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Observe that since 2004 many of the links here have become broken!

Model no:38 Maisto 1/34

I ended up with 52 models!

Mercedes-Benz first-generation A-Class model collection ::


ContentsFirst model

1/160 -  no:01 Herpa ...1/43 - 
no:27 Herpa - facelift


Big friend - Vaneo
Older brother friend - 2. gen. A-Class
Smaller friend - Smart
Cousin . Colt

Inclusion criteria - When collect?
1. gen. models - Some missing models
2. gen. models - No collection, some here
3. gen models - No collection, never 1/1

Duplicate collections

1. gen. A-Class - Lengths and models
2. gen. A-Class - Web pages

Vision A 93 - 1993 concept car
The elk (test)
Side doors
A-Class web pages
This page on the net
Scale model scales

Gifts given hall of fame

In memory of my father

no:02 Wiking
no:28 Guisval

no:03 Busch
no:29 IXO/Altaya - facelift

1/100 -  no:04 Charm Max
no:30 Anonymous

1/87 - 
no:05 Herpa

no:06 Herpa - facelift 1/38 - 
no:32 Kinsmart

no:07 Busch
no:33 Anonymous - Kinsmart

no:08 Busch
1/36 - 
no:34 Tins' Toys

no:09 Wiking
no:35 Tins' Toys - facelift

no:10 Herpa
1/34 - 
no:36 Anonymous

1/80 -
no:11 ChoroQ
no:37 Maisto

no:12 Nikko - facelift (long?)
no:38 Maisto - facelift

1/72 -
no:13 Schuco
1/32 - 
no:39 NewRay (New-Ray)

no:14 Real-X - facelift long
no:40 NewRay (New-Ray)

  no:15 Welly
no:41 Welly

1/60 -  no:16 Welly
1/29 - 
no:42 Anonymous

1/57 -
no:17 Mattel/Matchbox
1/28 - 
no:43 Smart Toys

no:18 Majorette
no:44 Dickie

no:19 Tomy
no:45 Edocar

1/56 -
no:20 Realtoy - facelift long
1/24 - 
no:46 Sunnyside

1/55 -
no:21 Siku
no:47 Fujimi

  no:22 Anonymous - facelift
no:48 Revell

no:23 Anonymous - facelift
1/20 - 
no:49 Tronico

1/50 -
no:24 Anonymous
1/18 - 
no:50 Maisto

1/43 -
no:25 Hongwell  
no:51 Maisto - facelift

no:26 Herpa
no:52 Maisto - facelift long

Larger - Don't collect

By a triangularis

Why are there so incredibly many A-Class model cars out there? Model car designers must have got a common itch from not getting their eyes off this rather well shaped creature. I understand them.

Same with me. I did not and still don't seem to be able to get my eyes off them. Fascinated by the then 1/1 first-generation A-Class, I finally found my first model in Wales, UK in the year 2000 - presently the NewRay model no:39. I had not been searching the internet then. At first I imagined that I did not collect. I just "picked them up" I initially wrote in this page. Having observed myself over the past years I have, in fact for a long time, realised the truth: I do collect.

However, in order to limit the collection, I use a private inclusion criteria list (see Inclusion criteria). Even with it, I presently own a collection of 52 unique models. The number without this list would have been prohibitive for my shelf space. There are many variations per die-cast (or "diecast", for search engines) - in colour and smaller detail. However, my collection is not complete. Some missing models I do know about (see Models not here) - and some I would surely be ignorant of. If you started collecting before me, or have been better at it ... and have any to spare ... I'd be happy to "help" (-; see mail address ;-) .

You would see that I also write notes about the models and the life going on around them. The French 19th century novelist Gustave Flaubert once said that he wanted to write something, which had form only - but no contents. Along that line it would have been easy to write one story about a blue model, and then another story about a red model of the same form. However, I am not able to tweak my words that much, am I. Please bear over with me. To read 52 stories must be bad enough. To write them has been a thrill.

Most notes are written when a model is new in the collection. I have had to rephrase later on to remove inconsistencies. Models are arranged with respect to scale, beginning with the smallest 1/160 and ending with 1/18. This mix of time and scale, with the time axis more or less lost, should still hopefully make reading the script top to bottom - possible...

Models are numbered "no:nn" to make renumbering easier when I insert new models.

I do this for fun, to please my aesthetic senses.  I do this to hold the things in my hand and to enjoy the models as artistic entities. After all, my sources are  the Readymade Art of Mercedes-Benz A-Class models. Some time my better half Mari finds a model first. I do it for the joy of living those seconds for no other purpose. I made this page for all the same reasons. Even if nobody reads it, I have had much fun and sound escape.

Two more things: For some reason I at first threw away the the boxes. And I always have made non-functional the "speedy power" pullback spring engines and thrown away the tooth wheels, originally misplaced in some models - for all future. After all, I want the models to stay unbroken, if not unworn.

(*) I have all the A-Class models listed in the Mercedes-Benz "Model cars. Current passenger cars" booklets (the '02 and '03 versions). But that only accounts for 6 of my 52 models. Mercedes-Benz also has made a selection, I guess. Mine are of the same die-casts as those in the booklet, as far as I can tell. However, colours may differ, because I have collected them mostly from other sources. Again, I have limited myself to one colour per model type. See (*) in headings below

If you want to see a slide show of all of the pictures, click here or on the picture above. This is not updated! I am happy for comments of any kind (mail address at the bottom of this page). Especially, I am not fluent with car speak. But I have been helped by Dictionary of Automotive Terms now and then.

Inclusion criteria




Since I strive for as many unique A-Class first-generation forms as I can find, and not so much contents (free interpretation of Flaubert, above) - I cannot ever end up with a true collection, can I?


Different casting moulds

Main criterion. If the casting moulds used to produce two different shapes of models differ, I would collect. Bigger, longer, detail in the moulding. All other rules are derived from this criterion.


Before 2001

Mercedes-Benz year versions.  Basically 3 different bodies, see Lengths

I would collect these 3 different lengths.
Also, see the Busch model no:07 Busch about how I erred.

After 2001 facelift

After 2001 facelift long


Different triangular window behind C-pillar

This is the upper of the windows behind the C-pillar (it's not called "C-bar" or "C bar"), not the lower one connected with the liftgate. This detail is often compromised. There would be models with such a window - translucent plastic or an opening; or models without such a window - filled with "body" (plastic or metal). Not same form, so I collect. See no:46 Sunnyside for a discussion.


1/220 - Z-scale

It seems to me that Märklin (Marklin) does not have any A-Class Z-model coming with any flat railway car? A search with "Mercedes" and "Z" keywords reveals some other Mercedeses, but no A-Class. This seems to cover the year productions of the A-Class' life time (since 1997). Still, I am not certain! (But they do deliver 1/87 Busch models, see no:08.)


Any up to 1/18

1:18 is the largest scale I collect - 21 cm just fits my cabinet!

The largest existing model probably is a 43 cm, scale 1:8 model from Simba, sold as the doll Steffi Love's car (but Barbie can also come along..) The Robion51 collection contains it (as [1001]), together with a Song Sen 1:16 [2005] and an anonymous 1:16 [2007].


Unique manufacturer

A model may be tagged by the original OEM toy model manufacturer or a reseller (see "OEM" and "VAR" at no:13 Schuco) - and in that chain only one is collected. I.e. if I find the Schuco (reseller) or the Hongwell (OEM) model first does not matter: I would be happy and collect only the first I found.


Wheels must exist

A model must have wheels of some sort. I used to have "- and they must roll" here - but this was voided by model no:03. I guess the rule now means "wheels must either be free rolling, or cast in one piece as part of the bottom chassis". This would exclude models that are made in one piece only, I guess.
I got another surprise with model no:48 Revell - where I had to immobilise the wheels because an axle broke during assembly. So, the rule is expanded with "or the wheels have been meant to roll..".
My rules seem to either be either useless or modified. Some kind of rules;-!


Hearts decoration

Any model with hearts only on, I simply cannot reject. 1/87 Herpa 189064 is it! See Herzen


No sun roof

I don't adhere to this 100%. Open and closed and in variation with other details makes this problematic. But, yes, I have some where sun roof is the only difference.

Closed sun roof

Open sun roof

Only if different casting moulds


Basically 3 different models - Classic, Elegance and Avantgarde - exist for all model year versions. There is so little difference here, so I would consider them as equal - and not collect more if I have one - at least as long as models don't seem to be unique.




2nd gen. - after 2004

I don't know if I collect the second generation A-Class, introduced 2004. However, see bottom of this table and brother friend. In any case, they are not numbered into my 1.gen. A-class model collection!

The first

New colour

Different colours do not count - (so, I would not collect). So, if I have a blue, and I see a red model, I would not collect. Neither would I collect one with letters and flames in that case. It is the first model I acquire in this group that counts.
Exception: The 1/56 Realtoy no:20 duplicate colours collection (I came upon this idea in June 06 when my list of missing models earlier had reached 11 going up - and it had stayed stable for just too long ;-) (But they are still duplicates, that model counts for only one entry in my complete collection.)

New letter decoration

Different letters like company names, does not count.

Painted decorations

Flames and dolls etc. do not count.


Roof light

Police, fire brigade and taxi units, that I would own before in plain versions, I would not collect.

Roof box

Too little difference.

Roof surfboard

Too little difference.


Wheel caps

In some cases the same model is seen with different wheels. I do not collect.


Remote control (RC - R/C)

I collect if they are small enough (1/18 or smaller). See the Edocar model no:45, and Nikko iRacer infrared remote controlled car no:12, and Tronico no:49

Will collect & don't have (size ok)

Will not collect (too large)

  • 1/16 - TopCruiser (or "Top Cruiser"). Found nothing else on the net. (On Nakashima's list)
  • The two 1/10 shells below seem to fit on all chassis types (below), from what I learn on eBay:
    • 1/10 - Shell: HPI shell model 281, 345 mm long body
    • 1/10 - Shell: Dickie - Tamiya & Carson / Kyosho (choose any name you like). 98111 porsche boxster MB-A-Class.
      • Chassis: TAMIYA M-03M FWD type
      • Chassis: Tamiya M-04 (230 mm). 4 standing fastening bars on the chassis hold the body; two pass straight through the hood, and two through the roof. Remote controlled and kit to build, see www.tamiyaclub.com. Normal max speed is 55 km/h, but a seller on eBay claims that it may be tuned to 80 km/h.  (On Nakashima's list)
  • 1/10 - Shell: COLT (#M1107)  (M-chassis)
    • Unpainted body for EP Touring Car. Wheelbase: 210mm. Front tread: 160mm, rear tread: 160mm. Suitable for M-Chassis (Excluding Tamiya M03, Xpress Mini) (eBay shop rcMart). Search on www.rc-xpress.com
  • 1/10 - RC-Graupner Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse F1 5034, 2.11 ccm motor, 33cm, 1.3 kg.
    (In German eBay I see this? model as "Graubner Verbrenner". I don't know if "verbrenner" is the maker or just means "combustion engine")


Extra units in the box

Horse trailers, other cars etc. I may give them away. I collect A-Classes, nothing more.

In doubt


I could not resist these. My collector's immune system broke down on this point on Jan.16th 2005



I have one friend "down"..


..and one "up"..

2nd gen. - after 2004

Don't collect these, see Models almost not here (2. gen. A-Classes)

Mitsubishi Colt

one cousin


One piece

No solid or monolithic A-Class, be it (white) metal, plastic, glass or wood.  So, it has to be made from more than one piece.



No flat or two dimensional (2-D) A-Class. It has to have an inside and an outside, and it has to be three dimensional (3-D). A picture or a brochure or a refrigerator magnet won't do.


Base of model

The base plate of a model often contains the name of the brand, scale, where it has been produced, and what car make the 1/1 car is. If the model is not produced by the brand owner, the bases may differ. I do not collect. Most often, in the bottom line of my descriptions, the "Base plate text" (mm length) is shown.

The base plate of a model also reflects how it has been fastened in the enclosure that it was shipped in. There are many variants. One collector friend explained this in a e-mail about the Hongwell 1/72 models, on my question of what a "long slot" was: "The long slot refers to the hole in the base. I'm not sure if you know, but the first Hongwell models had no hole, then they had a long slot for attaching to the display case. This was replaced about 2 years ago by a short slot and now they have a screw hole. You are correct, there is only one metal cast of the MB A Class."


Missing Mercedes-Benz star in grille

If manufacturers make a model without the MB star in the grille, I guess they avoid royalty fees to Daimler-Benz AB or later DaimlerChrysler AB. The models are unlicensed models. Of course I collect, there is no doubt about what kind of car they are: A-Classes. I have 4-5 such unlicenced models. Do a text search on "unlicensed". There are many intersting legal things around this, of which I know nothing. But I'd like to! (2009: see this interesting case of a simplified grille: no:16, model 4, which almost gave me a unique new model.)



A diorama is a plastic display case with some nice contents. Like an empty aquarium with an A-Class and some other stuff. I don't collect, since I assume that the contained A-Class is not unique for the box. Here are the dioramas I know of (you can see both at www.geocities.co.jp/MotorCity/3888/raremodl.htm (also mentioned in "Quality collections", below):

Busch 1/87 (H0) "Formula 1 Design" diorama with an A-Class and a person waving the start flag, etc.. Is it my no:08 model clothed as a Formula 1 A-Class?

Busch (in 1998) manufactured a "Christmas diorama" containing a red 1/87 (H0) A-Class, a Christmas tree, a snow man, Santa Claus and of course a bag of gifts. And a little boy eagerly awaiting. The model is loaded with gifts on the roof. Is this also my no:08, in red this time?


Kinder Surprise

I have no idea whether Ferrero, the Italian producer of Kinder Surprise (Kinder Sorpresa, Kinder-Ueberraschungseier, Kinder-egg, Kinderegg, Kindereggs, Kinderägg) have included any A-Class inside their chocolate eggs, in any of their markets. If so, I would certainly collect. Nov.06: White/yellow (top/bottom) Maisto 1/34 models decorated with "kinder"appeared on eBay. They are duplicates of no:38 Maisto, so I would not collect (I bought it for Anna!).


Peculiar models

Very peculiar models or general peculiarities. I do not collect any of those - and, yes, I know it's subjective! The Robion51 collection contains a very nice anonymous "Van Colablik" 1:24 model [2005]. See "One of a kind" (see below)


One of a kind

Amateur made or "aritisan hand made" units based on moulds I already have, I do not collect. However, there are some nice once's out there! And some are so transformed that it's hard to find out about the original body. If the body is well done and in fact unique, I'd be interested. However, see "Peculiar models" (see above, below)



- "Slot car racing" of mostly 1/32 models, like Scalextric cars, I would collect if there were one appearing from a unique mould. However, one of a kind artisan or amateur hand made models rebuilt from NewRay or Welly (or other?) 1/32 models I would not collect (see above). However, I could buy one to give away, even an artisan model, if all the electric details, like brushes to pick up the current, would be completely hidden inside the car. On the artisan model I have seen on eBay, the brushes were visible and sticking out in front of the model. (In Norwegian: "bilbane".) Scalextric on Wikipedia: there.
- Do observe that these models, even without electric parts installed, would never run with their wheels on the floor, since the frame is indeed needed to hold the wheels. And the frame is made to get down into the slot, below the wheels.
- There is an Argentine company called Tormo that makes both slot and free wheel versions of the A-class. May these cars be remodeled Welly 1/32 models? Pictures could indicate so. I have seen models "MB Clase A" models 1890, 1896 and 1896-2.



Since I don't want to delve into a new collection of anything, I seem to invent new ways to get these small kicks. So, I stretch it by collecting some duplicates! I have limited myself to small models of about equal scale (so they won't fill the house too much, and so that I can display them together) - and single coloured units with no pictures, logos or letters. I just seem to like them better. None of the duplicates count as being part of the numbered collection, and I may not devote a picture for each model.

  1. 1/57 Matchbox
  2. 1/56 Realtoy - long wheelbase, facelift
  3. 1/72 Real-X - long wheelbase, facelift



The first was acquired when several collegues at work bought R/C battery operated flying helicopters with brush-free electrical step motors and all niceties. I matched(?) them with these little passive models. Now I have three small helicopters, to modernize my A-classes display-for-fun at work. The continuous, years long display at work, is not only for fun: it's also for aesthetic enjoyment. So, I bet it increases my productivity as a computer programmer! However, I absolutely don't collect helicopters!

