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My aquarium holiday automatic fish feeder (for granules)

Started 26aug2019 – updated 4Feb2022 This page is in group Aquarium pages and shows my aquarium fish feeder design. This DIY feeder passes (like) 15 mg (milligrams) of food granules on every action. My tiny fishes need that much, and not much more. Fold handling with Collapse-O-Matic plugin I am using Collape-O-Matic (here) on many pages. Expand […]


Water temp deg C: Uptime hours: Here’s the code: <form>Water temp deg C: <input name=”temp_degc” type=”text” /> Uptime hours: <input name=”uptime_hours” type=”text” /></form> See f.ex. See html “input” field “update” from my home machine (or similar)? on the forum

My aquarium notes

Started 24Jul2018 – updated 01Aug2022 (new lighting scheme) This page is in group Aquarium pages (plus My XMOS pages) and will become a blog note about my little aquarium. It has been two years since I introduced fishes now. For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: “xC programming”. Fold handling of some tables This blog note uses the […]

My aquarium’s data radioed through the shelf

Started 23Dec2017. Updated 2Dec2020 This page is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages) and Aquarium pages. The My WiFi101 library port or an Ethernet based web server was not implemented following this work. I also did not use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) suggestion as discussed in Me relying on relaying BLE? I went for the simpler (?) packet radio […]

My Beep-BRRR notes

New 02Apr2021. 04Aug2022. Last changes, newest on top, left: GUI structure Version v0842 xCore Exchange forum, point 7 Signal processing, point 6 [27] ,[28] and [29] White noise generator Signal processing, bullet 5 Signal flow 48 kHz direct [25] – reading myself up on convolution and correlation Continue at right, top Continued from left, bottom Version v0817 […]

My xC combined combinable notes

Started 16Feb2021 – updated 20Apr2021 – about finished. This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages). For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: “xC programming”. Observe that [[combinable]], as well as [[combine]] are xC keywords. Combined, as in the title, is not. I assume that much of xC’s terms are known. Fold handling with Collapse-O-Matic […]

My xC code downloads page

New 1Dec2020. Updated 27Jun2022 (#174). This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages). Important: see About (below). For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: “xC programming”. Downloads lib_xcore code None yet. See C plus lib_xcore black-boxes xC (13May2021). I still use xTIMEcomposer 14.4.1 on a reserved machine! (Jun2022) xC code In-note code, especially at #165 and #141 (below). BLOG […]

Notes from the vault – 0x02 – Transputers

Part of group NOTES FROM THE VAULT. Started 3Oct2020. Updated 27Apr2022 Transputers – Why are you disposing of all this hardware? 6Oct2020, V1.5 Which hardware? This. One of the prospective buyers asked me that question. Why am I disposing of all this hardware? I had saved these transputer TRAM boards from becoming e-waste some twenty years […]

My canal house miniatures

Started on 9Sep2020, updated 29Sep2020 (Night ligthing). This page is in group MINIATURES. Do observe my Standard disclaimer. According to Google the title of this note, “my canal house miniatures”, would spell out as mijn grachtenpandminiaturen in Dutch. Gracht is a canal. I love canals (as well as channels in programming.) Pand means house, as does huis. It seems like I […]