEMS microphones notes etc.

Started on 12Feb2023, updated 11Jul2024 (Stack Exchange, Signal Processing point 5). Structured as a log with the newest entries on the top, but updates are done also further down. This note is in group Technology, sub-group My Beep-BRRR pages. Also see Standard disclaimer. micro:bit Micro Bit This is swearing in the church. But the micro:bit v2. has a […]


New 19Dec2022, updated 27Sep2023 (readability, I didn’t understand my own phrases, [2], [1], ChatGPT). In work. Read first but I suggest, don’t press the links. On any second read, you’re allowed to press the links. This note is my first reaction to the surprising and bold switch by XMOS, to let the xcore architecture run […]


 CHRONOLOGICALLY Newest here: 249 occam programming language – the «proto occam» 1983 book scanned (published before 248) 248 Notes from the vault 0x06 – The lives of a Wang 700 calculator (published as newer than 249) 233 RTX-51, an embedded scheduler 228 Δ tillegg til norsk ultralydhistorie – «Δ addition to Norwegian ultrasound history». In Norwegian: auto-translated […]

My Beep-BRRR notes

New 02Apr2021. Updated 15Feb2024. This note is in group Technology, sub-group My Beep-BRRR pages. Last changes, newest on top, left: My audio automatic gain control sw driver (AGC) notes referenced Related notes Wavtones by Pigeon Typos Ref Implementation F («simplest possible») works Use of mic_samples_buff_t for split needs  ref [18], not [8] XMOS libraries iOS sound recording has […]