Notes from the vault – 0x02 – Transputers

Part of group NOTES FROM THE VAULT. Started 3Oct2020. Updated 27Apr2022 Transputers – Why are you disposing of all this hardware? 6Oct2020, V1.5 Which hardware? This. One of the prospective buyers asked me that question. Why am I disposing of all this hardware? I had saved these transputer TRAM boards from becoming e-waste some twenty years […]

Transputer TRAM (was: boards for sale)

New 3Sep2020, updated 19Nov2020 (Transtech (*1) – posters at – NONE LEFT, ALL SOLD, ALL SHIPPED! I will not answer “first name” signed mails from “no-name-in” mail addresses of any form of query. Sorry. – 18Oct: I have shipped to all. We’ll do the money matters when you have received the units and agreed on […]


Notes from the vault – 0x01 – Analog-to-digital converters (ADC) Notes from the vault – 0x02 – Transputers Notes from the vault – 0x03 – Two early Autronica VLSI chips Notes from the vault – 0x04 – Δ tillegg til norsk ultralydhistorie. In Norwegian: translate Notes from the vault – 0x05 – RTX-51, an embedded scheduler I have rephrased […]

My Beep-BRRR notes

New 02Apr2021. 13Jun2022. Last changes, newest on top, left: Signal processing, bullet 5 Signal flow 48 kHz direct [25] – reading myself up on convolution and correlation Version v0817 Signal flow AN00209 app_design Search for lib_src Built into the XMOS decimators Anti-aliased from decimators Continue at right, top Continued from left, bottom Anti-aliasing filtering Version […]

IEEE-COPA 2021 fringe

This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages) but may be considered a kind of follow-up of the CPA 2018 fringe. Updated 27Jul2021 For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: “xC programming”. Also permanently stored stored at Breaking news 13May2021. No comment here. Press the drawing. Update 27Jul2021. According to 221:[1] then [[combinable]] and interface are not available […]

Øyvind Teig

Myself To TOP. Standard disclaimer, valid for all notes – and other disclaimers. My name is Øyvind Teig, but my “user name” is always “aclassifier” (or “Aclassifier“). It is a pun that originates from my experience with collecting and describing (“classifying”) my first-generation short-and-tall Mercedes-Benz A-Class scale models. The result of this attempt is still to be […]

My xC combined combinable notes

Started 16Feb2021 – updated 20Apr2021 – about finished. This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages). For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: “xC programming”. Observe that [[combinable]], as well as [[combine]] are xC keywords. Combined, as in the title, is not. I assume that much of xC’s terms are known. Fold handling with Collapse-O-Matic […]

My button presses vs bounce vs EMI notes

Started 19Nov2020. Updated 18Dec2020. In work. This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages). For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: “xC programming”. Fold handling with Collapse-O-Matic plugin I am using Collape-O-Matic (here) on many pages. Expand All (for searching) Collapse All Intro The confusing title “My button presses vs bounce vs EMI notes” – […]