Soap dish

Published 18July2013, updated 23Sep2013. This page is in group Hobby.

Soap dish

After the ceramic dish that I had bored a hole through finally gave in, I gave in. When a two-year old grandchild had reached for the soap, the dish had to crash into the basin. I don’t know how many different soap dishes we have had over the years. But none have allowed soap-swimming in dirty water with bacteria.

This embodiment of a soap dish simply is a shortened plastic skimmer. I got the idea in the kitchen utensil shop when I felt the loss imminent. I got permission to fasten a square bend screw hook since there already was a hole in the wall. I bent it a little down. It is solid brass (will not attach to a magnet) but could have had a shoulder. With ceramic tiles I would have needed a suction cup with a hook, provided I didn’t feel like exercising tile piercing.

Now the soap dish sits in place, may be liftet away for cleaning and lets the soap dry. But if you still want a dispenser, the choice is yours!

(The cut dish that I had exposed of a ceramic drill bit we found in Pienza in Italy some years ago. Maybe we’ll find such a pretty plastic skimmer some day?)

Press the links in the last paragraph to see the skimmer in two shops. Design seems to be anonymous. In Sept. 2013 I also found a somewhat smaller skimmer in Spain in a Carrefour shop: “Carrefour home. Set 4 utiles nylon. Playfull. HO61212. Made in China.”

Norwegian: såpeskål (såpekopp) lagd av en hullsleiv av plastikk og festet til veggen slik at den ikke følger med såpa, faller i vasken og knuses. Lar såpa tørre og holder bakteriene unna. (Såpeskåla med skår du ser på bildet er en liten sak vi kjøpte i Pienza for noen år siden, og som jeg utsatte for et keramikkbor. Kanskje finner vi en like fin hullsleiv?)

Kitch’n, hvor jeg kjøpte hullsleiva, kaller den forresten feilaktig for “øse”, se her. Den er levert av Handelshuset Martinsen som har varemerket Modern House, og øsa er i RIX serien. Den er i nylon og skal tåle en temperatur på 260 C. Men den finnes også på MerxTeam, hvor den kalles “Hullsleiv 33cm, nylon”. Men søk på Google, det finnes sikkert mange andre som kan passe.

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