I assume the length, as I find them on Wikipedia are full length, including rotor(s), as www.bellhelicopter.com/../407_2006_jan_web.pdf seems to show, where external dimensions of Helicopter-5 are shown to be 12.6 m. Most helicopters here are 12-13 m. in real life

  1. Helicopter-1 - 1/160? (Eurocopter EC 135) - Body:7.4cm == 12.16m
  2. Helicopter-2 - 1/80 on box, 1/120 as measured (Eurocopter AS 350) - Full:11cm =? 12.9m
  3. Helicopter-3 - 1/72 (Bell?) - Full:17cm =? 12.3m
  4. Helicopter-4 - 1/60? (Eurocopter EC 135) - Body:18.5cm == 12.16m
  5. Helicopter-5 - 1/43 (Bell?) - Full:29cm =? 12.6m
  6. Helicopter-6 - 1/32 (Agusta/Hughes) - Full about 9.5 m (tiny in real life!)



By some strange means some people have got hold of pre-production units. I have only seen these as diecast, on eBay. They don't have any paint and must be unpolished. Certainly something for anybody who would want to make their "own" model. I don't collect. 

Disclaimers etc.

Disclaimer about links
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Models not here (1. gen. A-Classes)

The 10 missing models (*)

  1. 1/80 [6016] anonymous model made in Thailand. It is quite similar to ChoroQ no:11.
  2. 1/80 The pre facelift version of the no:12 NIKKO iRacer. It has the Mercedes-Benz star on the hood, not in the grille. It is out of stock/available(?) from www.tisinc99.com. I wonder, is it only an OEM ChoroQ model, i.e. no:11 with different windows (wipers missing)?
  3. 1/48 [any 4024, 27,29,31,33,35] Anonymous. Text underneath "MADE IN CHINA" (7.5 cm)
  4. 1/43? Sander. Radio controlled, 27 MHz. See aozla.sakura.ne.jp - translated
  5. 1/36 Anonymous [3068] - This was an item once sold by Mercedes on their stand at the German Motor Show. Silver chrome like finish (10 cm)
  6. 1/32 [3017] A Welly (almost equal to no:41) but with no frame in door above and around the mirror. Study front doors. Text underneath: "WELLY NO.9731 MADE IN CHINA MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS" (11 cm)
  7. 1/30 [2048] - Anonymous
  8. (1/27 [2050] - Anonymous. Maybe this is the Hongwell 1/43 no:25?)
  9. 1/18 ト イコー Toyco - Radio controlled. www.toyco.co.jp is invalid
  10. 1/18 [1017](*) Anonymous. Is it a Song Sen? No text underneath. (20 cm)


April 2010: An eBay seller says he has in Impag model scale around 1/40. I am investigating.

Toru Nakashima's (right) list (see there, click "A-Class Information", "A-Class Miscellaneous", "A-Class ScaleModels"). It has not been updated since April, 2002.
  • I will collect: 1.) See 1/18 Toyco.
  • I won't collect: 1) HPI, see - 2) Tamiya, see - 3) TopCruiser, see.
  • I already have: 1) タ カラ - Takara - ChoroQ - my model no:11, 2) ト ミカ - Tomica - my model no:19, 3) フ ジミ - Fujimi - my model no:47, 4.) 1/20 Tronico. R/C - my model no:49

(*) Legend: Album number [xxxx] in the Robion51 collection (above, right). Many thanks to Robion51, for the details above.

Observe Inclusion criteria (above).

Quality collections
  1. "Robion51" collection
    A huge (202+) Dutch collection of A-Classes:
  2. A Japanese page by Toru Nakashima, see www.a-class.com (also at geocities). See his fantastic list of models (left, "Other").
  3. "Auta 5P" - Some A-Classes -
    Polish. I have all, but look at the nice pictures!
Reference Japanese letters, to help searching - Katakana for characters here and Kanji, Kangxi for chars at ChoroQ. I have used www.google.com to translate for me
  • A クラス
    "A KU RA SU"
  • ミ ニカー

    "MI NI KA -"
  • メ ルセデスAクラス
    "Mercedes A-Class" ("AClass")
  • メ ルセデス・ベンツAクラス
    "Mercedes-Benz A-Class"
Models not hereTopNot here 2. gen

Models mostly (not) here (2. gen. A-Classes) ::

2. and 1. gen compared
1. gen. vs. 2. gen: The picture above shows (left to right) (top, 1/43) 2. gen: Schuco - vs. - 1. gen: Herpa (no:27) (bottom, 1/36) 2. gen: Pro Innovation / Dickie Toys - vs. - 1. gen: Tins' Toys (no:34)

Three 2. gen. models
Three 2. gen.: Dickie (top, 1/24), New-Ray (NewRay) (front left 1/43), Maisto (right, 1/43)

Two 2. gen. models
Two 2. gen.: Maisto (top, 1/18), Welly (right, 1/24)

I do not collect these models, even if I now have most of them (those with scale in red, below). The 2. gen. A-Class is a "masculine" car, whereas the 1. gen. is "feminine", in my opinion. Each elegant in their own sense, and each have particular attributes I fancy - and don't. The 1. gen. was more radical and unique, whereas the 2. gen. even resembles some other manufacturers' models. The 2. gen. designers have, perhaps, looked just a little aside? Thanks, Thomas in Frankfurt at http://www.1zu87.com/ for some of the info here!
  1. 1/90 Takara-Tomy - Choro-Q model (Targa), 4/5 doors (there)
    • I have one: red here
    • Making something so far and at the same time so close to the real thing, and do it like this, is art. I more and more like these quite exaggerated models. It's even available in gold! And a series decorated as the 1. gen. (yes, first gen.) A-Class F-Cell model. Very much like no:11.
    • It is 42 mm long, and the 2. gen. A-Class is 3838 mm long.
  2. 1/87 Wiking, 4/5-doors (there)
  3. 1/87 Wiking, 2/3-doors (there)
  4. 1/87 Welly, 2/3-door. I bought some of these at Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg in August 2013. I only then discovered that these are real die cast metal models! I am not aware of any other 1/87 model in metal. I will add a picture later. (There)
  5. 1/43 New-Ray (NewRay), 4/5 doors (there)
    • I have one: middle picture, front left. Labeled "City Cruiser", imported to Norway by Toyco, Trondheim. Model 19003. The picture on New-Ray's web page (of model 19013) seems to be of the much more detailed & pricy Schuco model, below. Is there a connection? (Like, do New-Ray produce the Schuco models?) (Three duplicates given as gift, see point 19 and 21 in the list)
  6. 1/43 Schuco, 4/5-doors (there)
    • I have one: the silver metallic, upper picture, top left
    • It seems like Schuco also produce these models with different styling and hubcaps - an observation made from studying eBay ads.
    • Minichamps do not have A-Class models of any sort, no matter what some eager eBay seller may state! See www.minichamps.de
  7. 1/43 Schuco, 2/3-doors (there)
  8. 1/43 Maisto, 2/3-doors (there)
  9. 1/43 Maisto, 4/5-doors (there)
    • I have one: it's gray with sun roof, middle picture, right. It came in an original Maisto box, with no extra label, and with ©2005. It's product #21198 from Maisto in Fontana, California. It is a solid toy, with lower part of doors not bending in under the body, like it should. Probably easier to get it out of the mold? And it has protective plastic half-circles just inside the wheels on the rear plate, to releave the axles of bending forces. I have never seen that before.
  10. 1/36 Pro Innovation (there)
    • I have one: the blue in upper picture, bottom left - which says "DICKIE Toys" underneath. Ordered through Mercedes, so it should be the "Pro Innovation" stated by Mercedes in their model car 2005 and 2006 booklets. The model is "for children". I doubt whether they use the correct picture, they might just use the Schuco 1/43 model, which has an antenna.
  11. 1/24 Dickie, 2/3-doors
    • I have one: middle picture, back. "DICKIE SPIELZEUG. MADE IN CHINA. 05/06" underneath, found at a local store here in Trondheim, March '07. Article no. 3314375, "Salon car". A beautiful, silver toy model. No trace of it there.
  12. 1/24 Welly, 2/3 doors, die-cast
    • I have one: lower picture, red front. A very well done model. I did not discover this before 2010. My first model that came with a small plastic hand to open the two doors with! Rear door does not open.
  13. 1/18 Maisto, 4/5-doors (there)
    • I have one: lower picture, silver metallic back. Exquisite!
    • Same model 3-doors also exist, but I would not collect! I have seen an 1/18 "Kyosho" on Bay, but I cannot find any there, so I assume it's a Maisto.
  14. 1/18 Welly, 2/3-doors (must be there, but I can't find any!)
    • Here is a model at the German company Scale-Modelle
Models not here 2. genNot hereStart here
No 2. gen facelift models? ::

Pre-facelift classic 2nd gen
2. gen. classic: (1/1)

New front for 2nd gen facelift
2. gen. facelift: (1/1) seen any such model car?

Here is the pre-facelift "classic" second generation (2005-2008) - basis for all model cars?

However, I have not been able to find a single model of the second generation facelift which was on the road in the second half of  2008 (as "2009-model").

The facelift has different front bumper, headlights, grille as well as rear bumper and tail lights. On that model the grille is more sunk by the star, and the headlights more follow the lines of the wheel. In my opinion, these modifications "repair" the weakest design elements of the classic second generation, as compared to the first generation or even B-Class. The new front bumper makes the car not so wide mouthed - although viewing angle makes this more or less appearing.

Mercedes will "finish off" the A-Class as we have learnt to see it with the second generation facelift 2012 model: short and tall with sandwich floor - following the fate of the B-Class 2011 model. The last batch was produced around June 2011 I believe.

We bought one of them: A blue version of the last real A-Class - that of  2012 replaced our 2002 blue, long first generation facelift model. A neighbour bought the old! Thinking ahead, ten years from now - will we then have an electric, hybrid or fuel cell car? I have for some years thought that the next car change would be easy, and that Mari and I as a one car family would be carried by an electric motor.

The new third-generation A-Class (W176) started production in 2012.
This model was meant to lower the age of the average buyer. I was 62 in 2012, and don't really fancy the BMW series 1 either, so I am left behind - until a short, tall and mega-practical model reappears. With fuel cell and electrical motor.

My grandfather, as a young man, helped build the electric system in Norway - a hundred years ago, working with power station generators. Now I am a grandfather. The only problems left are that electricity isn't refilled from a hose, and that the hoses we now use started as creatures living a hundred million years ago. And they won't come back.


  • The picture series of the A-Class models to the right has been taken with the models sitting on the top of the stove chimney tube. I used some backlight and some sidelight and quite a lot of daylight.
  • Most pictures have been reduced to 80% jpg.
  • Cameras used are Sony DSC-P10 5 (2003-2006), Sony DSC-W100 (2006-2011) and Panasonic Lumix LX-5 (Lumix LX5) (2011..)
  • "BELOW, small and quoted text is the text underneath each CAR" (Length of model)

Vaneo, 2. gen A-Class, Smart and Mitsubishi Colt



This larger Vaneo (top picture) and the smaller Smart (third picture) were included in my A-Class collection for several reasons. Firstly, the models charmed their ways into the collection. Secondly, I fancy exceptions. Thirdly, a Smart and a Vaneo included unfloats the collection by giving it feet to stand on. Self referencing systems are difficult to relate to. And lastly, I have noticed both cars with respect. A 1/1 of the little rascal overtook us in our rented A-Class on the Italian autostrada. As always, it's what's inside that counts. And the Vaneos have always caused my head to turn. It's not as nasty as the A-Class design, but elegant in another mode. "This model is an Accurate Scale Model and not a Toy. Collectors model: Not suitable for children under 14 years. 1 of 1008 pieces" the box declared. The mental space of this collection takes me to previous and new days. My late father once bought a Matchbox model of his 1959 Austin. Even at 88 it was still with him, carrying his fainting memory. So, friends come in all forms. To the right, the 1/43 Vaneo is greeting the 1/43 model no:26 - and the 1/33 Smart is pulled by the 1/34 model no:38. It is the almost equal scale of the two latter which caused the Smart to go up on the trailer - to disguise some visible unevenness. Comparing on equal terms is easy. But finding those terms is not equally easy.

2. generation A-Classes: The center picture shows a birthday present, June 2005 - a 1/87 Wiking A-Class 5-door 2. gen. model (left). Its companion (no:09) is also a Wiking model. (Also see Models mostly not here (2. gen. A-Classes))

The Mitsubushi Colt (2004) 1/43 model by Vitesse also has a reason to enter my collection - as a cousin. The 5-door model seemed so reminescent of the A-Class when Mari and I first saw it displayed at Flesland airport, Bergen in October 2004. The Colt had been transformed from a boring car into a jewel. How come? Now, three years after, after having studied every one I walked by and decided on the cousinship, only then I read in Wikipedia that it was designed by the French designer Olivier Boulay. He had had years in Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio also prior to this. However, it's only the 5-door version that deserves the honour to enter my collection ;-) The model by Vitesse is #61of a limited edition of 2160, produced by Sun Star Models Development Ltd. in Macau. It is perfect. How do they make the logo and Colt text so chromish?

I hereby close the friend & relative pseudo-collection. No more additions after Feb.2007.

- My H0 2. gen Wiking model is really perfect, I cannot see it any other way. But I notice that Wiking now don't print "Germany" underneath any more.
By the way, Minichamps have never produced any A-Class model. Too bad! (At least not up to Nov. 04.) I have seen Herpa models been mistaken for Minichamps. Easy to do, since both companies make only the best.

1-2: www.minichamps.de - The Vaneo
2: "Mercedes-Benz Vaneo 1/43 Paul´s Model Art MINICHAMPS Made in China"
3-4: www.wiking.de (both are 1/87 Wiking models)
5-6: www.maisto.com - The Smart
6: "Maisto smart City-Coupé SCALE 1/33 MADE IN CHINA"
7-8: www.vitessemodels.com - dealer: www.biante.com.au (Biante Model Cars)

Vaneo friend (right)
1-2: A-Class and Vaneo (right)

Larger and younger brother (left)
3-4: A-Class and 2. gen. A-Class (left)

Smart friend (right)
5-6: A-Class and Smart (right)

Mitsubishi Colt cousin (red)
7-8: A-Class and Mitsubishi Colt 2004 (red)

Herpa model 065115 1/160 (N) green, plastic


no:01n-1 and N+1no:02

This model came in a box with a BMW 3er. It suddenly appeared in the mailbox a day in August 2004, half a year after model no:26 had arrived - as a rest-order from the Norwegian distributor. A pleasant surprise manifested in 780 milligrams of plastic. This model is so small - view it (right) together with model no:07 - which is 1/87. Even if my wedding ring had been for the little finger, this model would have passed through. It has front lights and rear lights, grille (but without horizontal bars) and a MB star. It has side mirrors and even microscopic wipers. It has interior seats and headrests. Both cars have the same hubcaps - at that scale this probably is fine. The box's barcode product name is "N-PKW 1:160". There is no indication where the models are made, except Herpa's address in Germany. So, they might just have been made there?

780 mg on a scaleBy the way, a weight of 780 milligrams scales to a 1/1 weight of 3194 kg - enough for about three A-Classes. 160 * 160 * 160 is 4096000 - so we "should" have had a weight of about 1100 kg / 409600 = 268 milligrams. Doing this calculation is, of course, one of those complete nonsense things - which are still enjoyable.

Modellbil Design - distributor
- Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH
"MB A-Class" (22.5 mm)

1/160 Herpa

Wiking model 918 02 27 1/160 (N) red, plastic



This model came in a box with two other cars, a VW New Beetle (which my youngest daughter (then 20) absolutely needed) - and a Porsche Boxter. When this and no:03 arrived, I had three N scale models. It is interesting to see how the manufacturers have emphasized different traits. Here, the interior and hubcaps elevate the model, but the front lights, side mirrors and the MB star are missing. For the front lights only two small drops of paint are needed. Every time I see a model without a star (or with a dot star as here) I wonder how licencing is handled. The model is also free of any MB texting underneath. However, the box has "MB A 160" printed, so it's probably OK. This was my acquired model #33. This is the only N scale model with a B-pillar that the manufacturer can write home about. However, it does misses the C-pillar.

