My Fine Models E71 scale 1 model

New 20Dec2021, updated on 01Feb2023 (Revision date. Manufactured and designed in Korea). This note is in subgroup My Crocodile locomotive pages of group MODELS. I will try to describe this very fascinating and beautiful model from Fine Models in Germany, of a rather small Prussian “proto Crocodile”, predating the long “Swiss Crocodile” (SBB Ce 6/8 II-III) by some […]

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ALL MODEL PAGES (Fixed all references with down to “SBB Ae 3/6 II (Z scale by Märklin)” on 25Oct2022. “MODELS” capitalized and not to this page)

All trains to stop (even models)

Published 23Oct2017, updated 12Nov2107 This page is in group MODELS All trains to stop (the book) I also have a note with a picture from Hans Steeneken’s book All Trains to Stop (1979) here. Märklin models 3003 and 3048 from ca. 1960 have almost stopped When I needed more bumpers for my layout (well, layout and layout, […]

Late Alberto de Oliveira’s models

New 20May2013 I received an email from the son of the late Alberto de Oliveira (a Portuguese) who as a hobby built model cars from scratch. Please visit to see the builder’s pages. The pictures of these models moved me, so I wanted to make this small blog page in support of the blog. Also: the […]


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SBB Ae 3/6 II (Scale models)

Swiss electrial locomotive SBB Ae 3/6 II non-Märklin models This page is in group MODELS. Published 1Mar2012, updated 27Dec2022 Please forgive, the picture above is not a non-Märklin SBB Ae 3/6 II. A fullpixel is here and its note is here. This page is my second SBB Ae 3/6 II page. Additional search words: CFF Ae 3/6 II, […]


New 19Dec2022, updated 22Jan2023 (Lippett). In work. Read first and don’t press the links. On any second read, you’re allowed to press the links. This note is my first reaction to the surprising and bold switch by XMOS, to let the xcore architecture run an extended RISC-V instruction set. Intro A disclaimer here is that […]

My Lisbon tram 28 diorama

Started 24Aug2022, in group MODELS. Updated 30Jan2023 ([10], Escolas Gerais 4-6 (take 2 and 3)). Observe Standard disclaimer exception. (Google tradutor para o português ela) Escolas Gerais 4-6 (take 1) When my oldest daughter, Silje, visited Lisbon (“Lisboa”) in the summer of 2022 she sent a picture back of a full shelf in a souvenir shop. Crammed […]

My Crocodile locomotive pages

Back – About  CHRONOLOGICALLY Newest here: 229 My Fine Models E71 scale 1 model 225 Små krokodille-historier – “Small crocodile stories” (SBB Ce 6/8 etc.) in the Norwegian hobby magazine “Modell & Elektronikk” 224 My sharp curve wye switch – (DIY short turnout) 207 My “Im taking an early holiday cos i know summer comes soonest in […]

Små Krokodille-historier (bare tekst)

= Små Krokodille-historier = Tekst: Øyvind Teig Foto: Knut Pedersen og Øyvind Teig Da jeg fant fram toginteressen min igjen for noen år siden og begynte å kjøre digitalt, slo det meg at jeg kjøpte nesten bare lok med stangdrift. Slik drift har fascinert meg siden jeg på femtitallet satt på sykkelen på jernbanebroa på […]