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Sist redigert 3.mars 10:00: 3.mars 10.00: de to build-log bildene er nå jpg her (ikke tiff) slik at jeg kan vise dem smått i WordPress, men peker til de samme tiff-filene som i går 2.mars 18.43:  kanalende -> kanal-ende 2.mars 18.02 (bilder uten tekst, pluss sluttbilde). Klart for redaksjonen/desken i kode24. Fullpikselbilder ved å trykke […]

My FPGA notes

(Parent) New 20Sep2019, more text 13Mar2024 (Clash (HDL), QMTECH Xilinx, Tiny Tapeout) This note is in group My FPGA pages. In this note I will try to find out what might be in FPGA design for me. And if so, how. Observe Standard Disclaimer. Fold handling with Collapse-O-Matic plugin I am using Collape-O-Matic (here) on many […]

My Zephyr RTOS notes

Started 9Jul2019 as chapters being moved from other notes. Updated 25Sep2023 («A9 SoC on Xilinx») This page is in group Technology and is a blog note where I will try to keep a scratchpad of what I might find out about the Zephyr RTOS. Sharing Zephyr with others Because I was rather confused I have had help […]

CPA 2018 fringe

New 15Aug2018,updated 7Oct2022 This note is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages). Also see «the next» Fringe, filled with the same theme: IEEE-COPA 2021 fringe. For the TIOBE index 016:[10]: «xC programming». Also see IEEE-COPA 2021 fringe The presentation This presentation is for the CPA 2018 conference in Dresden (Update 6Oct2022: dead url (but Wayback Machine here), the only […]

My single-board boards and why notes

Started 15Sept2017, updated 08Apr2024 (Efficient Computer Corp., xCORE-200 soon EOL, xcore.ai evaluation kit (was Explorer board) This note is in group Technology, (plus perhaps My Beep-BRRR pages and My XMOS pages) and is a blog note where I will try to lay out the reasons why I have ended up with some single-board microcontroller (not computers) and not some […]

Channels and rendezvous vs. safety-critical systems

New 19Dec2011, moved here 11April2017, updated 03Mar2024 This note is in group Technology and My Go (golang) notes, and discusses the Ada Ravenscar Profile (subset) for safety-critical systems – as seen from the outside of the Ada community. (Update 28Apr2019: observe that the Ada Conformity Assessment Authority works on another profile, the Ada Jorvik Profile that […]

xC is C plus x

Started 7April2017, updated 03Mar2024 (Replicated select case) This page is in group Technology (plus My XMOS pages) and is a blog note trying to scribble down some info about the XMOS xC language that I haven’t found elsewhere. I love it. But, alas, xC appears as C plus unknown X. I’ll help finding min(X). Also see more xC code […]

Determined about buffers and bit arrays?

Published 22Dec2016. More like a scratchpad, updated 15July2019 This page is in group Technology. If you want to follow me to try to find out why queueing of entry calls in Ada causes nondeterminstic (scheduling? timing? deadline?) and try to understand why the scheduling of processes on the defunct transputer is the opposite(?), then jump […]

Towards a taxonomy(?) of CSP-based systems

New: 12Oct2016. Last updated 25Aug2021 This page is in group Technology. This note started with an attempt to look at how channels are modelled (in code, really) but then ended up with trying to systemise what I found. The note was even called Channel structures at the start. Fold handling with Collapse-O-Matic plugin I am using Collape-O-Matic (here) […]