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When a new grandson arrived, we wanted to give him a jewelry box.

Jewelry box

Again, I have used 3 x15 mm pine lists, and some 2 x 10 mm and then some more. The structure of this box is completely different from the other. The corners were glued to the finished bottom and top. Bottom has two layers of lists, at 90 deg angles. Top has three layers - top, intermediate for the embroidery, and bottom. I cut in the top and bottoms' corners so that the side corner "feet" could be glued onto them. It was more difficult than I thought. But some rubber bands helped a lot. You can see some in the second picture from the left (bottom), where I cut the structure in two.

Jewelry box

The middle box has quite complex joints, since the side elements are cut to fit down into the bottom and up into the top. I made all four sides equal, so that "left" and "right" joints would be different. The box is one mm longer than wide, because I wanted the user to know what to see when he opens it. For the same reason, the bottom in the middle box have lists in the "left-right" line, both the same. The green vertical groove is also for the same reason, to tell the user how it fits together.

But the green details are there also to add beauty. It's nice to see the that bottom green line tilts downwards, so both green lines are only visible when the box is seen at the same height as the eyes.

Observe the final touch - Mari's green embroidery of name and year.

The textile was bent around a plastic from a cheese box and then sliced into the window. It's not really simple, so I hope the little grandson will not feel tempted to poke it out!

The case was treated with beeswax on the outside.

It measures about 106 x 106 x 86 mm.

Three other jewelry boxes are here, here and here.

Jewelry box

©2012 - Original design and woodcraft by Řyvind Teig, Trondheim, Norway
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