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(-: A computer (embedded (real-time)) programmer's notes :-)

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All these notes reflect my professional work, but have been written so that they contain text book matter only.
There is no product sensitive information in them. I am myself responsible for the content.
The texts are computer science "short stories" with little background information.
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  1. Lucky strike with missing bytes
    How limited hardware led to an invention causing increased fire detection security
  1. "Correct sign is found experimentally"
    Summertime blues: move the clock spring-ahead and fall-back - so when was half a year since?
  1. Don't reuse that int
    100% accurate with an int then - why not now? 
  1. Fail to error first. Then, fail to safe
    Wrappings may hide crucial details
  1. A name should carry the meaning
    If you sleep, are you then not up?
  1. The '2/3' bug in Dilbert
    Don't close your eyes to the screen's blind spot!
  1. Too_little_else_to_do
    Watchdog restart because 'the others' were idle when 'I' was too busy
  1. Asynchronous_io_and_critical_regions
    Some easy editing rules to help you off your own toes
  1. ANSI_C_static_vs_malloc
    No handle to hold these statics
  1. Mental_grasp_vs_file_size
    Does file size matter?
  1. Wishes for a folding editor
    More out of token-based folding
  1. Anonymous plug-in of code in ANSI C
    Making ready for future code
  1. Wishes for a code tracking system
    Line level track-tags
  1. Process_objects
    Let them be black
  1. Process_file_fan_out
    Functions out there need not destroy black-box encapsulation 
  1. Discovering what's independent
    Functional "factoring out" to stop the stream of new errors
  1. Innovating_in_a_window ("winnovating")
    Always present '?' is for help, but why isn't '!' also always there?
  1. A scheduler is not as transparent as I thought
    Why CSP-type blocking channel state machines were visible, and how to make them disappear