SBB Ae 3/6 II (H0 brass by Lemaco)

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Disclaimer. I take no financial interest in this blog note; neither has Lematec asked me to do this. It’s entirely my enthusiasm of the SBB Ae 3/6 II and the fact that I now have this Lemaco brass locomotive, enabling me to shoot and publish pictures of it. (I only in rare cases republish others’ pictures, and if I do, I ask for permission.)

This locomotive is listed in Fig 1 in the main SBB Ae 3/6 II page there. And most of the data about this beautiful locomotive is listed in a blog page there.

This page has some additional photos. Lemaco / Lematec seems to have none; I assume because they are out of stock. But SWISS RAILCOLLECTOR has a fantastic series of pictures, see there (I have a PDF copy).

My intention was to be emotional about the pictures, I must admit. How could I not?

087 fig1 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig

Figure 1 (press for full-pixel)

(Above). Driving through a valley? No weathering, so it just rolled out from the factory. It is 1925 when the 10439 was delivered. But then, in 1982 the new 10439 was shown, assembled from parts of several locomotives – where the body came from 10452.  It is this engine we see here (see Loki spezial, there and «Lettering» (below)).

087 fig2 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig

Figure 2 (press for full-pixel)

No plastic details. Assembled from 800 parts, Lemaco says.

087 fig3 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig

Figure 3 (press for full-pixel)

Trainspotted down from a bridge, in a sunny valley.

By the way, here you may spot my LED light list, used to lit the wheels on every picture I have shot. Even outside.

087 fig4 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig

Figure 4 (press for full-pixel)

No detail lost.

The pantographs are like on 10439, of course – but SBB seems to have used several types over the years. The LOKI-Magazine No 23 (picture on page 27, there) shows that the first loco 10401 did not have the hooks when it was new. You see three of them above. I wonder when they were added, and why?

087 fig5 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig

Figure 5 (press for full-pixel)

Seen from the bank. Take care.

087 fig6 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig

Figure 6 (press for full-pixel)

Power approaching. But where’s the driver? One detail lost.

087 fig7 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig

Figure 7 (press for full-pixel)

A pleasure drive. Out for a picnic? In case, the doors should have been opened, since they may be opened inwards. Very nice.

Lettering087 fig9 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig

Figure 9 (press for full-pixel)The revision number is already printed where the loco is described in words, see the references at the top of this note.

I have tried to show the accuracy of the lettering and of the main sign with «MASCHINENFABRIK OERLIKON. OERLIKON. SCHWEIZERISCHE LOKOMOTIV & MASCHINENFABRIK. No 3013. WINTERTHUR 1925». The other main detail is the name of the depot, «OLTEN». But the weight parameters are probably the most important of them all?


Figure 10

Figure 10 (press for full-pixel)

Of course, a scale model just cannot be made for Märklin 3-rail. There’s no sliding contact underneath a 1/1 loco, so it can’t be on a scale model either. Here we can even see the leaf springs of the driving wheels.

Figure 11 (no more pixels available)

Figure 11 (no more pixels available)

My loco is numbered as the 44th of the 120 series, made in 2005. The number plate undeneath (yes, it is a model after all!) has the text «Lemaco CFF Ae 3/6 II 10439 44/120 2005». You can also see this at the botteom, left side of figure 10.

Figure 12 (press for full-pixel)

Figure 12 (press for full-pixel)

I did no feel like pulling the loco over to photograph its underside – it should look more natural than that. So I peeled the sleepers off a piece of rail and made a «bridge». Don’t do this in full scale! Then I placed the loco on the bridge, but before that I had placed the whole installation on a mirror. The Roco rails did not bow down.

So, figure 10 and 12 are shot through the mirror; but I haven’t mirrored the pictures back – except for the number plate in figure 11. I tried with and without my list of LED lights and there was no doubt, I had to use them. It’s visible on Figure 12, but on Figure 10 it’s not visible – just the effect of it.

Movie of the spring-loaded model

Pressing the below picture will immediately start download of 11.5 MB! But if you are curious of how the axles are spring-loaded then help yourself:

087 fig8 SBB Ae 3/6 II HO-096 by Lemaco. Photo Øyvind Teig (to movies)

Figure 8 points to movie (11.5 MB!)

All the pictures are shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC LX5.

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  1. Patrice

    Thanks for the nice website and the info on this amazing Ae 3/6 II.
    I have the chance to own the two other models from Lemaco, 10401 and 10406… and yes, I look for the historical version you presented, the 10439…

    One of the best brass model ever to me, at least in H0!

    Happy end of 2023



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