Colman's box van in Colman's jar

Colman's van in Colman's jar

Some years ago when I was passing through London I had some spare time in the morning. I had decided to please myself with a visit to a train model shop. Map in hand, and London Underground all around - up again at street level I finally found the shop. Enjoying model trains I had hoped this would be a haven. The man in the shop was almost polite when I said I just wanted to have a look. There were models all over this tiny shop. With thousands of boxes. But alas, boxes behind enough dusty glass and odor of old cigar to stagger my senses. However, when I discovered a cute yellow van with "Colman's Mustard Traffic" painted all over - mission was completed. I like yellow and I didn't  have any N scale. The man was left as more anaemic than when I arrived. A few years on I learned that I had, that morning  in London, in fact started to collect items for the above shelfpiece. But prior to that London visit my son had got an N-scale tram for his birthday, and there was some extra track lying around. Then, some years after this, on a holiday in the UK, we bought a jar of Colman's mustard. I assume Colman's was bought because my superego saw something there. We didn't empty the jar then, but brought it half empty back to Norway. The emptier the jar the more I got aware of the inevitable. I just had to make this installation of a Colman's van in a Colman's jar. Who needs ship in bottle when there are vans around? I had a yellow Colman's van and a Colman's mustard jar. I had tracks. I found some epoxy glue and sand and mounted the track and the van inside the jar. I used fast epoxy and the tracks soon solidified with the wheels on the track and the roof half a millimetre from the jar top. The van now moves, but between the 8 mm journys it must rest assured in its confinement sharing the fate of many a proud ship. - - The wagon is a Peco, N-scale "NR-P141 Box Van, Ref. type, Colmans yellow" - see -
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