Modellbil Design - distributor
www.wiking.de - Wiking

"Wiking" (22 mm)

1/160 Wiking

Busch model 8310 1/160 (N) blue, plastic



This model came in a box with an MB ML 320 - with the 320's body not pressed correctly onto the chassis. But the A-Class was fine, except for a clear trace of the left and right moulding forms downwards on the middle of the hood. Here, the MB star and front lights are clearly visible. But instead of any interior, Busch has chosen to make the windows dark and made them reflect light in a pleasing manner - even to have a B-pillar visually appear. But the C-pillar is missing. This was my acquired model #34. It has a quite exclusive look, even without any side mirrors.

(-: In my inclusion criteria list I used to have a rule stating that "it must have wheels, and they must roll". With this model I had to remove the latter part - for this model's wheels don't roll. Preben, a colleague at work, discovered this on his first glimpse of the model. And I, who thought I had studied it. My "rules" certainly are under pressure :-)
- 12 of these Busch models (of 6 colours) are carried by the Minitrix 15207 Autotransporter N-gauge automobile transport car (thanks, seller clballschnup on eBay for the info!)

Modellbil Design - distributor
www.busch- model.com - Busch


1/160 Busch

Busch and helicopter

Helicopter-1 (left) (next) says "Siku" on the rear wings. I think it is a Eurocopter EC 135 (same as Helicopter-4) in scale about 1/160. You can see it here together with a Busch duplicate - a pin I have been wearing for some years on my jacket.

Charm Max no 98, 1/100 blue, plastic with steel ball



Metal ballThis model is called "Famosa Turbo Ball" in the "Robion51" collection (search on this page). The eBay seller sold it as: "CHARM MAX BB Micro". So, maybe this is a "Micro Machines" model? If so, they were, like early Matchbox, made to equal sizes, not  to scale. Anyhow, this is an exact 1/100 model.

This is the only model I should have shown in a movie. It runs like a dream, due to an internal steel ball and the 4 individual, rotating wheels. The ball rolls on the table, the table cloth or even on the floor mat. And so, follows the surrounding plastic!

The reason I am uncertain about the family tree of this creature is this ball. I find no reference to a ball on the internet! Also, nothing in Wikipedia. Please mail me if you know this!

It's made of a monolithic mold, painted blue and black. This is not precision, like the H0 models, but it's never meant to be! However, it certainly has charm! Even the model in the old mirror.

This is my #48 model, sent to me from an American eBay seller, arguing with himself whether he should send it across the Atlantic to perhaps yet another person who just states "not delivered" - causing him to loose money, again. Thanks, Donald, for the exception!-)

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro_Machines - Wikipedia
www.puremicros.com/gscale.html - Micros Machines scales
"Charm Max China 98" (35.5 mm)

1/100 Charm Max

Herpa model 022941 1/87 (H0) red, plastic



By an English housePicture yourself in an air conditioned rented A-Class in a hot London summer day in 2002. One of the purposes is to have a visit to Hamleys to see if there is a 1/18 model of an A-Class in store. "No", the man behind the counter said, "you can't get that model any more, you will only find it in shops which have surplus stocks". That's when I really started to look for these models. Up till then I didn't collect. But I did find this beautiful tiny H0 model in Hamleys. Every detail is there! This is precision. Even the grille is complete with intact Mercedes star. When I was a boy I had Märklin trains in the same scale. The plastic house to the left I bought when I was 11, a century ago. I meet myself again now. Hello, Goodbye. But the feelings are the same. In the sky with tiny three-legged stars now.

1/87 Herpa

Herzen - heartsThis model is a true five-seater - as compared to models no:07, no:08 and no:09. There are three rear head restraints here.

Model no:10 and the left model are sunroof variations of this model.

The Herzen model decorated with hearts is my Mari's model which I, on a tip from Robion51, was lucky to get for her on eBay. Herpa have 6 different "Private Collection" models. The others are Landskron Bier, Tiger, W&H, Fußball and Amor. I don´t collect these, this Herzen is a duplicate I could not resist. Its Herpa product number is 189064.

Scale model scales:
I have used 'H0' (Half zero) for the 1/87 gauge. The same scale is also named 'HO' (Half capital letter 'O'). See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HO_gauge. Also see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Scale_model_scales "Scale model scales" for other gauges.

www.herpa.de - Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH

Herpa 1/87 (H0) silver metallic, plastic, facelift (*)



On a silver ash trayThe facelift versions were introduced in 2001. They are 31 mm longer than the pre-2001 models (see Lengths). This yields a 31 / 87 = 0.35 mm longer plastic H0 model. It is easy to see the difference between the models in real life, but I have failed spotting the right version on some of the smaller scale models. 0.35 mm must be a nail's thickness? How do the manufacturers think when they scale something down? Do they accentuate some of the traits? Or do they scale as accurately as possible, every little detail, and hope that the traits will be perceived as intended? How do the eye and brain treat details on a small object - and how on a large?

This model is perfect. Only one of the details: it has a perfect liftgate handle, with space for some (1/87!) fingers. I need a magnifying glass to study it. On the pre-facelift models the liftgate opens by pushing a lock button. This is, perhaps, the easiest way to spot a facelift version: watch for the larger oval handle. It has two parts: the upper handle and the lower space for fingers. It is all inside the liftgate, being flat on the surface. On the picture you can barely perceive it, below the sign plate.

In Sept. 2005 I again ended up with a duplicate. It was in Porto, Portugal. I had quite happily put the white 1/87 facelift Herpa model back into the display case - after all, I don't collect new colours! Then, 100 metres up the crowdy sidewalk a lady from the "Bazar Paris" shop overtook us gesticulating that she had found another A-Class - we thought. Not being certain that my 39th and previous model (no:51) would be the final entry (I don't think I have all yet), we climbed to the first floor - only to watch her happily offering me the model I had just abandoned! I did not know how to reject her enthusiasm, and for €7.61 the model was welcomed. My duplicate collection is growing, language failing me to control.

1/87 Herpa facelift

www.herpa.de - Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH
Model B6 696 1321 in the Mercedes-Benz "Model cars" booklet
Similar to model in Herpa two-pack 033107, but different colour


Helicopter-2 (left) (next) by Matchbox, "limited edition", 1/80. It's a white Eurocopter Ecureuil / AStar labeled "Air Maui" used on that Hawaian island. A jewel of a toy. "1:80 Matchbox RESCUE CHOPPER © 1998 Mattel Inc. CHINA 2014EA"

Busch model 48601 avantgarde 1/87 (H0) green, plastic



How do I know whether I should collect or not collect a certain A-Class model? For a long time I thought that I collected both classic and the elegance/avantgarde models because I believed the latter two were a little longer than the classic model. But this was completely wrong! I finally have realised that there had to be different die-casts (my main collection criterion) for the pre-2001 and later A-Class models - because all newer models in fact have the extra length. Mercedes calls the newer models "facelift". Studying an old and a new A-Class brochure helped me. I have tried to summarise this in the inclusion criteria (above) and lengths (bottom). So I bought this and no:08 in good faith. Luckily for me, it was easy to spot some difference between the models' bodies: the sunroof. This is acquired model #23, and I have not been paying attention to the roof earlier. I am not certain if I should in the future either. But the sunroof is the only difference from model no:08.

All these H0 models are next to being perfect. The front wipers on these Busch models (this and no:08) are not part of the window, yet they exist. This makes them the most volatile part of my whole collection, as they may easily be squeezed off the front.

www.modelglobe.de - distributor (Their model 20545)
www.busch- model.com - Busch

"BUSCH GERMANY Mercedes Benz A-Klasse" (40.5 mm)

1/87 Busch with sunroof

Busch model 48600 1/87 (H0) blue, plastic



Why don't somebody invite me to an H0 model maker to show me how they make these things? Herpa! Busch! Wiking!

See description no:07 about this model. Wiking has included paper numberplates to be cut out and glued to the model. Nice for any collector. But no Norwegian "DK-34383" - however, only correct for my facelift & long models no:14, no:52 (and perhaps no:12) - and the one in the garage.

Get the opportunity to hold and study an H0 A-Class model. It weighs nothing and yet have everything.

Busch has also produced a version with functional front and rear lights of this model! But too bad, it is a version with closed sun roof only - which I consider a duplicate. See www.modellbahn-kramm.com

The Marklin (Märklin 47122) flat railroad car contains eight Busch H0 A-Class models.

In 2013 I discovered (on eBay) a version of this model with front and rear lights (most probably LEDs). I bought it, and now it's been mounted with my H0 collection of locomotives and some "extras". The model is ©2012 by Busch. It may be connected to 14-16V AC or DC, but I connected it to an old mobile phone 5V charger to make the light softer. It's model H0 5638 and made in Germany. Another number on the box is BUSA283378 and it's licenced by Daimler. The "extras" I have for the small collection would also cover Danish light houses (1/87 "Sletterhage Fyr", article 350360 and 1/87 "Hvide Fyr", article 350550) from TRIP TRAP miniatures by Rikki Tikki Company

www.modelglobe.de - distributor (Their model 16823)
www.busch- model.com - Busch
"BUSCH GERMANY Mercedes Benz A-Klasse" (40.5 mm)

1/87 Busch

Wiking model 6010429 1/87 (H0) red, plastic



This is a "Berliner Feuerwehr" model. On the Berlin Fire Brigade web page, the text accompanying a picture of an A-Class, reads "Mercedes A Class. Emergency operations vehicle for the staff of the Berlin County Fire Brigade Chief's Office. In this vehicle, frequent space requirement changes can be accommodated through the removal of the car's seats. Likewise, the car drives so well that all of the Brigade's expectations are met (See about the Elk test below). Its blue light is not permanently fitted to the roof of the car, but is rather a magnet light stored in the boot which can be placed on the roof of the car as needed, powered from an outlet inside the vehicle. A hidden Wandel & Goltermann siren is fitted and can provide the appropriate sound signals." (Thanks, son Andreas, for the translation)

This model is just as nice as the Herpa and Busch models (above). Wiking has, however, chosen not to make visible the A, B and C-pillar grooves which should mark visible the door edges on their window top parts. This is an awkward observation, I know. The plastic translucent tape visible on the picture holds the model so it does not fall off the chimney tube. This is because the wheels are made of a hard plastic - whereas the other H0 models have more rubber type wheels which grip much better.

www.modelglobe.de - distributor (Their model 17033)
www.wiking.de - Wiking
www.berliner-feuerwehr.de/elw1.html - Berliner Feuerwehr
"WIKING Germany" (40.5 mm)

1/87 Wiking

The elk (test)


The elkUsing the A-Class as a fire brigade car must have been after the "elk test" (also called "moose test" or "double avoidance manoeuvre test") had been successfully passed, and the A-Classes were on the road again. This was in Feb.1998, and all cars had been updated with ESP and more. Because, after the car had been introduced in Sept.1997, the Swedish test sent both the A-Class and Mercedes into a "rollover crisis". Mercedes withdrew all models in Nov.1997 for the crucial updates. Read more at www.autozine.org.

Elks (see left, bought on eBay from Germany) were placed in the returning modified A-Classes, as a compensation to the (un)patient owners (other aspects, see below). My question is, how does an organisation look like on the inside when it is indeed able to come upon, decide and actually implement such an idea? Buying lots of Elks from a toy manufacturer for these means! Model development, new factory, thousands of A-Class employees and a - tiltet car! Obviously, psychological aspects must have been present for such a decision. Well done - admirable for any organisation.

- This elk is produced by Rhön Plüsch in Germany and may be washed at 30°C. It is about 105 cm long. See www.rhoener.de
- In Jan.07 a somewhat different elk appeared on eBay, allegedly produced for Mercedes-Benz by "Fa. Super Billy". It had different colour on the nose, no nose holes, and a somewhat different scarf.
- A "Plüschelch der Firma Aliki" has also been sold on eBay. It's 40 cm high, has large eyes and pink hands, bottom of feet and horn. Also, gray inside the ears and mouth and gold nose holes. It also has a steering wheel attached. A real toy, compared to our serious elk!
- On the picture you will see the vertical shelf slot for my complete A-Class collection. All (then 44) models were present when Mari shot the picture.

Other aspects: Below are other aspects of the soft moose story. Which of the stories are true? Please mail me about this! Advertising: In Jan.07 another German seller on eBay stated that "The moose was used at that time for advertising purposes for the introduction of the A-Class". The seller's moose was equal to our's. Accessory: drive.com.au points out that "So confident is the company that it has overcome the episode, it even sells a soft toy moose as an official accessory at dealerships in Germany."


Herpa 1/87 (H0) bluemetallic, plastic (*)



On a movieboxThis is a variation of model no:05 with a sunroof (and thus bodily exactly equal to the red Herzen duplicate, also see no:05). I used the sunroof criterion for the first time when I found an excuse to keep model no:07, so I might use it here as well. There is a good reason to do so: there must be different casting moulds for the models without and those with a sunroof. After all, the manufacturers probably don't sit there with a knife to cut out the opening. But I have not used that criterion for the 1/18 models - my shelf space is limited. This model arrived with the replacement model no:27 after the transport wreckage, as a gift!

I believe that this model is more distinct than model no:05, especially on the grille and the Mercedes-Benz star, shining like on a newly polished car. There now are two years since I bought model no:05, so I might have worn it a little pale since then. These models are looked at, studied in a careful hand, rearranged on the shelf - and carried around a little. I have had a display in my office at work so that my colleagues may have some fun, too. But only with a few models at a time. And I have carried them on my bike, carefully wrapped in a handkerchief. Of course this wears the models and their few microns of paint. I have thought, this way I might even wreck one of them some day, or loose one. But I wouldn't write poems for that loss.

www.modelglobe.de - distributor (Their model 19050)
www.herpa.de - Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH
Model B6 600 5636 in an earlier Mercedes-Benz "Model cars" booklet

1/87 Herpa with sunroof

ChoroQ 1/80 silver metallic, plastic



2. gen. modelThe model is as short as it looks on the picture - even if the camera lens distorts perspective somewhat. And the model is a Mercedes-Benz A-Class - even without a starred grille. The model and enclosure is void of both the star and the "Mercedes-Benz" name, so it is probably unlicensed. But didn't DaimlerChrysler AB trademark "A-Class" (A クラス) - since it is full of it? (But see Nikko iRacer comment, below.) I now wonder, how could I have withheld this model by thinking it was too particular? Of course, it's only one of some in the ChoroQ (ポョ ロ Q) brand of models, meant to virtually fly. It is light and had an excellent pullback spring engine when I received it. I believe that freeing it of a couple of tooth wheels increases the model's life span. The scale of this model is more or less 1/80, considering the proportions. The rear wheels are larger than the front wheels - not hard to understand why. But beware, the lens perspective in the picture shows too small rear wheels. But too particular to like? Not at all! The model has a rear large plate (with text printed). According to Wikipedia (below) this is a penny racer, invented by Takara in 1978. Quoting the article: "What is also distinct about the cars is the slot at the rear, where a small coin can be inserted for the wheelie effect". This model is a pleasant A-Class caricature.

-See a missing model quite equal to this (#2 there)
- See the 2. gen. 1/90 model (above, left). A dramatic and elegant transformation from Takara. Read here
www.toyeast.com - Distributor (Prod nr. AQOTH011, search for "A-Class")

www.takaratomy.co.jp - Manufacturer is Takara (2006: Takara-Tomy)
www.choroq.ne.jp - CHORO-Q brand (Wikipedia)
Bottom text (see Japanese letters):
"ポョロ QHG 350 ポョロ Q Aクラス"
"創作・著作物 ® TAKARA. CO. LTD' 80 ' 99 TAIWAN"
Rear plate text: "CHOROQ CL
ASS No.39" (43.5 mm)

1/80 ChoroQ

Nikko iRacer model 700250 1/80 blue facelift (long?), plastic



Facelift with lower liftgate handleSimultaneous nightmare and dream: a model arrives in my collector's expecting hand, only to reveal a need to open the other. By studying the model carefully I realise that this is a variant! Nikko probably have replaced the model most often depicted for this one. My list of missing models seems to be of non-decreasing size. See Models not here.

The Nikko infrared remote controlled (RC) iRacer oddity definitively is a 1/80 scale model, and not as advertised, a 1/120 model. A-Class length of 357.5 cm divided by 4.5 cm is as close to 80 as could be, tolerances regarded. Here, the manufacturer has chosen to display the internal electronics by making windows and sun roof of clear plastic. As an electronics engineer myself I admit that the internal in this case is something to write home about. Also, it looks more open and friendly that way. And besides, some IR-translucent area has to be there for the infrared receiver diode to see the signals from the remote control unit's transmitter, and dark plastic may not be translucent enough. The model has a Mercedes-Benz star in the grille, the front sign plate reads "NIKKO" and the liftgate reads "A190". The rear sign plate reads "700250", the model number. This is a facelifted version, seen by the lower handle and not upper push-button on the liftgate. It's also obvious from the front bumper details that this is a facelifted version. Comparing the pictures of the pre facelift version and this one - I wonder, is this actually a long version?

