Water temp deg C: Uptime hours: Here’s the code: <form>Water temp deg C: <input name=”temp_degc” type=”text” /> Uptime hours: <input name=”uptime_hours” type=”text” /></form> See f.ex. See html “input” field “update” from my home machine (or similar)? on the forum

My aquarium notes

Started 24Jul2018 – updated 16Oct2019 This page is in group Hobby and will become a blog note about my little aquarium. It has been two years since I introduced fishes now. Overview Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100. The main picture above is shot on a tripod 2.4 m away under rather dark conditions since the aquarium is behind a […]

My aquarium’s data radioed through the shelf

Started 23Dec2017. Updated 1Aug2019 This page is in group Technology. The My WiFi101 library port or an Ethernet based web server was not implemented following this work. I also did not use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) suggestion as discussed in Me relying on relaying BLE? I went for the simpler (?) packet radio solution discussed here. There is […]

My XMOS pages

My XMOS notes (including My gut feeling right now) XC is C plus X My xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT notes (WiFi) My single-board boards and why notes My Piggyback WiFi1500 sliceCARD My Git/GitHub notes My WiFi101 library port Me relying on relaying BLE? My aquarium’s data radioed through the shelf XC code examples My aquarium notes CPA 2018 fringe […]

My IoT box(?)

Started 7Jul2019, updated 21Sep2019 (in work) This page is in group Technology and is a blog note where I will try to find out how to have my aquarium’s temperature coming from an IoT box. Hopefully a box. Alternatively but less of IoT data via Apache on my iMac. Intro The XMOS startKIT was and the XCore-200 […]

My USB watchdog (and relay output) box

New 5May2019, updated 8Sep2019 This note describes my only real invention this year: a USB 5V in and USB 5V out, where the 5V out will only be kept as long as a built-in watchdog timer is fed with an edge of a signal from an output of an internal I2C chip. Since Google could […]

My embedded RTOS notes

Started 8Jan2019, updated 4Sep2019 This page is in group Technology and is a blog note where I will try to have a fresh view (as of 2019) of what might be going on with concurrency and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) in the small embedded systems world. Here I would think mostly of what might run on platforms […]

My subwoofer notes

Started 13June2018, updated 21Sep2018 This page is in group Technology and is a blog note about my experience with two subwoofers. One had trafo and membrane hum, the other magnetic induced iron hum. Standard Disclaimer. Plus I am no expert on audio. I grew up at a house close to a transformer station, where my father worked. […]

XC code examples

Started 2Feb2018, updated 30Apr2019 This page is in group Technology and is a blog note with some XMOS XC code examples. I also have some ported code that I thought may be placed here. I also am describing some problems.  None of this is on GitHub. I guess that the parent note is XC is C plus […]