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  1. 2019.07.10 I have Spam Free WordPress 2.2.6. I see that it is FOUR YEARS OLD!
    • A German tester discovered that commenting does not work. It loops on «Click back and type in the correct password. (Spam Free WordPress)». That’s why I started this note. I get the same result myself if I log out and then try to enter a comment
    • Might it be because I have switched to HTTPS? See WordPress «HTTP and SSL»
    • I will contact Spam Free WordPress support
  2. When I deactivated Spam Free WordPress commenting worked.
    See 2019.07.10 14:58 comment
  3. When I activated Spam Free WordPress again it did not help not to tick «Generates a comment form if theme is not compatible with SFW.» Commenting still failed
  4. I added Aksimet anti-spam instead! Aksimet is made my Automaticc who also makes WordPress. I had to get an Aksimet account and then I was given an API key. Since
    1. I don’t have ads on my site
    2. I don’t sell products/services on my site
    3. I don’t promote a business on my site

    then I can use the free scheme called Aksimet Basic (Free).
    I also added this list to my Standard disclaimer
    I also made a chapter about this at my WordPress (Anti-spam filter) page

  5. See 2019.07.10 15:37 comment. Commenting works again!
  6. I just wonder when commenting failed? I have had no comments for years, even if I know I do have readers. I have been soo blunt.. But great to be up again!

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