-See a missing model, pre-facelift? of this  (#3 there)

www.nanorc.com - about iRacer
minimodel:rc - distributor
www.nikko-group.com - Nikko
"!RC-2 ©NIKKO MADE IN CHINA" (45 mm)

Nikko iRacer facelift 1/80

Schuco juniorline model 3316150 1/72 orange, die-cast



On a table clothThis is the first time I see any 1/72 scale model - in a life time. It is also my first orange A-Class. It is small and made of metal, so it sits well in the palm. It is a beauty to look at, with minute detailing. The headlights are of plastic, not white paint. Good. The mirrors on the sides are painted white - ok for the scale. The front windows are partially open. The steering wheel is black with light brown interior. Nice! But the liftgate window has quite thick heating wires, more suitable to resemble bars. And the Mercedes Benz and star logo on the hood has not been aligned with the MB star in the grille. Piggy, as revealed in model no:25, would have liked this crooked pimple, too. The wheels and the hubcaps are perfect. The door handles are well painted. The sign plate in front has "MB A140" minutely printed - but the rear sign plate is a too thick anonymous plastic piece. But as a whole? My 19 then years old youngest daughter Jenny declared that she would want to own it. She acknowledged with a photo of our plexiglas shining rooster, Italian lemon pattern salad dish and some three A-Class friends. And see the picture of the model in my mother's father's wine taster's cup, engraved "A/S Vinmonopolet 1922-1952".

1/72 Schuco

On my grandfather's jubilee plate from 1952This model certainly is produced by Hongwell. Investigation on the net and the experience with the duplicate of model no:25 have made me infer so. (See below, I found one of these proving it.) It seems that Schuco, or Dickie - Schuco, is a value-added reseller (VAR) of Hongwell cars. Hongwell then, in this case is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It is strange to see how OEMs leave or must leave their identity behind - not a whisper on the model of its Hongwell origin - except "Made in China" on the box - rather anonymous'ing. The chassis is then of course different, because it carries company identity. But the rest is taken from the high-volume production line, I assume. Also for other VARs.
- I found an original Hongwell model in a toyshop in Dokka, Norway - in August 2004. The box was again neutral, printed with "Made in China" only - but this time the chassis revealed its 'h'-badged Hongwell origin. Of course, my then quite rigid "inclusion criteria" made me leave the model for some other happy boy.
- I gave a red one away, with "h HONGWELL MERCEDES BENZ A-CLASS" underneath in November 2016
- Observe that there is an erroneously decorated box, with "Schuco H0 Edition 1:87" out there! The contents is this model: Schuco 1/72. However, the seller did discover a small logo on the box, stating "1/72". (April 2011)

- See a huge Hongwell A-Class model collection at www.hongwell.co.uk/mercedes/a_class
- About Hongwell, see www.mb300sl.de
- Another VAR reseller of this car is the Japanese candy company Furuta, see 

www.classicjack.com - distributor
- Schuco
"Schuco ®" (51 mm)

Real-X model 51 820-D4 1/72 orange, die-cast, long wheelbase, facelift



Normal and long doorThis is a "long wheelbase" A-Class model (as no:12(?), no:20 and no:52), a fact I did not realise before it arrived from Taiwan. I had for a long time thought that there was only one 1/72 model ever produced. But I was, by studying the picture on the net, almost certain that this was not a duplicate. Compared to model no:13 I had noticed the slightly thicker tilted bar behind the back doors. But I had not noticed the wider back door. 17 cm divided by 72 should yield a 2.4 mm wider door (and longer model). As compared to no:13, this does not have white paint in the side mirrors, so there is no illusion of a mirror. And it does not have any interior mirror, nor wipers. But it does have the little window in front of the external mirror. The liftgate window heating wires here are properly sized, with thinner wires. And the numberplates are nice and thin, with "MB A-CLASS" on both. How lucky a man I am who is able to do such unnecessary work as comparing two 1/72 A-Class models. Our ancestors must have compared pebbles like this. It is astonishing how natural it feels.

Observe that the company who produce the Real-X range is in fact called Realtoy. See breithaupts.com/totc457.htm where they write "Realtoy also presented their new "collector" line of 1:72 scale models called Real-X with a rather large initial selection". They also seem to mention there that Polistil is the same company, owned by BBurago.

www.realtoy.com - Manufacturer is REALTOY INTERNATIONAL LTD
(According to www.toyeast.com YODEL has produced this model)
www.taiwantoyking.com - Distributor Taiwan Toyking , found at eBay: cgi.ebay.ca
"MB A-CLASS 1/72 REAL-X CHINA" (52.5 mm)

1/72 Real-X

Duplicates collection 3: (top) I collect different versions of the Real-X 1/72 models. See list (below)


Duplicate collection 1

Helicopter-3 (above) (next) by Simba-Dickie as "Aero Club" article 3565789, about 1/72. I think it is some kind of Bell helicopter. "F812 MADE IN CHINA" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Helicopter

The duplicates collection 3:

  1. Blue (#52)
  2. Red (#50)
  3. Black (#51)
  4. White (missing ) (*1)

(*1) Jan06: Quoting a Japanese seller on eBay, who had a beautiful white version of this model for sale: "This is a 'BOX toy' made only for the Japanese market. Each minicar was packed inside of BOX and sold by Vending machine. Which minicar was inside was a mystery until the BOX opened. Some of the minicars are rare items, and very difficult to find!" The model was produced in 2003.

Welly Q-collection model 2711 1/72, black, die-cast



Both 1/72?Languages come in all flavours. This model, as no:11 and no:12 are to me cast in the same language of form. Languages evolve when we have a need to communicate something or are in the need to describe a particular kind of problem. My problem with the common form of these models is that I don't understand the "semantics" of it. Does the form signal speed and muscle? The models have rear wheels as a leopard's back legs, and they sit alert as the animal before attack. In addition, no:11 and this model are both named something with 'Q', and they have a flat vertical panel in the rear. Is it to hold the soon-attacking model before it is being released in some kind of a racing track toy? I think I have seen something which could indicate so on a Japanese web page. Please mail me if you know!

This model has the most: door handles, front and rear lights. It has real B and C-pillars, not as decoration of the plastic windows. It has Mercedes-Benz star in the grille and on the liftgate (together with the "A140" text). However, it has no wipers. Of course the windows are not very translucent - and they are blue. So that the spring engine inside is hidden. This is my acquired model #41.

The scale in the length direction is around 1/76, but it is proportionally much wider. So, the place in this series is about right. See red duplicates of this and no:13 compared. One is correct, the other how the A-Class feels inside.

wellydiecast.com - Q-Collection 2711
Rear plate text: "Q COLLECTION Mercedes-Benz A-Class" (47 mm excluding rear plate)

1/72 Welly model 2711

Welly model 2027 1/60 green, die-cast



Steering wheels differ

Service stations keep all kind of things these days. From Welly's web page it seems that this scale is obsolete. This used to be the smallest model I had which had printed both "A140" and a Mercedes star on the liftgate. But later this was outdone by two 1/87 models - Wiking no:09 and Herpa no:10. This model has a very nice grille and MB star, unusual for a toy-like model as this one. The only minus is the wheels - the hubcaps seem to fall off any time. The designers have correctly made the front hood to end below the wipers. On some of the die-cast models the hood in a way includes the wipers. This model - also for my liking.

1/60 Welly model 2027
Hubcaps differ

The only other Welly models (by my way of seeing things) are my models no:41 and no:15.

- I have four versions of this model - all the same colour.
1. The original model
2. The leftmost of the pair (upper) was presented to me by my wife Mari's son Øystein. Observe modified interior with differently positioned steering wheel for the two of them.
3. The leftmost of the pair (lower) was presented to me by Mari's son Anders. Observe the more "correct" hubcaps. Also, painted red rear lights.
4. A variant of 3, described below:

Grilles differ

- The rightmost model (picture, left) has no body grooves for the grille and the star. Instead it's plain flat there, and they have glued a grille sticker with star and all in place of the real thing. Much cheaper than to paint? This could have become an extra model - they may have made a new mold for it, or they may have smoothed it down with a file. A guess the latter, so therefore I have decided not to consider it a unique model. (Found in Ekerö, April 2009)

welly.icorplink.com/web/ - Welly Die Casting Fty. Ltd. No. 2027

Mattel (Matchbox) 1/57 yellow, die-cast



The nice pair duplicatesWe found this little earless yellow rascal at the airport in Vienna in November 2003, gently placed there for a busy traveler to bring home for his little boy. I would have brought it home also to a little girl. It is one out of four models I have with metal chassis (the others are the Tomy 1/57 model no:19 the Herpa 1/43 models no:26no:27). When it arrived it was pale, with only red rear light, and one white numberplate. I painted the other numberplate and the headlight white and the door handles black, and the air holes under the front bumpers black. I also had to give the Mercedes star some contrast. This is the only model that needed, and deserved such treatment. But why didn't Matchbox give it side mirrors? I like this model. Am I blind for it just because it is (or was, until no:43) the only yellow model I have? Or does it have more?

1/57 Mattel (Matchbox)

- Matchbox seems to swamp the market with variations over this mould. I have seen one of those described as "Hot Wheels" on eBay. This probably is wrong, the HotWheels page reveals no A-Class. But Mattel owns the HotWheels brand, and some of the A-Class variants certainly look like belonging to that family...
- Some times these models are quoted as being 1:60 or even 1:64 scale. Why is it so?
- In Jan.07 I bought 4 more duplicates (all yellow as this) - to become gifts for grandchildren. For some strange reason I had thrown away the initial model's box, but now I could see that it is Matchbox product no. 90156-1712. I also noticed on the boxes that this yellow model is part of a "Stars of Germany" collection. There are 12 models in this collection, obvioulsy all of German cars. These yellow duplicates have the same hubcaps as my original, but with more paint; however, they are not equal to the white and black models' hubcaps.
- In 2005, Matchbox issued other collectors' limited series of this mould, called "Superfast" (and "model #32"). I must say: the black and white duplicates tempted me more than I could bear. See picture. They do have the same mould as the yellow, and are extremely delicate. But the tyres are different: no "Matchbox" text on them, as on the yellow model's wheels. 15500 units of the black were produced, 8000 of the white.
- In Aug. 2007, Mattel admitetd to have used poisonous paint on millions of their toy cars, see. By a list I found on the internet, it does not seem like these models are included. However, I am not that naive, so I will make sure not to give away any duplicates of this model to small children who would tend to have toys in the mouth. This probably would go for many of the other models as well.

www.mattel.com - Mattel, Inc.

Duplicates collection 1: (next)  I collect different versions of the Matchbox 1/57 model. However, they must each be single coloured with no pictures, logos or letters. In order of purchase (and with Matchbox (#number)):

Observe three hubcaps

  1. Yellow (#??)
  2. White (of "limited" series) (#32)
  3. Black (of "limited" series) (#32)
  4. Silver metallic (#31)
  5. Red (#75)
  6. Green  

My models have:

Three different hubcaps (the whole 1/57 Matchbox A-Class set has more).
Two different Matchbox logos on the base (I think the first is oldest): a framed rectangular with "Matchbox ®" inside (4,5) and  a framed elliptic with "Matchbox" only inside (1,2,3).
Suspension with spring effect (1,4,5), or stiff suspension (2,3).
Preproduction unit, painted by eBay seller - I don't collect (6)

Duplicate collection 1

Pre-production unit
At last I got a glimpse from the production process of diecast models (in 2011).

I found this preproduction sample on eBay. The seller told that it originated from a clearance sale at the archives of the "Matchbox factory" in New Jersey, USA - when it was closed (around the year 2000?).

The resin model is solid throughout, but even then it weights less than the metal model (32 g vs. 40 g).

This piece was produced from a rubber mold, and would be the sample used before the mold for the diecast - as far as I understood.

It was made during the development of the above Matchbox model, and seems quite close to the final unit.

Read about "die-cast toy" at Wikipedia at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die-cast_toy. Search for "Matchbox" there and follow the quite interesting path from Lesney Products in the UK to Mattel in the USA, via Tyco. Also see "Matchbox and The Models of Yesteryear Range Part 1" at The Matchbox Club. Small pieces, big business.

Majorette model 216 1/57 blue, die-cast



My kids (Andreas, Silje and Jenny) gave me the blue model as an extra Christmas present in 2001, found in a shop somewhere in Edinburgh. My first impression of the model was that there was something wrong with it. Some little detail that didn't add up to a real A-Class? Maybe the wheel axles were too short? Why wasn't there any liftgate plastic window? And why could not the liftgate open? (Read on).

So I used to believe that the blue model did not have a liftgate to open, and that it therefore was a beta-version of the newer red model (below, with helicopter), which did have a liftgate to open. Consequently, I thought that the models were cast from two different mouldings, and I counted them as two entries in my collection. Later, my new friend, the owner of the Robion51 collection, queried in a mail in Jan.05: "Is it not possible that your blue one can be opened?" I then psyched myself up to apply force on the defenceless car - to find - the liftgate did open! I immediately had the red model reduced to a duplicate, not a proper member. I chose the red to suffer this destiny because the blue had been given to me as a gift.

I have heard it say that if we take a dead fly and place it in front of a frog, the frog won't notice this obvious food - but if we shoot the fly with a finger, in front of the frog's eyes, the frog immediately catches the fly with its tongue. It only sees moving food. I must be a frog. Thanks, Robion51!

 I have grown to also like this model. After all, it is an A-Class, hard to resist. The headlights are nice. The side door windows are partly open. And the axles, only one way of many of doing it.

- This model has also been produced with nicer wheels and wheel hubs.
 They have two "silver" circles. See Robion51 [5007] etc.

www.majorette.com/ - Majorette Toys

1/57 Majorette model 216

Helicopter-4 (left) (next) is a completely anonymous toy, except that the box says "Joy City" and that it's "made in China". I think it is a Eurocopter EC 135 (same as Helicopter-1) in scale about 1/60. I am not proud of any company who would buy a product and hide the producer like this. Any reason for doing this would certainly not be acceptable. Even inside the model there is no sign of any maker. The label on the box says Item 454, Grossistservice, Solna, Sweden.

Tomy model 107 1/57 silver, die-cast



Liftgates to openI discovered this model on a Japanese collector's page. This is a model with high playability. No mirrors to break off. No wipers. Solid metal chassis. The liftgate opens, and there is no liftgate window to fill the model with unnecessary sand - but a gray, painted "window". Tomy has used four colours for this model: for the body and chassis, the front lights and grille, the rear lights and the liftgate window substitutes. This was the first left-hand drive model I had (the second is no:47). The interior is Spartan indeed - there is no dashboard whatsoever - only a lone steering wheel. But there is not a single reason why I should not like this model, since in addition, I will not push it so hard that the axles or the wheels will break. I can easily see the model survive a snowy winter in any garden sandpit. It will not need our warm living room glass shelf to survive a year.

www.megaegg.ne.jp/~kage3/.. - Tomica and no:21 comparison
www.taiwantoyking.com - Distributor Taiwan Toyking , found at eBay: cgi.ebay.ca
www.tomy.com - Tomy
"TOMICA (c)1999 TOMY NO.107 S=1/57

1/57 Tomy

Realtoy 1/56 metallic lavender, diecast, long wheelbase, facelift



This is an A-Class "long wheelbase" model (as no:14 and no:52 and no:12?). It seems like there are only Realtoy and Maisto who make long wheelbase models. The seller on eBay of course saluted this model, but she was indeed right: it is the gem she promised. And in the autumn of 2005, a full year after the 2. gen. A-Class was introduced, I had become convinced that there would not show up any new 1. gen. models. This model is so nice that I bought a duplicate on eBay (this one mint with box, not mint without), which I initally thought to use for trading with other collectors. But once arrived, it preempted my intentions.

Long!I don't know whether Mercedes-Benz has delivered any light violet/lilac A-Class and with hubcaps like these. The model has no wipers, and wheels and axles are quite wide - but playability does not suffer. It's nice to feel the road, and nice that wipers can't fall off - were I a boy with it. It gives a pleasant feeling in the hand and to the eye. The sign plates read "MB A-CLASS". I have studied it exhaustively, and yes, the Realtoy men and women are good at it.

