Swift concurrency(?)

New 12Jan2017, updated 2Apr2019 Intro In this note I will try to track what’s happening with Swift and concurrency. I already have mentioned Swift some (https://www.teigfam.net/oyvind/home/?s=Swift) and I won’t repeat here – only to say that there per se, at the moment, is no concurrency support in the language. Swift 3 users are supposed to use […]

My «Im taking an early holiday cos i know summer comes soonest in the south» note

In this note I will show my attempt to replace the original steam engine of this beautiful poster with an equally old electrical locomotive. Days of work! It did result in something impossible! Plus a revelation. Started 15May2020, updated31May2023 (Ref [4]. Another example of focus stacking. New download of large file) – finished This note […]

My Git/GitHub/GitLab notes

Started 26Oct2017, updated 3Apr2022 This page is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages) and is a blog note about my usage of Git in the context of the XMOS xTIMEcomposer Studio. Yes I know that GitHub and GitLab are two different companies. GitHub is even owned by Microsoft. And that Git is a sw tracking system developed […]

Towards a taxonomy(?) of CSP-based systems

New: 12Oct2016. Last updated 25Aug2021 This page is in group Technology. This note started with an attempt to look at how channels are modelled (in code, really) but then ended up with trying to systemise what I found. The note was even called Channel structures at the start. Fold handling with Collapse-O-Matic plugin I am using Collape-O-Matic (here) […]

JavaScript tree becoming concurrent?

Excerpt: I hope it to be a note showing whether it’s possible to code the animated tree in concurrent JavaScript code. Or rather, which solution to choose – or which that suits best. «JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language on earth. Even Back-End developers are more likely to use it than any other language» – stackoverflow Developer Survey Results 2016. In other words: most of the world’s programmers are deprived of concurrency support in their programming language.

Go(-lang) forums matters

New Oct2015, updated 15May2021. This note is in groups Technology and My Go (golang) notes. I think it’s fair to copy my own comments at Go Forum in this note. I would also do newer golang-nuts and golang-dev matters that I have taken part in. The latter forums I won’t backlog. You will have to go there to read […]

A scope to fulfill

Started 1May2015. Updated 02Aug2023 Intro For a small private project I have tried the best of the scrapped scopes I brought home from work, but the 1997 model Fluke PM3380A didn’t pass its own diagnose procedure. The amplitude of channel 1 changed when I pushed the curve up. And the old Philips GM 5650/02 from around 1955-60 that […]

Not so blocking after all

Started 8Sept2014, updated 9Sep2020 (User forums). This page is in group Technology and is about a facet of multi-threaded (or perhaps single-threaded) programming After having heard so often that «blocking is evil» and that it’s kind of the opposite – a necessary side of life –  I have finally unblocked on the semantics. It’s both. And neither. If so, I’d have […]

A reactive manifest

New: 10Nov2013, updated 22Feb2024 (Some moved to 254:[] typos, plus added some). This page is in group Technology. This note on the Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine: A reactive manifest Disclaimer Whether this note manifests itself as a manifest, remains to be manifested. Background I will in this blog try to critically analyse The Reactive Manifesto [1]. The […]


Also see Google Scholar «Øyvind Teig» here About These blogs are «mine», but I try to spice them with other people’s opinion as expressed to me, most often if people do reply to a mail. If so, I always ask for permission. The more I blog the more I realise that I am not a computer scientist, and […]