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Communications with Julian Wilson (personal notes removed)


I have given away everything I have to various people and will try and attach what I hope is the latest version to this email. xf uses a very old version of fltk,  I got a version working with gtk and qt but haven't looked at it for some time. (13.09.07)

Somewhere in that lot there should be a partially completed html version of the documentation.  I would expect that this could be imported into word and exported as pdf.  The document should be very similar to the help. Please feel free to use f, winf and xf in any way you wish including making sources available as open source.  I have not added a gpl  note to any of the files. (24.09.07)

Best wishes

2 files attached: winf32.tgz, xf.tgz

Also, in a letter on 18May09, when this had been uploaded the day before, Julian approved of it. He may add some kind of gpl note later on.

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