- This make is also sold under the "Fast Lane" label, according to an eBay seller
- Also, in a "SPEED LIMIT" wrapping
- Aug.2010: The windows of my red duplicate (below) have been destroyed by sunlight! They simply went gray by rather fair sunshine over 2-3 years. Keep these models in the shadow!

Realtoy 1/56

www.realtoy.com - Manufacturer is REALTOY® INTERNATIONAL LTD

Duplicates collection 2: (next) I collect different colours of the Realtoy 1/56 model. All these models seem to come as single coloured with no pictures, logos or letters:

Duplicates collection 2 (models #1-4)

  • Lavender (*1)
  • Red (*2)
  • Green
  • Yellow (*3) (*4)
  • Safety orange (*5)

Duplicates collection 2 (model #5)

(*1) On the lavender duplicate´s box it is called model no. 18242-MS(P), under the "Action City ®" label. Box printed by Peterkin®, Leicester, UK - see www.peterkin.co.uk (*2) An Englishman sent me (as a gift, thank you, J :-) a model like this with a box labeled "Tesco, Mini series". It was produced for Tesco by Realtoy, with "promise" number 060223 (www.tesco.com). (*3) "Corgi Wheelz" (Corgi model no. TY93208 RT1205), also produced by Realtoy. (*4) I also had a peach Realtoy of the kind arrive by a mistake - since it was yellow. The colour looked different on the picture, so I now have a(nother) duplicate of duplicate. From www.go-velo-city.com - with www.darontoys.com on the box. (*5) "Fuel line mini series. Produced in Japan for Tesco Stores Ltd. © Tesco 2008. SC 102528". "MB A-CLASS 1/56 100317 REALTOY MADE IN CHINA" underneath. The sun roof is painted gray, where the four others' are black. However, hub caps are very chrome.

Siku model 1094 1/55(?) blue, die-cast



Yes, I have read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I have also spent some time searching the internet for A-Class models. All of a sudden, after having found some already, a model by a German manufacturer called Siku pops up. I went to www.siku.de only not to find a search engine, but a 500 page physical catalogue - for sale. However, the Norwegian reseller was there. A phone to them unveiled a shop here in Trondheim. The address was only opposite of the street from where I work! Excited but with little expectations we ('cause Mari also works close to there) - entered what turned out to be a huge toyshop. I already had 20 A-Classes, so it was my number 21 that was waiting there on the rack - for this non-event in the life of the universe: discovering more beauty. Desirous I grabbed two. These had to be twins, and I got my first duplicate. The C-pillar (or "C-post") displays quite well where the rear of the roof and the rear door meet - and the pillar is thin enough. The grille and the star are nothing but perfect. The wheels are nice, the hubcaps likewise. The numberplate is "MK- MN444" - I wonder why. The liftgate opens, but there is no plastic in the window - to make room for small fingers? - and the hinges are quite visible. Playabilty increases, but it does become the backside of the model. And the headlights are lacquer, not plastic, which probably would have been nicer. The wipers are made of parts of the translucent front window - nice to look at but not 100% correct. However, as a model to hold in the hand and rest the eye on - it is absolute nice(ty). Returning to The Alchemist, now - what else should I go home for?

www.megaegg.ne.jp/~kage3/.. - Siku and no:19 Tomy comparison
www.siku.de - Siku
"MERC. BENZ A160 1094 Siku
75 kW 102 PS 182 km/h 4000 U/min 4 Zyl. 1598 ccm CE" (65 mm)

1/55 Siku duplicate

Anonymous unit 1/55 black, die-cast, facelift



Ida (2) made her own model car presentationThis model would have attracted Darwin. Is it an extinct specie or an embryo? No Mercedes-Benz star in the grille or anywhere else, so it must be unlicensed. No C-pillars, so the two rear triangular windows are parts of the door. This actually means no liftgate. The painting says "ROAD STAR SPEED 4WD", so this specimen is interesting, seemingly being a 4WD car. All plastic windows and the headlights are the same piece, causing the front lights to have sunken eyes. This was a model that lived inside a collection of 12 different units in a box at a local toyshop. I could easily resist it for a long while, but when I was unable to hide the forces of Darwin's nature, Mari gave it to me as an extra birthday present. She recognizes me as a collector type of speci-man. Instead of the 11 extra non A-Class models, there were well tasting "Bamsemums". The model itself is anonymous, but the box is not so - it must be the same maker as model no:36. This model (and the rest of those in the box as I remember them) must have been targeted for those of us who like coloured decorations that display high specie race-ability. Even if this is not me, it hit. 

- I have seen this model in a pack with two other models (as black), and also in a pack by itself (as red) - with "Dickie" printed on the box. (Aug. 04)
- Measured, this model is a 1/53, but another collector told me it was a 1/55 model. Maybe 1/53 is no scale? (Sept. 04)
- Dec. 2006: The other 11 left-over models were made to reappear by Mari, for little grandchild Ida (just 2), to de-focus my -  also to her - attractive, but not that playable collection. After two days Ida had her own solution: the soft bear I had placed in the bottom shelf was discarded for her own exhibtion (see picture)

Bamsemums - marshmellow bears
Box id: Pioneer, Street Machine, Collection Playset and Pro Engine™ -
Item no. PT- 2014
"CHINA" (66.5 mm)

1/55 China anonymous

Anonymous (Dickie) unit 1/55 blue, die-cast, facelift



This is Mark II of my no:22. The anonymous manufacturer of this model now has added the C-pillar - however, filled the triangular window behind it with metal - and used the liftgate window from an altogether different car. So, this one neither, is no Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Here there even is no MB star and no grille. But the decoration is quite nice I have learned to see; I used to hate that kind of visual noise. I hope the fire is not what happens should I really try it OFF-ROAD. Popping by the closest supermarket from where I work in Dec. 2005, my 43rd model was waiting on a shelf, inside a plastic with a van and a helicopter. Some times I wonder, what is the internet for? I, who have been concentrating my search there lately. So, this model went straight into the collection without even having been on the "models not here" list. The thrill of not having control! The van and the helicopter have been given to a 3.5 year old girl, she is just about old enough for them. Dickie, who packed this model, have depicted all the models in this series on the box. But "this" one was equal to the above no:22 with flames painted. So, I assume the mould is quite new, not even facing up to its own picture. No wish for any body, is it?

www.simba-dickie.com - Simba-Dickie-Group
Box id: Dickie Spielzeug, DieCast, Car Salon, Street Runner, Imported from China by Coop Norden AB
"CHINA" (66.5 mm)

1/55 China anonymous new

Anonymous unit 1/50 blue, plastic



1/50 Anonymous plasticThis is a wild interpretation of an A-Class, if it has been interpreted at all. Is it about 1/50 and is anonymous. It is made in hard plastic and has almost no details. Blue with orange wheels, good for the sand pit or on the beach. It also comes in red with orange wheels or orange with red wheels. I bought some from a nice eBay seller close to Buenos Aires in Argentina, who (like me) knew what he was living by. I thought they would be good to play with for those under three. They were!

This certainly is a copy of a model by FlexiToys in Sweden (now VikingToys, but made in Thailand). I have had mail with them and they confirmed they had produced "an A-Class", and that their contract mith Mercedes had ceased years before 2009. The FlexiToys model had an MB star in the grille, removed on this model. You may see at Robion51's collection as [5099] and 1/55. Scale is open for interpretation. I have decided that I will not consider that model as unique from this model. They would both count as the same.


1/50 Anonymous plastic

Hongwell 1/43 blue metallic, die-cast



Two missesThe 1/43 scale is very attractive, small and large at the same time. I bought this car at a service station in Gudbrandsdalen in the summer of 2003. I immediately removed the pullback spring engine. Miss top-of-pencil piggy has been with the family for many years, suddenly I saw her by this model, and I had to shoot the picture. She has been model for many homemade marzipan piggies during Christmas preparations. The Hongwell has a pimple on the hood, so piggy must have recognized. I like them both. And I think: some person out there once created these things. Plastic or die-cast, without somebody who got up in the morning, less good feelings for me. Thank you! And you A-Class designers. My regards!

- The "pimple" is a Mercedes-Benz logo with circular text and star - obviously present on the 1/1 car in some markets. As from the second-generation A-Class it is also present on the models here in Norway. On this model it is so "iconised" that the text isn't really readable, not even with a magnifying glass. Honwell also produce this model with "no badge on front" (see "co.uk" link below).
- I have also seen the Hongwell models under the Cararama badge.
  - This model is also boxed under the name Junior Driver. A company in Scotland named Caledonian Collectables makes customised or reliveried models of local ambulances of these A-Classes. Too bad that I consider them as duplicates! The company has no web page, but they seem to use eBay (1.2005)
- This model, as a 1/43 scale cabriolet (or "cabrio" or "convertible"), appeared on eBay, converted by the seller (1.2005). The world's only A-Class cabriolet? Nice ride even for those of us who have fast become a little too dependent on automatic air conditioning. A very tempting "duplicate" - which I did leave for others to enjoy. Do enjoy, then! (Do enjoy, Robion51!)
- In the Robion51 collection, this model also appears as a "Simba Top Car" and "Kitahara no.013".
- Unintentionally I ended up with a duplicate of this model. It is a Schuco Juniorline 1/43 Mercedes A Class, red - 27102.  It's pictured with the helicopter (below). I consider a red model as a duplicate of a blue model because of my inclusion criteria. See discussion about OEMs and VARs at model no:13.

1/43 Hongwell (metallic)

www.hongwell.com/ - Hongwell Toys Limted (Hong Kong)
See overview at www.hongwell.co.uk/mercedes/a_class/a-class-main.html


Helicopter-5 (left) (next) by Simba-Dickie as "Aero Club" as article 3565922, about 1/43. I think it is some kind of Bell helicopter. "Dynamic RU-137" (labels)

Herpa model 070515 1/43 floraviolet metallic, die-cast



All three of them!German design, made in China - still one of my most expensive models. It is 5.5 times more expensive than the blue Hongwell above. Yes, a higher quality model, but it is still hard to quantify added value - would double price have been fairer? Herpa produced the 1/87 model no:05 in Germany, and it was much cheaper than this model. Please explain, somebody! This is A-Class with "Classic" printed on left and right front window sills. It has true and clean lines; and is somewhat more slender than the above Hongwell model no:25. It is supposed to be the same car, so how come? It is lower than the above car; probably because the wheels don't need that much free space since it doesn't have a pullback spring engine (to remove). There is metal all over, this one also has a metal chassis. There is a real numberplate, with "A-140" on, not only a taped message. However, its thickness somewhat disturbs the front. The grille is shiny chromed, as on some of the other models of my collection. On some other models, f.ex. the blue sibling no:25 above, cheaper silver paint is used. All three mirrors reflect light, which is nice for any 1/43 of us. And the side mirrors sit on glass, not metal. The model does look right. Very right.

- I have seen this model described by an English seller on eBay as an AUTOart model. It seems like the UK supplier markets them as Autoart and that they presumably are distributed into the UK by Autoart.
- In the Robion51 collection, there is a Vitesse branded version of this car.

Modellbil Design - distributor
- Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH
Model 070515
"MERCEDES BENZ A-KLASSE herpa" (83.0 mm)

1/43 Herpa (floraviolet)

Herpa avantgarde 1/43 black, die-cast, facelift (*)



One missing mirror!This model arrived with the bottom chassis fastening screw loose. There had been nothing but the hard walls of the sturdy plastic box to bang the moving model - easy to see on the car - and by smashed plastic. When my son (then 28) picked it up at the post office for me, it was too late. See the model (right), after having had its own private Monte Carlo race. I guess the insurance will cover with a shiny replacement. But am I really interested? The right mirror is broken off. No! And the lacquer is a disaster for any glass shelf. But it has a story. Yes! So, should a replacement arrive, I hereby pledge not to replace the 300 pixel width picture (right). Any better model will have to do with a 250 pixel picture (left). I could not possible do anything else.

- The replacement did arrive, together with model no:10 - free of charge - from the distributor. Thanks!

This is the 3 cm. longer facelift version of model no:26. The numberplates are different - here with "A-Klasse" at the front and "A-Class" at the rear. But all no:26 comments apply - and this also, is a beauty.

www.modelissimo.de - distributor (Their model 19040) (Search for "Mercedes A-Class")
www.herpa.de - Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH
Model B6 696 1925 in the Mercedes-Benz "Model cars" booklet
"MERCEDES BENZ A-KLASSE herpa" (83.5 mm))

1/43 Herpa after-2000

Guisval 1/43 green, die-cast



On "The Spin model checker" and fence with appleThis was the first model that I acquired after Robion51 (above) emailed me about his collection. In that collection, entry 4017 is a red, Spanish Fire Brigade model. I found this copy for sale on Spanish eBay. I assume the models stem from the same die-cast mould at the factory - so I consider them equal. It was sent to me from Alicante - where it has also been made. This is acquired model number #31, and I didn't even know that there was anything like a Spanish die-cast "Clase-A" manufacturer! Spain, how could I have thought? This model is a toy. Wheels are wide for high playability. To my pleasing it does not have a pullback engine, so I did not have to remove any. The liftgate is for imagination only, and there are no headrests in the back seats. The grille is nice but not utmost precision. Please tell me what the horisontal rear light arrangement is, Guisval! It spans from one rear light to the other - a wide light-panel or something. No doors open, it keeps cost down. So that more hands may hold the thing. Hands in any flavour. Like yours. And mine.

1/43 Guisval

In Spanish speaking countries they seem to mostly write "Clase A", with occasional use of "A Clase".

stores.ebay.de/DER-BESONDERE- SPANIEN-SHOP - distributor
www.guisval.com. - Guisval
From the box: "Miniaturas en metal. iA RODAR CON"

IXO, Altaya 1/43 red, die-cast, facelift



In the snowHere is a model I never thought would arrive so many years after the introduction of the A-Class. I acquired this as my model #47, in December 2009. Maybe there is a dawn for a new models, to keep us collectors warm? Great!

 I initially misled myself into thinking that this model was based on Herpa's facelifted version no:27. I thought there were two hints for this: it's completely anonymous, model and box (but not web pages, read on), and it's a Herpa type high quality model! This model also appeared on a Polish net shop called "Allegro", with a gorgeous picture, also labeling it as Altaya / IXO. I just wonder where the labeling came from?

It was sold on eBay as "hard to find item from a new Spanish limited collection of Mercedes-Benz cars from IXO Models / Altaya". It is presented as "Entrega 34 - Mercedes-Benz 160 A KLASSE 1997" on Altaya's web page.

According to Toynutz (below), Sonic International Toys Limited in China produces for  IXO-MODELS, and IXO delivers a collection of 50 models and magazine to Altaya. Downscaling is downhandling, as some detail would need to be removed on the model and some would have to be exaggerated. That's what I have observed over the years. However, according to an email with IXO MODELS "the tooling was made according to a scan of the real car".

The rear spoiler is in plastic and correctly part of the window. The detailing below the front screen wind wipers are part of the metal, not plastic as on the real car. Also, the linings between most segments are deep and quite visible. There's a double lining line from rear top spoiler, above the side doors, besides the front window, ending at the front lights. This looks nice. And the top of the side doors are part of the plastic door, not the metal roof. Last, the door handles are quite visible on this model.

On the tablePainting is thick and well done. The grille has a matte finish. There is a nice visible exhaust tube. The rear window's heating wires are thin, and its wiper sits nicely. The licence plate reads "CLASSE A" and the decals "A160" and "CDI". The side mirrors have blinkers (a white line) in front, which I now have seen in fact exists.

However, the front lights' plastic is too thick by a large amount. Also, the model is a facelift, introduced in 2001; not as the box says: "Mercedes-Benz 160 A Klasse (1997)".

This model certainly is a beauty. So, why keep it anonymous?

www.altaya.es - Altaya
www.ixomodels.com - IXO
www.toynutz.com/mfrs1.html - Toynutz info about model car manufacturers
www.model-car.com - a distributor
"MERCEDES A CLASS 1/43" (84 mm)

1/43 IXO/Altaya

Anonymous unit 1/43 yellow, die-cast



Here is my acquired model #49. I had given up on my eBay searches for half a year when I decided to renew. It took only a few days before this appeared. With the right side mirror pushed into the car, only to fall off when I took it out of the half ripped envelope. The replacement car has been promised to come in a box with stuffing pellets more than show off pellets. I'll keep the double mirrored piece for myself, and give the pictured to someone who only wants to play. As if that is "only".

