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This bathroom furniture rack's most important characteristic is its "two dimensional bevelled" front plane. At any height it is getting deeper towards the left and getting deeper towards the bottom. See figure (left). Since the wall and the back planes are equal, this gives a "double bevelled" front plane. The front geometrical plane is flat with no curvature, since all increasing dimensions are linear. The 4 times 6 storage compartments are straight angled when looked at from the front, but their floor's front edges are bevelled, too - deeper to the left. It hangs on the wall, some 10 cm from the floor, with space for the bathroom scale. I built it from thin pine lists, with several hundred individual joints. Both the horizontal and vertical walls have the form of expanding fans or hands with fingers, interleaved at all crossing points.


The swinging storage doors on the right side are for bathroom gadgets. Since their axles are leaning towards the wall, the swinging doors naturally swing back to a closed position. Plastic washer tubes from concrete nails are used to make the doors turn easily. The swinging doors have both increasing depth (as front plane, i.e. bottom compartment deeper than top) and increasing width (i.e. bottom compartment wider than top), so the rack is really three-dimensionally bevelled. On the centre picture (above) the axle (one segment is green) and the door moulding do not appear vertical because of lens distortion.

The rack was designed to meet our needs right there and then: as much storage space as possible with little room invasion. The optical effect is that it looks small for its size. We treated it with white thinned oil paint, which was removed with a soft cloth after half an hour. It is jointed, glued and also enforced with lists crossing some vertical walls upwards from the back, to make the structure stiffer. This way it should hopefully not sag after years of usage. The baskets slide on small thin lists. The curvature of the swinging doors' edges matches the horizontal curvature of an adjacent cabinet's top. See 1-dim bevelled storage cabinet. Also see Dual-edge magnetically semi-locked double sliding doors.

This group of three notes is followed up with another note in March 2019, see More laundry room furniture.

©2006 - Original design and woodcraft by Øyvind Teig, Trondheim, Norway

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