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This bathroom furniture wall cabinet is bevelled in one dimension: it is deeper to the right than to the left. We needed as much space as possible, and we wanted the adjacent mirror to be as much visible as possible. And we wanted nothing stored away on the top. Instead we now store in the top, from the inner top shelf and up.

Doors Top Finished

The door frames were my first encounter with birch. The door fillings are thin pine lists, like the rest of the cabinet. We bought the ceramic door handles in San Gimignano in Italy in June 2004. The bevelled frame is easily seen on the top, where the right back corner is filled with lists cut along the sides. We treated the cabinet with white thinned oil paint, which was removed with a soft cloth after half an hour. The doors are hinged with a vertical threaded steel rod, starting from the top going through the doors and down underneath the lowest shelf, where hex flange nuts hold the construction. Plastic washer tubes from concrete nails are used to make the doors turn easily. Another bathroom furniture in the same room matches the curved roof, albeit vertically. See 3-dim bevelled storage rack. Also see Dual-edge magnetically semi-locked double sliding doors.

This group of three notes is followed up with another note in March 2019, see More laundry room furniture.

©2006 - Original design and woodcraft by Øyvind Teig, Trondheim, Norway

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