Here is a model with front doors to open - the door variant without windows, which also makes opening easier. The other windows are very clear. It has a closed sun roof. The interior is fine.

But the whole model is coarse, especially the painting: everything is yellow. And the MB star is just a disc, so the manufacturer breaks MB's copyright. Therefore the model was sold as "unbranded" (I have called this "anonymous" throughout this page). The model isn't wide enough, especially at the bottom. Also, the rear window spoiler doesn't end on the window but above it.There are no C-pillars, so the rear doors end up in nothing. You may see this in two of three N-scale models and no:22 and no:36. As on many models, the rear door is not shown as unique from the triangular end windows.

Interesting would be to know the address and see the street up to the manufacturer. How do they heat the furnaces, what is used in the paint? Do the workers go home after a sound day at work, or do they stay overnight?

At the end of the day - it's playable!

Added later: My next model was no:42, which may have been manufactured by the same Chinese company?

Front doors: picture.

"MADE IN CHINA" (83 mm)

1/43 Anonymous

AMERCOM 1/43 white, die-cast



This model came with a colour magazine in Polish, containing a long article with pictures of the model as well as pictures of the original from the Amsterdam Politie Holland. The magazine describes many details, like painting (malowanie). Everything looks so official and glossy, but there is no MB star in the grille of the model, so there was no royalties to pay. This is a contradiction.

The police car is branded by this Amercom company. There is no information of where it's produced. It has front doors that open, and a signal arrangement on the roof. The two licence plates read "17-HL-NH" which seems to be as on the original. Another miniature of this Dutch police car is no:45 Edocar 1/28.

This model looks nice. It bears close resemblance to the Hongwell (no:25), even if the front doors and door handles are different - as well as the inside of the mold behind the front lights. It is no scale model, also because detailing is loose - like back door windows. The c-pillar is black paint with no thickness. It is probably ok to play with, even if some details would fall off fast. Painting is quite good, the hood reads Politie Instituut Verkeer en Milieu. This is a unique mold, absolutely worth collecting - if the missing MB star is acceptable.

Front doors: picture.

I cannot find the magazine or a reference to the police car collection at www.amercom.com.pl However, the magazine is amercom kolekcja samochodów policyjnych nr. 23 (2009) ISBN 978-83-252-0323-8 or "Police 23"

"AMER/COM Collection" (85 mm)


Kinsmart model KT3765 1/38 black, die-cast



I first discovered this model in a Japanese collection on the web. Katanka is not much readable to me, but in the process a Japanese collector helped - mainly with the other entries in that collection. The KT3765 was in the blue, also to him. I then searched the net, but only the original page showed up. Without being aware of my problem, my daughter Jenny solved it. She had popped into one toyshop in Milan in Italy in the summer of 2004. On arriving home she wondered whether "you have this one. I found it in a basked with some other models." Already having 21 models in my collection, the probability of an overlap is just huge. Remember, I don't collect any same model with different color. But yes - here it was! So, having searching hands in a basket helped where internet search engines did not. Remarkable.

Watching this model from front or back is not problematic. It is as recognisable as some of my other models. But the profile is queer. The roof clearly is too high above the front seats, the roof's curvature looks wrong. The curving of the top of the liftgate is virtually missing. The back window seems almost straight with very little curving. An A-Class is not really like this. But it is a toy, not a precision scaled replica - so you should not really compare with Herpa's model no:27. Unfair to compare without also comparing prices. The rear triangular windows are missing. And there is a problem with the bonnet, the front lights and placement of front bumper. I think the bonnet is too raised and the bumpers too retracted, so it appears underhung. Even for the shorter pre-2001 model, it isn't there. But what can I say? If this model were equal to any of the other models, I would not have needed it. Would I? Enjoy the picture. I enjoy the model. See next model (below)!

www.kinsmart.com. - Kinsmart - KT3765
"Mercedes-Benz - A-Class 1:38 MADE IN CHINA KINSMART" (95 mm)

1/38 Kinsmart

Anonymous but Kinsmart 1/38 blue, die-cast



Underneath the two Kinsmart modelsThis is a "beta" of the model above. It is completely anonymous, with no Mercedes-Benz decor, decals or star in the grille. I assume that Kinsmart made this version prior to getting a licence from Mercedes. It has simpler window plastic than the above. But the difference that apply to my collecter's criterion is is that the side mirrors are on the doors, not on the window sill. So, the body is a different mold - and the doors! Besides from these changes, and the missing text underneath, the model is equal. It is a Kinsmart, no doubt. Observe Side doors pictures.

This is my model #46, a year and a half into the period where I in fact had stopped looking for more. My eBay stored searches had stopped arriving. I logged in and saw that they all had bin ticked off. I ticked them on again and started looking. To my surprise I found this model. More surprising, it was not even in my missing models list! The seller incorrectly (this is the rule) measured its length to 84 mm, so my assumption about this being a Kinsmart was only acknowledged when it arrived, even if I was pretty sure when I saw seller's quite accurate pictures. The somewhat incorrect body is easy to spot, I thought.

There is a rear licence plate. It reads "S:LN3756". This probably is a product number in disguise. Remember, the above model is KT3765. So, maybe this model is KT3756?

Now, I still have 12 missing models. The excitement is on again!

And privately, the 7 years old 1/1 long A-Class 2002 model, now is well through a major rust repair month, with a new 3 years guarantee on the repair. Mercedes has 8 years "rust goodwill" on their models, rest assured it was needed - and maybe not only because of salted winter roads here in Norway, even if I haven't seen rusty A-Classes elsewhere. Now it feels like new again!

"MADE IN CHINA" (95 mm)

1/38 Anonymous

Tins' Toys 1/36(?) model T418 green, die-cast



RacketThis is my acquired model #38. 38 first generation MB A-Class scale models - amazing! So, no wonder that when I was contacted by Robion51 about the eBay item he had spotted for me, my urge arose. I had been envying him his Tins' Toys model for a year, but my eBay search criteria obviously had not matched. The seller cancelled the eBay auction on my offer to "buy" instead, since I would be unable to attend at the closing time. I exerted my bid and it was acceptable to the seller. Cost as a cheap book. There are procedures to withdraw an eBay auction. However, my bid turned out to be a complication. Luckily, no others had bid, 5 days into an 11-day period. So, the ethics was just about OK, the imp in me told - who also comforted me that I had long ago now become a true & urging collector.

I had tried to get Tins' Toys to sell me the new facelift version of this model, even ordered on their web page, with 0.zero success. Then, my excitement while waiting for this model was to learn whether this would be a pre-2001 or a facelift. I thank my creator for giving me the ability to become excited. And later, not to forget about, but indeed - enjoy. The seller told he had bought this model from another collector - so it was "used". Warm hand to warm hand - with cold models - creating warm sensations. (2½ years later - see no:35 (below))

This is another non-starred unlicensed Mercedes Benz A-Class model. The licence plates read "RA-MB200", but the manufacturer cannot have paid any fee to the star owner for those 'MB' letters. Instead of the star in the grille, there is a blank disk. This model feels good in the hand and to the eye. It is a proper pre-2001 A-Class. The window linings, including the black B-pillar, are made of black plastic. This looks quite like the original. But the four small rear triangular windows are also filled with this plastic. The model carries a tennis racket and a suitcase in the luggage compartment (the liftgate opens), and there is a carrying case in the back seats. This gives space for the pullback spring engine in addition to being nice to look at. The wheel caps and tyres seem like strangers, though. The side mirrors are misplaced (?), positioned in front of (instead of on) the front doors. However, this makes more sturdy mirrors: they would not easily break off. The base is grey instead of black. Nice for the tow bar, which is a little more anonymous then, but it gives the model a somewhat unfamiliar look.

Tins' Toys state that this is a 1/38 model, but it is about 4-5 mm too long for that scale. It fits better into a 1/36 measure.

July 05: This model was sold on eBay branded "Panther", printed on the box.

www.tinstoys.com. - Tins' Metal Manufactory Ltd., Hong Kong (Tins Toys, TinsToys, tinsmetal, Simba City)
(100 mm including a rather thick licence plate)

1/36 Tins' Toys

Tins' Toys 1/36 model T478 silver metallic, die-cast, facelift



 This model is a "necar 5", the third A-Class based fuel cell model produced by Mercedes. This one, and "necar 3" extract hydrogen from methanol, where "necar 4" has high pressure hydrogen tanks. The sandwich floor is ideal to hide the fuel cell which produces electricity for the electric motor, 100% away from the user of the car. DaimlerChrysler presently surveil 60 of the "F-Cell" models (the 4th? fuel cell cars based on A-Class) by remote monitoring them, all over the world, as part of collecting run-time data for use when designing future fuel-cell cars (Mercedesmagasin 04.2007, in Norwegian). The goal is low to zero emission cars for the future.

About the sandwich floors: together with the tilted front engine it adds safety. It also seemed to have been meant for power batteries for an electric motor, because of California’s since-rescinded zero-emissions mandate (some words from Wikiepedia's B-Class article in 2010)

About Necar
Necar om German Wiki translated by
On table clothGoogle: necar
See "F-Cell": bottom

This was my acquired model #45. I had been searching for no:34's facelifted sister for 2½ years, when it appeared on eBay.This model contains its own story in texts on the model. Like, now it has been licenced, so the MB star is present in the grille and liftgate. The manufacturer makes 12 models of this mould, this is a from the "racing" set. The most striking trait with this model is its paintwork, with some kind of rastered paintbrush pattern. Tins' Toys have brushed up the no:34 body (above) with the details needed for this facelift version, like different band below the front wipers and the doors' rubber bands. Now, this model is correctly quoted to be 1:36. The luggage compartment still contains racket and suitcase, but there is no spring pullback engine (so I didn't have to remove it). Also, there is no hook present. This model was certainly worth waiting for. It decreased the number of missing models to 12.

All models: 4 standard models (old link), 4 racing models where T20478 (T47808 on box) is this, and 4 service team models (old link)

www.tinstoys.com. - Tins' Metal Manufactory Ltd., Hong Kong (Tins Toys, TinsToys, tinsmetal, Simba City)
Decals/paint?: "necar 5 newEnergy methanol powered fuel cell car A190 DAIMLERCHRYSLER"
Box: Item no. T47808. Distributed by Carven Trade Co Ltd. Hong Kong. Non-toxic paints.
(100 mm including a not so thick licence plate)

1/36 Tins' Toys facelift

Anonymous unit 1/34(?) blue, die-cast



This is model no:22 (and no:23)'s larger sister, with equal printing on the boxes. Here it sits on top of the stove chimney tube - with green from the garden showing off. My Mari, she discovered the reflection in a set of several pictures. Green on blue. Green on black. As an exception it does not matter that the Mercedes-Benz star is not in the grille, being unlicensed as it must be. It does not matter much that there are no C-pillars. Together with the other models I even have three exceptional cars. Now everybody can see that this is not a Mercedes? And I haven't paid any royalties to a large company. But for 4 dollars this is a good mb for me, even included the double in postage from Oregon. So, this and the others are probably not registered with Mercedes, to avoid paying fees? To keep track, Mercedes-Benz must have a list of every company that produce any badged A-Class model? Could have been a shopping list for me? Like a 1 kg pack of stamps for a stamp collector. To take the fun away?

www.toynutz.com - distributor
Box id: Pioneer, Street Machine and Pro Engine™- Item no. PT2001
"CHINA" (104 mm)

1/34 China anonymous


Front doors that open


1/43 Hongwell (metallic)
no:25 - 1/43
1/43 Anonymous
no:30 - 1/43

no:31 - 1/43
1/38 Kinsmart
no:32 - 1/38
Anonymous (Kinsmart)
no:33 - 1/38

1/34 Anonymous
no:36, no:38 - 1/34
1/34 Maisto
no:37 - 1/34
1/32 probably a NewRay beta-version
no:39 - 1/32

1/32 NewRay
no:40 - 1/32
1/32 Welly
no:41 - 1/32
1/29 anonymous
no:42 - 1/29

1/28 Smart Toys
no:43 - 1/28
1/24 Superior
no:46 - 1/24
1/18 Maisto
no:50, no:51, no:52 - 1/18

Maisto 1/34 green, die-cast (*)



On a Hornby vanThis is one of the more anonymous models I have. But each time I look at it I feel it shouldn't be. It is a small-sized 1/32, also called 1/34. I feel that it is too modest, for it has a lot to show up with. After all, it is a Maisto. I bought this car at the local Mercedes-Benz dealer here in Trondheim, Norway for 35 NOK in 2003. This model and no:38 were made in China, while Maisto models no:50, no:51 and no:52 were made in Thailand. Same company, two countries - as so often. Companies are international. The great majority of my models have in fact been made in China. How many models would I have been able to collect if I were a Chinese? Or a rich Chinese with internet? I guess they would also need the internet there, to get a broader scope of their country. That is, provided the manufacturers are present on the net. For, the net is a scarce resource in mainland China, according to ITU Digital Access Index. Next question: Are the models which are made in China sold domestically? It probably depends on how many A-Classes they sell there, for I guess 1/n model sales follow 1/1 sales. I saw, also on the net, that Mercedes-Benz seem to increase their sales figures in the Chinese market. So, there surely must be A-Class models in the toy stores there, too? They are hopefully not making these nice models for us only?

See no:38 to learn that this is Maisto 25001xx

Dec. 04: My oldest daughter gave me a blue duplicate of this model for Christmas, bought at the Leicester Loros charity shop. An interesting discovery on the box was that this Maisto model was actually manufactured by May Tat Toy Products Fty. Ltd, Feng Kang, Dongguan, Canton, PRC (People’s Republic of China). A name and a place to make thoughts fly - or Google search!

ITU Digital Access Index - See above
- Maisto International Inc.
Model B6 600 7350 in the Mercedes-Benz "Model cars" booklet

"Maisto Mercedes-Benz A-Class SCALE 1/34 MADE IN CHINA" (104.5 mm)

1/34 Maisto green

Maisto 1/34 red, die-cast, facelift



Feel me?A facelift variation of the model above, bought in a pack together with a car trailer. On it a MB CLK cabriolet, scale 1/38. (What, me worry about what to do with it?) The little red A-Class has new grille and bumpers and spoiler - like a facelift should. Another quite visible difference is that the hood and grille tilt more. But the differences only add up to 1 mm in length - for the cost of a separate artwork and production of a new tool. Impressing for any company. The mega toy store here in Trondheim had this model. We popped in on the yearly trip to the rubbish and recycling cite to deliver some larger stuff, having converted the local long A-Class server to a van by removing the back seats. I wonder, when will these models have become rubbish? Surely, a few eons away, atoms floating around in a hostile place. Is there more - will the waves from you reading this text forever change the universe? Right here and now, some eons closer, I just enjoy the model. My dear Mari helped me with the silver metallic cabriolet and took it to her office. Some time a colleague or a client('s child) will discover it and be happy. (So, I won't worry.)

- Dec.04: By studying Maisto's new home page I discovered that this is the "Power Racer 25001" - and that model no:37 (above) is in fact what they earlier called "Power Racer 25001xx" ("xx" is for type of colour, I guess). I had saved the old picture. I now see why I didn't recognize before - it was rather pressed flat or stretched by some wrong height or width value. And I, who had asked Lars to try to find one for me in a particular shop in Miami! I did not then understand that I had the thing on my shelf! Even two versions!
 - Sept.07: Concerning my mentioning of Lars, above. I will always remember the late Lars Lillegraven. He told me, back then - with his usual smile -  that it had been fun to discover so many nice model cars.

A ticket!When I returned to work after a week's vacation in Nov. 04, there was a ticket on the front window for long term parking on my cubicle's shelf top. Gullik, a colleague, had winked to this out of office decorative offence. Amusing!

www.maisto.com - Maisto International Inc.
"Maisto Mercedes-Benz A-Class SCALE 1/34 MADE IN CHINA" (105.5 mm)

1/34 Maisto elegance red

NewRay 1/32 green (silver mib), die-cast (OEM version)



Duplicate of no:40 (left) and no:39 (right)This car started it all! This collection of A-Classes. I had for two years looked towards every A-Class scale 1/1 - and had so to say wanted to start in the small. So, this car was acquired at some shop in Beaumaris in Wales on July 12. 2000 for GBP 2.99, during that summer's holiday. We were on our way to Ireland and Westport there. I hadn't bought a model car since the kids were small, so this was a new experience - which I presently quite like. Look at the red car below, it is exactly equal - but on the green car, the small front and rear windows are metal only (see no:46 for a discussion of this, there I ponder whether the two models were made by the same company). Since the red car is a NewRay (and not anonymous underneath, like this one), I assume know that this one is a NewRay too. This was my first A-Class little friend - still so.

