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Flickr - (2009)
Mari and I visited Pantheon in Rome, Italy on 28 May 09 and I shot this picture with my iPhone 3G. I used the Pano app to shoot and merge the pictures, three in total. It is not manipulated in any way, I have only added the signature below with PE3/Mac.


Outside in 2

YouTube - (2008)
An attractive "home made" radar antenna at the top of a ship in the children's section of Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum in Trondheim, Norway

Skviset (Squeezed)

Skviset (3, 2008)

Nysnølys (Light of fresh snow)

Nysnølys (3, 2008)

Snøskjermen (The snow screen)

Snøskjermen (2, 2008)

Stolene (The chairs)

Stolene (2, 2008)

Blå himmel der nede (Blue sky, down there)

Blå himmel der nede (11, 2007)

Hjemme (At home)

Hjemme (5, 2007)


Circumference (5, 2007)

Outside in

YouTube - (2007)

Still life may look absurd. Reflections up there, Picadilly Circus, London.

The only movement in the movie is by my own holding of the camera. Nothing else is moving! We see reflections from the video display and neon signs on the corner building on the northern side. The soundtrack is original - street noise and slamming car doors, I think it is.


Firth of Forth, Scotland

Firth of Forth (2006)

Montepulciano, Italy

Montepulciano (2005)

Up a hilly street in Montepulciano in Toscana we discovered this church. The car, too.