I am “aclassifier”

Øyvind Teig (2017)

Øyvind Teig (2017)

My user name “aclassifier” (or “Aclassifier”) is a pun that originates from my experience with collecting and describing (“classifying”) my first-generation short-and-tall Mercedes-Benz A-Class scale models. The result of this attempt is still to be seen here. Then, A-Class’ifiers became aclassifier. I have used that name whenever there was a need for one. Nowhere has this information been classified!

My “classic” home page (since 2000) is at www.teigfam.net/oyvind/. I certainly update it. Like the page about me here. But it’s here the action is.

I have some header images that are chosen randomly by WordPress:

 This header image is from the inside of Torre del’Orologio (Torre del Candeliere or Torre dell Orologio) in Massa Marittima in Italy. The picture is not edited in any way, but the clockwork is indeed inside a glass box. It is the basis for one of the stories in my short story book Og der sto, du (in Norwegian)

 This header is a close-up of a bouquet of flowers. Believe me, the gerbera flowers are orange, and the flower vase has the form of a cone all the way down. (The vase is by ceramist Asbjørn Pettersen. I bought it in Mandal, Norway)

 This header’s idea is to show the graduated scale of the world’s first “voltmeter”, as seen at the The Volta Temple in Como in Italy. It is a “straw condenser electrometer in square bottle” or electroscope (as earlier built by Cavallo and Bennet) – but this time with a graduated scale, so it’s the first electrometer (displayed as item “305” at the museum; it’s an original from Volta’s hands). The pendula (arrow) are two straws, as the title suggests

 I found this mechanical counter at a second-hand shop here in Trondheim, shown here without its hood. On this odd architecture (for my purpose) of five non-connected three digit counters I had to press 1025 times to display those 8 digits. With a specialised arrangement with three counters and 2+2+4 digits I would have needed only 26 presses. But this arrangement of iron plus added colour would never feel days go by. No matter how much fancy iron we added

You are at my home page and blog now. New blog notes are here.

About comment moderating: Right now I might have disabled it even if it may be enabled in newer notes. The reason for disallowing comments would only be that there is too much spam, also with filter installed. Many of my blogs convey some opinion, and your opinion would be very welcome! So, mail me instead. and I’ll include your comment in the blog.


I am also Aclassifier/aclassifier (and real name) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram, but that activity is zero to low. I am here. There also is a aclassifier.wordpress.com page, but it only points to here.

My real first name is of course Øyvind. Read about it here (Norwegian).

Standard disclaimer: valid for all blog notes: I have no ads, there’s no money involved, no gifts are accepted. I write what I think is right, and I strive to do it carefully. It’s entirely a hobby with no income of any sort. Just fun.

Work disclaimer: Those blog notes and home pages discussing (mostly computer) science- and technology related matter (at http://www.teigfam.net/oyvind and below) do not reveal any product sensitive technical data or technology of my previous employer Autronica Fire and Security (AFS) (I retired in June 2017). In addition, none of what I write about has independent economic value (actual or potential) to AFS. Also, I was not writing on behalf of or at the request of AFS.

– Øyvind Teig, Trondheim, Norway (Content updated  24Oct2017; the counter header is new)

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