- In Dec. 04 I saw this model (albeit maroon) in a box which said "Manufactured by Speedy power" and "Speedy power is the trademark owned by NEW-RAY TOYS CO., LTD." So, only now I know. This was New-Ray model 51203 (See rightmost model on left picture.)
- I also discovered that this model misses the roof spoiler on top of the liftgate - wheras no:40 has one. The problem here is that the rear window clearly has wrong curvature. It hits the spoiler, which is indeed present on the roof, just to preempt it.

www.new-ray.com - New-Ray Toys Co. Ltd.
"Benz A-Class 1/32 1998 Speedy power MADE IN CHINA" (110 mm)

1/32 probably a NewRay beta-version

Two NewRay models

Helicopter-6 (left) (top). The manufacturer is anonymous on the unit, but the box states that it's a scale 1/32 model NewRay, tiny also in real life. This is an Agusta NH-500 helicopter, used by the Italian Revenue Guard Corps (Guarda di Finanza), produced in Italy by "Breda Nardi before merging with Agusta" (Wiki) on a licence from Hughes. I have also seen it called AMD 500. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MD_Helicopters_MD_500 .

For me this helicopter rings a bell with the "Helinor" helicopter in the "Elias and his friends" Norwegian computer animated film (and tv series) about the Elias rescue vessel operating in and around "Lunvik". See www.nssr.no/eliasklubben. Is Helinor the utmost female twist of this helicopter? (Yes, I have grandchildren!) (Norw.: Elias og vennene hans, tegnefilm, animasjonsfilm, redningsskøyte, Redningsselskapet, Hellinor (sic), helikopter)

NewRay 1/32 red, die-cast



On stainless steelI can't remember where and when this car was bought. Except, I was thrilled to detect that I most probably had a beta-version (as we software engineers say) of it already, namely the green car no:39 above. See, the small windows are present! The wipers are different than on the green, and the opening under the front sign plate is now open. Also, the front lights and rear lights now have better appearance. There is no inside mirror on any. Hmm. A nice car. Perhaps my favourite. The size. The details. The colour. Even without window frames in the two doors that open.

- In Dec.04 I found a 100% mould match (albeit maroon). The box stated that it was manufactured by New-Ray for "Dickie spielzeug". It was Dickie article 3315595 (See model no:39 left picture's leftmost car) (Dickie also packs Welly no:41, see below.)

- On a revisit in May 05, we found a silver metallic duplicate of this model in the same shop as we had earlier found no:43. The interesting thing about that model is that it probably is produced between no:39 and this, since New-Ray seems to have switched body but not the hubcaps. They are matt (as on no:39), not chrome (as on this). Or might it just be that the matt hubcaps match the silver metallic surface better?

1/32 NewRay

www.new-ray.com - New-Ray Toys Co. Ltd.
NewRay Benz A-Class 1/32 1998 MADE IN CHINA" (110 mm)

Welly model 9731 1/32 egg colour, die-cast



On a red table clothThis model came in a box with a horse trailer. Mari discovered it at the Rimi shop at Berkåk in Norway in December, 2003. It is one of the best models I have. Even the side doors are complete, where the window frame is part of the hinged metal thing that opens. The pictures reveal how relative the meaning of colour is. On the left picture I used fluorescent light, on the right incandescent light and a candle. The right picture's colour matches best. I use a Sony DSC-P10 5-megapixel camera and resize and produce about "50%" jpg files with little reduction of detail. You cannot double-click on these pictures to get a larger picture. That would be prohibitive to the size of my free-hosted web page. After all, there are more here than this "A-Class'ifiers" page.

At a local shop here in Møllenberg, Trondheim they had equal amounts of boxes of 1.) this white model and the horse trailer, and boxes with 2.) a blue A-Class sibling and a speed-boat on a trailer. I observed, over some months, that "blue & boat" was much more popular than "white & horse". So, who buys around here, parents or kids? What are they interested in; cars, boats or horses? And what do they long for, riding a fast boat or a horse? And why is it so? Soft questions to rise for a hard goal: to maximize profit. To afford buying - more toys for the kids? Economy goes in circles, and we are all inn there somewhere.

- Welly has produced three "weekend sets" containing no.9731 A-Classes plus something being pulled. The one with speed-boat is called 9731-2G(A), a caravan behind is called -2G(B) and this with a horse trailer behind is called -2G(C). In addition, the 9731 may seemingly be purchased by itself (Aug.05: see below). However, by my way of seing things, there are only three Welly models - this, my no:15 and no:16.
- Aug.05: I found a silver metallic blue 9731 packed by Dickie, in a box with no extras. (Dickie also packs the no:40 New Ray model. Is there a connection between Welly and New Ray?)
- Observe that the 9731 model is categorised as "1/34-1/39" on the Welly page. Strange - 357.5 cm. divided by 11.1 cm. is 32.2 - and not 34.
- Also observe that 9731F most probably is the same mould, and has nothing to do with any Facelifted version of the model, since Welly seems to use the 'F'' suffix for some kind of categorisation.
- See Models not here for a version of this car that I don't have.
- Dec.09: I ended up with a duplicate of this, having the same colour as no:16. It's packed as by "Happy people ®" (http://www.happypeople.de/ ) in Germany. The box states that it's "ca.11 cm" long, and since the text on the model is as below (no scale), it's easy to get it wrong on eBay!

welly.icorplink.com/web - Welly Die Casting Fty. Ltd. No. 9731

1/32 Welly

Anonymous 1/29 yellow, die-cast



Rear doorMy #50 model, after collecting for some 11 years! no:39 was the first. The anonymous manufacturer is "new" and the company seems to use SuperGear and Urban Rider in its documents describing themselves, according to the seller at eBay.

This model appeared about the same time as no:30, the paint looks alike, and so does the rest. Also here a flat disk instead of the MB star indicates a non licenced model. Both cars look hand sculptured, like some models from my children's time. The assembly of the parts is coarse, and the lines look like beginner's work. The wheels and the cavity available for them do not match (a fact that I have not emphasized in the photos). The sloping part between the rear windows on the side is too thick, as the little triangular window is just too small. All this comes from the fact that the proportions don't match. This probably is very difficult if a CAD model or a 3D scan is not available.

Both the two front doors and the one rear door open. The metal in the front doors is so thin that they won't survive long in a child's hand. The hinges to the rear door are not accurate, the door swings in two axes. The sign plates read "RA MB200". The model includes a pullback spring engine frame, but without spring and toot wheels. Ok for me, for I would have removed them anyhow. I have an idea that in the long run this preserves the model (the short runs seem too violent!). The 1/29 scale is measured in length, but all over this certainly is no scale model.

In the software world this would have been a "beta" version. The 6-language box is branded CitySwifter. It's "Quality Guaranteed" on the label from Funtastic in Birmingham, UK.

Nov2020: A guy in England mailed me about this model and told it's produced by Faie. He had one that was green. It had different wheel caps from mine.
1/29 anonymous

By the Opera in Oslo (Architects Snøhetta)All this being said, as a collector of unique first generation A-Class models, I like it - as the pictures might indicate.

Since it reminds me of the no:43 model (below), I brought it to the Oslo Opera House for a photo shoot. It's not Brunellesci The Architect this time, it's Snøhetta!

See Front doors

"MADE IN CHINA" (122 mm)

Smart Toys 1/28 yellow, die-cast



On a double shell duomoWe found this model at the central railway station in Florence in Italy in June 2004. Intuition told me that we should first look there, and - yes - the tobacco shop had a single A-Class in a rather worn box. This was the same day as we later climbed Brunellesci's double walled cupola in the cathedral. Between the cupola's shells and in between the connecting framework, which won a design competition in the year 1418, the A-Class' double - not roof - but floor, struck me. Not as inventive or important as the renaissance thinking, which made possible such a large dome for the first time. But some sort of mastery also in the A-Class sandwiched floor design Smart Toys has painted the wipers on this modes in matt silver, giving it a toy-like appearance. The grille is therefore not shining, since the same paint is used. This is ok, it is a toy. However, the sign plates are printed nicely, not a paper badge to fall off ("S:LM9691" - the two dots in the colon seem to be more than just dots..). One door has quite much free space around it, indicating coarse moulding or finishing. Not all models can become my favourite. I must stop saying "one of my favourites" now. Even if I want to. Glimpsing through other shops on the Italy trip for a MB model "Classe A", we found one by Polistil (Dec.07: the same model in a Polistil box was sold as "Burago" on eBay), which had the same die-cast but had plastic in the triangular front door windows. So, who owns whom - Smart Toys or Polistil?

See Front doors

1/28 Smart Toys

Smart Toys (Neither Smart Toys nor Polistil seem to have a home page. But the box said that Globo sells it in its "HEAVY METAL" series, see www.globo.it.)
"(c) 2001 SMART TOYS ® MADE IN CHINA 1:28 Mercedes-Benz A-CLASS" (128 mm)

Dickie Spielzeug 1/28 blue, plastic (*)



We bought this car at Schiphool airport in Amsterdam in November, 2003. I thought it was very plastic, indeed, and it had noisy stickers all over. And Dicky has interpreted their own A-Class for banging between a child's eager hand and the wall. This one will take that wall and bump-back-up-into the air, it is light and will survive any crash landing. Still I removed the spring motor and threw away some of the tooth-wheels, enough to make it quiet. As so often, the first impression was misleading. To be honest, this little thingy has "Trojan horsed" itself into this space in my mind, which has feelings of anything as strange as A-Class models.

- In Dec.04 I discovered a version of this car with mechanics to avoid it falling off the edge of a table, labeled "NON-FALL CITY CAR". The front wheels had shrinked, but the body was the same - so I did not bring it home.
- Model B6 600 5912 in the Mercedes-Benz "Model cars" booklet
- Art. 331 4301 as "imported from China by Coop Norden AB" via(?) Simba-Dickie Nordic AS, Norway, Stokke. Produced 08/05. Branded as "FUN CAR" together with 7 other nice models. Price 34.90 NOK (2005)

www.simba-dickie.com - Simba-Dickie-Group
"Dickie Spielzeug" (132 mm)

1/28 Dickie

Edocar 1/28 white radio controlled, plastic



Mercedes S-tar?My admiration for A-Class models, and my childhood's excitement of a 27 MHz walkie-talkie I failed to complete (..my friend Tore and I were running over the fields to catch the signals..) - all in one piece! How is it that these toys, made for the main purpose of earning money (i.e. getting food & things for him? and his family), render me with some sort of attachment to the thing? A little marvel in my eyes, is it. How is thing vs. mind laid out in our heads? -This is a radio controlled rascal, asked to move over primitive 27 MHz radio channels. Let it stay switched on for a few minutes and the city's electronic cluttering cheats it into all sorts of tricks. - It has given me a slight problem, though: I have made non functional the pullback spring engines on all models that had one, so that they cannot bang the wall and have lacquer fly off. Hmmm - yes, now I know: I have to make an exception with this - keep the radio receiver and electric motor and the hand-held control unit, all intact. After all, this unit was created for performing on the floor. And I can live with scratches on it. The dilemma is, I can live with scratches on the others, too.. But, they are of metal and might actually break. That's it - I knew I had a reason! -This is an unlicensed model, nobody has ever asked & paid Mercedes to make it, heavily proven with the ingenious 'S' "star" in the grille. Is it the Chinese OEM's logo? -I forgot to say: it is a Dutch Politie vehicle! (As a police car this model has a sibling with no:31)

 - On the box, this model is called a "Radio control fun car". This term fun car - is it the opposite of scale model? On this model, the length scale is 357.5 / 13.0 = 27.5 - which is close to 1/28 ratio. However, its width measures up to a scale of 1/24. But then, this model would survive the Elch-test - or carpet-edge-test with little problem..
- After the picture was taken, I trimmed the antenna to make the car fit in the shelf. It still looks nice.

www.glanztoys.sagenet.at - my distributor
www.edocar.nl - reseller
Radio related stuff: "ICT D801 223L CEPT LPD-D"
Switch and battery case: "ON OFF - UNSCREW TO OPEN"

1/28 Edocar

Sunnyside model Superior SS6708 1/24 silver metallic, die-cast



On a table clothAnother charming little model. Charming perhaps, because it is not perfect. As with model no:39, the triangular side rear windows are metal only - nothing to look through - only at. (I mean the windows behind and above the side rear doors.) Is this more than coincidental? These two models are probably the oldest models I have - but acquired as number one and 15 of my collection. Did Mercedes actually send drawings to the model makers (if that's what they do?) with no glass windows there? (I'm beginning to wonder - perhaps either New Ray (no:39) or Sunnyside/Superior produce for the other? The upper triangular and the mirror "windows", the wheel caps, even the details underneath are strikingly similar.) On this model the front bumper/spoiler has remains after the moulding process - not polished to smooth state. Just like me, really. But the metal casing is sturdy and heavy - the car feels good in the hand. And the front doors and liftgate open as they should. The grille has some elements of non-symmetry - the Mercedes star is not exactly in the middle, and the left and right slopes are not equal. Not perfect, true. Attractive, also true.

The distributor depicted a completely different A-Class than they sold. I therefore unintentionally now own a maroon duplicate of this model, since I ordered on failing assumptions. I should have noticed, because this one can't turn its wheels. I will easily befriend the maroon model, but it won't get any number!
- Oct.06 I saw this model sold by an eBay seller in Australia, branded "Saico"

www.collectablediecast.com - distributor
www.sunnyside.com.hk - Manufacturer is Sunnyside Limited

"S SS 6708 MADE IN CHINA 1/24 1997

1/24 Superior

Fujimi model 12483 1/24 red, plastic kit



I knew it would insert conflict. Therefore, I had resisted the decision for a long time. But when I realized that there were only two(?) A-Class plastic kits on this planet - to assemble with ten fingers - I could not resist. After all, I did build H0 plastic kit houses when I was a boy, and I helped my son when he was little. Now, I re-realize the fact that ten fingers is still a little too many. Some of them left paint- and glue spots on their own. Even now, at my age - or, perhaps, just now? So I decided to white out the liftgate window with bruBox is artshed out & thinned glue on the inside, to try to mask the irregularities. Not smart. And not undoable. Still, I like the model - it's got personality from its original creators which more than just shines through. I did not paint the red body, since it was optional. This, my 35th model, is the most expensive I have - the model, postage, customs, tax, handling, paint and glue. Fujimi's artwork on the box is fantastic, and the quality of the pieces was excellent. The grille is, perhaps, the weakest part. But, I did not have to fake chrome, Fujimi had done that job. I'm certain I spoilt Fujimi's highest dreams of an assembler. But it won't spoil my liking of this virtually defenceless A-Class. To be honest, it survived my creative urge better than many.

This is the second left-hand drive model I have (the first was no:19).

Dec.05: From an eBay auction I see that there is an impact model of this A-Class, with different wheels and spoilers. However, the body itself seems to be of the same mould. Thank you eBay seller, for the pictures!

Feb:10: I have a new kit coming to me from eBay! I want to do it better! (Oct2021: still left to be done!)
In 2013 a version of this kit named "Assist.M Design" with body kit and TGF wheels (Plastic Kit #18641•2500 MISB) appeared on eBay.

www.toycup.com - Toycup is distributor
www.fujimimokei.com - FUJIMI - フジミ模型
Decals: "FUJIMI 12483 1/24 MERCEDES BENZ A160" (150 mm)

1/24 Fujimi

Revell model 07319 1/24, plastic kit



By the table feetThis is my second (and final, I believe) plastic kit (I don't think there are any more around). With about 100 pieces, the kit is "skill level 3, suitable for 10 years and up". Good, I qualify. This time, too (as on no:47), the illustration on the box is fantastic - made by a certain "K. Meier". But, why Revell displays the front wheels as turned is unknown - the model's wheels don't turn. On my final and assembled model they don't even roll. The axles were probably made to model scale and were, yes - thin. Steel 1/1 versus plastic 1/24 in combination with my hand - oops - axle broken! I had to immobilize and fasten the wheels with clear silicon cement; a far from ideal solution - visible on demand up in the wheel cavities. But after all, I want a model with (not without) four wheels - also in the future. - I found this model on eBay, probably several years after the units were sold out from the factory. Good for us collectors! - This is an excellent model. It was real fun to work with. I spray painted the body with a standard colour, as correct A-Class "ocean blue" as some of the other bluish colours in this collection. But I left the sun roof also blue, to avoid a large hand painted area. The doors have proper insides; the inside mirror is part of a console making it easy to fasten. The grille with MB star is perfect. The front glass and wiper placement is simply correct. Additionally, I like the curvature of the black chassis' sides, underneath the doors (which is not, and should not be, straight) - and the rear window's curvature. The A-Class is, perhaps, "feminine" - if so, this is the most feminine model I possess.

1/24 Revell

On the window sill

www.revell.de/en - Revell AG
See a discussion of the model at modelingmadness.com/..
Invisibly moulded text on a glued-in piece:
"Revell © 1999 by REVELL AG"
Letters on decal paper (not possible to fasten):
"07319-0240 Z Mercedes A-160 © 1999 Revell AG"
(148 mm)

Tronico 1/20 silver metallic radio controlled, plastic



In 1999 Mercedes displayed some real "A190 Twin" A-Class studies, containing two engines, power summing to 250 hp. They were based on the classic A160 W168 chassis and weighted 1365 kg. I learn on eBay that this model was "brought out in 1998 after winning both constructor and driving titles in the Formula 1 series". This 1/20 model certainly is not the AMG styled A190 Twin, but a standard A190 (Twin?) with decorations.

The names of Formula One (F1) drivers Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard were decorated on some (all?) of these models. (Please correct me on any of these points!) This is Tronico's version of Häkkinen's model, numbered 9. (The corresponding Coulthard number is 10). Maisto has made the two F1 models, in scale 1/18 with no:50 bodies. Other scale model manufacturers have also decorated some models like this.

The sign plates read "S.MH 1998". The model has no wipers and nowhere to fill petrol. But since it is remote controlled, it has nice front suspension. The model looks and feels just right, there cannot be much deviation in shape in this model. But a friend pointed out to me that the wheels were quite large. I have not measured, but he may just be right. The 1/20 scale sits well in the hand. I bought it on eBay as "played with". Not by a boy, I can tell. It is virtually free of scratches and has all attributes present. The model was my 44th, and it had been in my "missing list" for some time after I had discovered it on the Japanese page (below).

- See YouTube "Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard in a commercial for Mercedes" starring those two plus Ron Dennis, two A-Classes, some wild-running tyres and a helicopter
- See Auto Motor und Sport (translation of an article from 1999 written by Guido Stalmann)
- and Alexander's Mercedes-Benz A-Class: "Hakkinen".

Also seen it as Nikko Tronico or Tronico Toys on the net. See aozla.sakura.ne.jp - translated
Radio related stuff: "BZT G132 700J CEPT LPD-D 40 MHz"
Mode, switch and battery case: "H-L R-L On/Off Open/Close"
Other: "AS-RX 705/40 tronico toys GmbH, Karl-Benz-Str.10, D40764, Langenfeldt germany"
"tronico MADE IN CHINA (178 mm)"

1/20 Tronico with no antenna

Maisto model 50310 1/18 red, die-cast



By a cathedralA 1/18 model is always impressing. All mirrors functional, steering, all doors and the hood to open. Feel its weight. Springs. I had seen this car in a shop in Ireland in 2000, but it was not until 2002 that my kids discovered it in a window after a good Italian meal in Saffron Walden in the UK. They waited for me and blindfolded me - and let loose in front of the shop's window. The following morning my son took the rented car up there and bought the car for me. That summer we had our first third degree encounter with a 1/1 A-Class, rented for the holiday.

Even if this is one of the most detailed models, it is not the one with most soul (In retrospect - how could I have said so?). But, a firm car is it. Each time I am at the local Mercedes-Benz dealer here in Trondheim I almost break one of my inclusion criteria: not to buy a model which basically is the same as a model I already have. There is a 1/18 Maisto twin car at the dealer, in silver metallic and so nicely equipped. Somebody, please buy it!
- The sign plate reads "S A 140". What is the S for?

Jan. 05: I am almost positive that I saw a model like this - body, colour and all - on eBay. However, the seller claimed it to be a Bburago model. I could not find any A-Class on their web site, and I have not heard of any from them. Is there a connection?

Maisto has also made this model in graphite - I saw one on eBay. Duplicate to me!

www.maisto.com - Maisto International Inc.
"Mercedes-Benz A-Class SCALE 1/18 Maisto MADE IN THAILAND" (196 mm)

1/18 Maisto classic

Maisto model 31841 1/18 red, die-cast, facelift



Studying (photo:Mari)I was wrong, and therefore in the end failed to resist this car, my acquired model #39. I had told myself that I did not have space for another, large 1/18 model, since I already had no:50 and no:52. Therefore we had left the service station in Gudbransdalen several times over a year, where I had noticed three 1/18 A-Class models. On the second price reduction (to 1/3 of the original price) they had replaced the shelf with a DVD display and removed the model cars. I did not notice the three A-Classes before we had to queue to get on the road again. I glimpsed them among bath balls and barbecue charcoal, the boxes finally grey with dust.

Now I see that this triplet of 1/18 Maisto models covers all A-Class first generation bodies: classic, facelift and facelift long (see lengths). How I could think that my shelf did not have space for it, is now a mystery. Shelves expand and have good will towards men. It would have taken me a log time to see this if the customers to that service station did not have blind spots for those models. There are still two A-Classes left, and they probably will sit there for a long time.
- The sign plate reads "S FL 2001"- for FaceLift?

This car is a delight, in all respects. It arrived late in this collector's project. But it came good. See above and below for descriptions, not to repeat myself.

www.edor.nl - distributor (on the box) (Same as no:45)
www.maisto.com - Maisto International Inc.
"The trademark Maisto is the property of May Cheong Group" (on the box)
"Mercedes-Benz A-Class SCALE 1/18 Maisto MADE IN THAILAND" (198 mm)

1/18 Maisto facelift


Maisto model 31630 1/18 blue, die-cast, long wheelbase, facelift (*)



On a mangleThis is the above car's 17 cm longer sibling. A blue shining model, extravagantly soulified by Maisto. As so many times before, burnt fossil fuel gave a helping hand. From Thailand via Canada to my door in Norway, giving good vibes for me and this world's economy. (Later, on an impulse visit to the new super-mega, micro-cozy toy store here in Trondheim, Mari and I discovered this model on the shelves - and even at a reduced price!)

This is a facelift model, common for all versions after 2001. The grille now has four horizontal bars, and shining front disc brakes are present on the model (but they don't rotate). The head lights are new and crisp. There was a long wheelbase model out there! (Half a year later I had my long wheelbase number 2 - the Real-X 1/72 model no:14 - and in 2005 the Realtoy 1/56 model no:20, and then perhaps even the Nikko 1/80 model no:12). This was the first model I bought on the internet. (Later I must add that I have bought many that way, all with success.) Maisto can't have reused many parts from the above car no:50. This has a new body, new doors and new interior. But the almost London taxi back seat space is not well demonstrated. Probably Maisto has put the back seat in frontmost position. Good for luggage, though.
- The sign plate reads "S AL 2001" - for Avantgarde Long?

We take to art museums to soothe aesthetic enjoyment. Now, some museum - rent my collection, and put this model on the poster! We’ll be there and park our long, blue elegance in front. Then, help us find that tiny, great collection!

Pisa, Italy- The picture (above, left) shows the car on a "mangle", a traditional piece of plank used together with a wooden roller to mangle or iron linen etc. This piece was cut especially for Mari by the late "Hans" from her home valley.

- The picture (left) was taken in Italy on our honeymoon in June, 2004. We rented an A-Class for the week. We had already parked, but near The Leaning Tower of Pisa we discovered two other parked A-Classes. I ran back and moved ours 100m up the street and took this picture. But, when I should include this typical Italian street scene here, the Maisto model had parked in the vacant slot..

1/18 Maisto elegance longversion


www.scale18.com - distributor
www.maisto.com - Maisto International Inc.
As different colour in the Mercedes-Benz "Model cars" booklet

"Mercedes-Benz A-Class Longversion SCALE 1/18 Maisto MADE IN THAILAND" (208 mm)


Lengths of the first-generation A-Class



- Facelift, short version -
Drawing from a Mercedes-Benz
web page, 2003

3 X Maisto 1/18

- From left: facelift long, facelift and classic -

Body 1: Classic (W168) - 1997-2001 models
(classic / elegance / avantgarde): 357.5 cm (shorter front bumper). Three ribs in grille (plus top and bottom).
During the 7 years period '97-'04, 1.1 million W168 units were produced.
A pin labeled "Tag der Umwelt 11.Juli 1998 Werk Rastatt" exists, surely issued by the manufacturing plant. Is this the official release date (after the Elk test)?

Examples: Almost all including no:50

Body 2: Facelift (W168) - 2001 and newer (standard wheelbase). 
(classic / elegance / avantgarde): 360.6 cm (3 cm longer = longer front and/or rear bumper(s)). Four ribs in grille (plus top and bottom).
Examples: Some 3 plus no:51

Body 3: Long (is facelifted) (W168) - 2001 and newer long wheelbase
(classic / elegance / avantgarde): 376.6 cm (17 cm longer = 17 cm between seats).
Four ribs in grille (plus top and bottom).
Examples: Only no:14 and no:52

The 2. gen. A-Class is 383.8 cm long, one body only. So, it's 7 cm longer than the long 1. gen. model. However, for the facelift model, according to the "Environmental Certificate A-Class" by Mercedes-Benz (2008) the car's body has been lowered by 10 mm to "reduce the drag coefficient even further" (p12). This report grants a TÜV approval according to ISO 14062.

Inclusion criteria
About A-Class & web pages

Aside 1: F-Cell - in "Body 2" - (Oct. 2002)
In 2002 DaimlerChrysler produced a limited number (60) of fuel cell-powered A-Classes. The electrical energy produced by (very high pressure) hydrogen and oxygen in the controlled chemical reaction of the fuel cell, powered the electrical motor, which had an output of 65 kW. The car drove about 150 km without need for refueling. Herpa produced a limited edition (3000 units) of this model in 1/87 scale (I don't collect.) See mercedes-benz and wikipedia.
See no:35 - my "necar 5" model

Aside 2: A 210 Evolution - in "Body 2" and "Body 3"- (2002)
Evolution is a model by Mercedes-AMG, implemented on standard, and long wheelbase. See wikipedia and ww.carseverything.com/content/news/manufacturers/mercedes_benz/article/1430.1/

Aside 3: Brabus - in "Body 1" at least (2002?)
Brabus has also produced styled A-Class models. I saw one in the neighbourhood where I live. Its appearance was close to a facelift. But on the net I found a very different model, with grille and front quite different from the original, and an attractive body. See wikipedia.

About A-Class & web pages

Web pages

The original A-class was in chassis W168.

This was, until June 2004, the original A-Class page, try it on the Internet Archive:
www.mercedes- benz.com/com/e/home/products/passengercars/aclasssaloon
But now it points to the second-generation A-Class. They seemingly don't display history

DIY, do it yourself 1/1 scale book: "Mercedes-Benz A-Class Petrol & Diesel (98 - 04) S to 54" by Haynes
Book No: 4748, ISBN: 9781844257485
See www.haynes.co.uk/

In 2004, the second-generation (W169) A-Class arrived:
www.mercedes- benz.com/com/e/home/products/passengercars/aclasssaloon
(Sorry, I don't collect models of it). There was a facelift in 2009, see here

In 2012 the third-generation (W176) arrived:
see here


Mercedes-Benz "Vision A 93" concept car

Vision A 93LengthsGifts given

Vision A 93

"Initial plans for a new compact vehicle class became tangible at Mercedes-Benz in the seventies. The concept study of a city car was presented as early as in 1982. Ideas for the new near-series vehicle concept Mercedes Vision A were also taken from the experimental car F 100 of 1991"
Text on Mercedes-Benz-Foto D 50 770 (8/1993). This picture is the upper half of the photo. I have scanned it from "Vision A 93, Press-information, Sept 7, 1993",  a comprehensive folder with description and photos that I bought on eBay.

See de.wikipedia.org and www.worldcarfans.com

Has the 2. gen. A-Class inherited its rear part from its grandmother?
The picture may have been merged from two photos, because (according to Wikipedia) only one model was produced?

Gifts given hall of fame!

Gifts givenVision A 93This page

  1. Bjørn Tore (39, in June 2007) - The white Herpa 1/87 model bought in Porto, like no:06 ..however, I bought a similar one in Melk, Austria 2007..
  2. Lukas (5, in August 2007) - One red 1/32 NewRay, bought in Steyr, Austria, like no:40
  3. Lukas (5, in Dec. 2007) - One yellow 1/57 Matchbox, bought on eBay, like no:17
  4. Hans Martin (18, in April 2008) - One silver metallic 1/43 NewRay, 2. gen.
  5. Isac (2, in July 2008) - One blue 1/28 Dickie (with original decals), like no:44
  6. Roar (50, in August 2008) - One blue 1/55 Siku, like no:21
  7. Isac (2, in Feb. 2009) - The last duplicate of blue 1/55 Siku, like no:21
  8. Isac (4, in July 2010) - A green Welly 1/32 like no:41 (He proudly showed it to me in Oct2015, he had taken care of it well!)
  9. Anna (1 1/2, in August 2010) - A beautiful "Kinder"-decorated Maisto 1/34 (Kinderegg), like no:38 (but now I need a new pair of wheels..)
  10. Irene (65, in March 2012) - A pale lilac New-Ray 1/43 2nd gen 4/5-doors (congrats on your new 2012 2nd gen model!)
  11. Anna (3) and brother Jakob (10m) in June 2012. Red with orange wheels for Anna and orange with red wheels for Jakob - Plastic 1/50 like no:24
  12. Konrad (3) and brother Ola (1.5) in December 2012. Konrad got a silver metallic 1/32 NewRay like no:40 and Ola the lilac model 1/32 NewRay, pictured at no:39
  13. Adrian (soon 4) in July 2013. A version of 1/55 no:23. Sister Emile (6) did not like cars, so she bravely "did not need" anything!
  14. Erik (3) in August 2015. A hvite 1/55 no:18
  15. 16 anonymous refugee boys(girls?) arriving in boats at Lesbos in October 2015. I sent 6-7 cm models by Realtoy, Corgi, Majorette, Welly and Matchbox - from my duplicates box. I wrapped each in a sturdy plastic bag with a string through, so that they perhaps may survive any child sleeping on his father's shoulders. (A text in "Småbilene" ("The small cars") in Norwegian here). Update: The lady who brought the A-classes to Lesbos told to a friend of my wife that one of the boys had received the model and bag in string and pressed it to his heart with great content. Imaging his face right now makes me too, happy. Even very small contributions seem to bring comfort
  16. Filip (2) in December 2015. Austrian "Polizei" version of Hongwell (according to eBay seller) 1/43 no:25 with alarm light on the roof. Text "Polizei 2001 A" on the box
  17. Olav (2) in July 2016. One no:20 1/56 RealToy
  18. Filip (3) in November 2016. Three red models in a single box for careful keeping: one 1/72 no:13 Hongwell, one 1/72 no:15 Welly and one 1/57 no:17 Matchbox
  19. Vilja (5) and brother Magnus (8) in October 2021. Two 2. gen. 1/43 New-Ray (NewRay): queen blue and silver metallic. Similar seen in Models mostly (not) here (2. gen. A-Classes)
  20. Sindre (4) in July 2022. One no:46 Sunnyside model Superior SS6708 1/24, colour cherry
  21. Edin (±60) in July 2023. One point 5 New-Ray City Cruicer, of my second generation models, 1/43. It says 41715 and SpeedCar on the box, colour navy(?) metallic

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Please mail me

In memory of my father
Hans-Jacob Teig


"Far" (father) bought this Austin Somerset die-cast model around 1959, when my parents had their first car - a 1/1 of the same brand. I remember, the model was black and cream coloured, which theirs was not. So, my father painted the whole model black - except for the hubcaps. Things had to be right. I thought it was good to have a father, who at the age of 44 bought and related to a model car.

The model was with him all years, as a carrier of memories. His own memory fainted, but when I brought the car to him from the windowsill he studied it again. Now the model is with me.

Now, all my models are with me.

I am thankful that my father kept this model in his warm hands. I hereby dedicate this web page to him.


Read about such a model here.